Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nailpolish Strips...

I've been on the lookout for these for a while and finally snagged a box of Sally Hansen Salon Effect Nailpolish Strips.  Basically they're nail polish stick-on sheets that can last up to 10 days and are removed with regular nail polish remover.  They come in packs with 16 sheets and you stick a sheet (of various sizes) to the corresponding nails that best fit.  The application is pretty straight forward and just requires clean, dry nails, a small nail file and cuticle stick.  They definitely take longer to put on then a regular nail polish application but a little practice makes perfect. At around 10 dollars a box (for one application) they're not an amazing value, but they're definitely different!  The final application is smooth and you don't require a top-coat because the finish is already glossy.  The big question is how long they'll hold up for? 
My money is on 3-4 days.

Creative yes, but are they funky or fugly... I can't decide?

who doesn't love Houndstooth on a painfully pale hand?
(personally I would have preferred the leopard print)

What do y'all think? Is this something fun and different or should this be reserved for 15 year olds only?


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Why I love the weekend....

Weekends are obviously the best time of the week. Husband is home (at least for a few hours), the kids are relaxed while they take a break from the weekly routine and Mama gets to drink a glass or three of wine (and maybe go out with the girls.) I love getting together with friends for BBQ's and house parties, going to weddings and baptisms (there seems like there is always at least one on the weekends.) And on Sunday nights sitting on the couch with Husband watching movies and DVR'd shows (missed during the week)...

the best weekends include...

 Going out for a glass of vino

House parties...
Lounging on a Saturday in our jammies

Trying new recipes- Lobster Mac n Cheese with Truffle oil never tasted so good....

Movies movies and more movies....

What's your favorite thing about the weekend...besides not working!


Monday, March 21, 2011

passing the days....

Since we've been living in a quarantine zone of a home for the last week with everyone sick with chest-cold/flu/plague-like symptoms, I've been feeling like one big biohazard.  We've had no play-dates or friends come over to visit (unless they wore their HazMat suits) so with my downtime stuck on the couch I've had the chance to watch a few movies, download some music and catch up on my book-club reading.

Currently reading
Saving CeeCee Honeycutt. So far so good, kinda like a mix between Steel Magnolias and The Help. I've already cried a few times and I'm only a about 100 pages in (but a combo of NyQuil and Ambien will do that...)

Like the book of the same name, it seems to be one those movies either you really like or kinda couldn't stand to get through. Personally I didn't mind it.  And, obviously Italy is the best country in the world. Period. 

The original Swedish movie version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo from the book trilogy. It was long, dark, a bit twisted and very Swedish. Overall a good interpretation of the book. However reading subtitles can get old, fast. 

Due Date, starring Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis. Pretty much an updated Planes, Trains and Automobiles. I had heard mixed reviews on this one and didn't expect many laughs but both actors are so real in their performances that I couldn't help but like it.  And Zach G's deadpan delivery of ridiculous lines like " were like a father to me."... make you stop, think for a second and then chuckle.

Listening to

If you haven't already discovered British singer/songwriter Adele, you're seriously missing out. Her new album "21" was just released in the US in February and her single "Rolling in the Deep" in inspired. Trust.

Feast your ears on this....


Friday, March 18, 2011

Shopping! For Japan...

In honor of the blogging day of silence for the disaster in Japan I thought that it was most definitely worth mentioning that FOREVER 21 is participating in a promotion to help with the relief efforts. If ever there was a day to online shop it's today because they are donating every dollar you spend. Let's get shopping girls!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wednesday Wants...

Happy Wednesday lovelies. 
  Mama is officially (for the first time this entire winter) sick and down for the count. Je suis malade.
 I knew my time was coming, I couldn't keep the virus gods at bay forever.  I'm achy like I just finished a week of doing the 30 Day Shred though I haven't worked out all week (and won't be reaping the butt-kicking benefits.) 
 My lungs, throat and brain hurt. That alone is reason to close up shop and throw in the towel for the remainder of the week am I right? Send in the Nanny please.... Oh, I don't have a Nanny you say?
Never mind, since I am a trooper (read: gave-birth-to-2-boys-without epidurals type of gal,)  a simple chest cold/flu combo won't bring me down or keep me from sharing my Wednesday Wants.  Just bring on the Advil, NyQuil, NeoCitran and I'll be fine- just don't stand between me and my cold- meds.
AnySickness, lets talk about the shopping I won't be doing cuz I'm stuck in bed...

