Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Apparently Michael Jackson lives on....

On Friday nite we managed to "score" some tickets to a performance by our local Philharmonic Orchestra.  I'd be totally full of shit if I said this is my idea of a good time but the nite was dedicated to the Music of Michael Jackson's album, Thriller. A few of my gf's are absolutely gaga for MJ and saw his recent passing as a total tragedy.  Me, I was kind of indifferent but I'll admit I did like him when I was a kid. Thriller was my first "real" album...( album as in a record, for a record player.)  
I was never really a huge fan of MJ, ok sure, maybe I fantasized about him appearing/entertaining at my 6th birthday party, popping out of a refrigerator sized box with a big red bow on it. But that was a long time ago and frankly I think that while he was talented he was also obviously crazy as the day is long emotionally unwell. 
 Anyway, the philharmonic was fabulous and they were accompanied by an amazing MJ cover band and vocalist....not an impersonator (fortunately). We hit up the after party at a restaurant and bar called Teatro....needless to say the girls and Mama enjoyed a few cocktails in honor of the King of Pop.

{Two guys in the isle dancing to "Thiller" during the performance, of course they knew all the zombie shuffle moves from the original video, really who doesn't?}

{What could be cooler than the cello?}
 {Drinks and pics during intermission}

{More drinks during the after party... and no red leather jacket for me}

 {Dana posing with the "Michael Jackson" for the evening. A great performer and fortunately he didn't resemble the real MJ in anyway}

 {Never allow a Hobbit to take your picture...nothing worse than a shot from below}

 {Our friend Voula (in the white) might be the biggest MJ fan in the world}

 {Dana and Tracy after a just bit more red wine.... Note the MJ wanna-be in the background. Where does one acquire a red leather jacket anyway?}

Thanks for a great nite of music Michael Jackson. You may have been completely wacko, but your music does live on...


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Brunettes have fun too, right?

What to do, what to do?.....  I've been tossing around the idea of taking my hair back to my "roots" and going dark again. Honestly I'm a little freaked about it because I've had some level of honey brown, with golden blond highlights for years. Like years and years. I haven't been my original colour of dark brown since 1996. I honestly barely remember what it really looks like on me (pics when you're 18 don't count for nothing.) I almost can't even wrap my mind around what it will look like on this current version of Mama.  
I'm not sure why I'm so apprehensive, it's just hair colour. But I can`t help but feel lighter and brighter with blond(er) hair. This summer in Greece my hair became ridiculously bleached out due to the sea/sun double whammie but it`s really a bit too much right now considering we've hit full-on winter autumn type temperatures. In the past I've liked blonder hair in the summer and going a bit darker in the fall. But not like this, I'm talking about making a mayjah change!

{hair colour du jour....or should I say for the last decade...}

Here's my hair inspiration(s)

Images via google
{Kim and Kourtney have almost black/brown hair, maybe that's a bit too dark?}

If I'm gonna be honest