Ok this Alexander Wang Rocco Duffel is nothing new but recently I've been so drawn to the signature studs on the bottom of the bag. Edgy but not too crazy. I'm starting to fall for Alexander Wang....
The new Bobbi Brown-Tibi Collection Peony and Python Pallette. Love these neutral and purple eye shadows in a super cute little will be mine.

I'm wanting a pair of Levi's jean. Yeah Levi's. I haven't owned a pair since probably grade 9 and then they were passed aside for "premium denim."  But I might just have to try out their new Curve ID jeans that are made to fit your shape not your size. And at under $60/pair they're practically giving them away!?

And finally, truly a pipe-dream (or maybe I'm just high on cough syrup) this Alexander McQueen Union Jack Skull Clutch in pink Swarovski crystals.  Husband says that Alexander McQueen's signature skull reminds him of something from Ed Hardy or Christian Audigier but I say that's crazy talk and those names shouldn't be uttered in the same sentence as the late, great Mr. McQueen. Have some respect... 
However at over $2100 I think I'll have to admire its sparkle from afar.
      NOT feeling so


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Perfection. Period.

Please take a moment to observe the following example of everyday pure fashion perfection by Mrs. Victoria Beckham.

Exhibit A- Black on black monochromatic sleekness
Exhibit B- Perfectly fitted Brian Atwood over the knee boots
Exhibit C- Perfectly pressed tuxedo blazer
Exhibit D- Perfectly draped top that covers derriere
Exhibit E- Coordinating oversized black clutch
Exhibit F- Gold watch, black mani, oversized sunnies

All this AND she's preggers to boot. 

This woman puts to shame just about everyone else who travels regularly/has 3 children/juggles multiple business interests all the while maintaining her reign as Queen and Empress of All Things Fashionable...

Yes she has more money then anyone you'll ever know and a stylist and an assistant and multiple nannies but whatever because she's still a busy hardworking mama and wife that somehow through it all manages to walk around in those completely ridic heels while dashing through Heathrow looking fabulous.

For all this:  Mrs. Beckham (soon to be mother of 4) I salute you...

image via

Friday, March 4, 2011

Home parties

Lately I've been invited to a lot of home parties, not house parties but "home parties." As in the type of party that women over the age of 25 are invited to as an excuse go out (dump your boyfriends, husbands and children) and get to together to shop, eat and drink in the comfort of a girlfriends home.  
The idea is nothing new (think Tupperware) and you'd be hard pressed to find a girl out there who hasn't been invited to at least one candle, jewelry, food storage system, cookware, house wares, beauty products, sex toys or clothing party.  Usually a friend will invite you over for an evening of food, drinks and the chance to shop for whatever the sales rep is selling (and in turn that hostess will receive huge discounts on products for themselves.) It's easy to see the appeal.
 I myself don't mind them cuz I'll take any opportunity to get out for an evening with friends to talk, drink a lot of wine and shop for more stuff I likely don't need. (Refer to previous hoarding post)

 I recently picked up this completely over priced necklace from a jewelry home party. Apparently it's the same one that Courtney Cox's character Jules wears in "Cougar Town".   It sucked me in....once again.

Honestly I also like supporting my friends who've decided to earn extra income by selling the products and brands they like. And often the stuff is really good so why wouldn't I get behind them and throw down some cash? 

Who ever dreamed up the "Home party" concept was a fracking genius. "Yes, let's get a group of women together in a confined area with their friends, give them a 3 minute sales pitch, fill a table full of product and encourage them to drink wine and then buy buy buy." 
Sounds good to me!

So do you get invited to home parties by your friends looking to sell stuff to you and how do you feel about them? Are they a fun excuse to get together with your girls and shop or would you rather pass on the idea and head for the mall?

P.S.  Mama isn't endorsing or selling any particular brand or product here. She only shops.

images via google, ebay


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Miss Kim K singing (?)

So my lady "love" Kim Kardashian has a new single out called "Jam."  It's a typical top-40 sound and of course it's all auto-tuned and over produced fakeness.  Though it pains me to admit this, it's pretty much terrible...but I still lurve her. 
Stick with fashion, clothing boutiques, swimsuit calendars and reality TV okay Kimmie?!
Please for all of us.

I'll give her credit for taking risks and trying something new (and finding yet another way to make more $$$) but much like on Dancing with the Stars her musical talents are pretty much non-existent....
Deep down I was secretly hoping that she might be vocally talented- giving me one more justifiable reason to love her...but not with this song. Keeping trying Kimmie.

Have a listen to Kim's new Single JAM

Post edit: I read that a portion of the proceeds from the songs sales on iTunes will go to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. I'll give Kim extra credit for her charitable heart....  


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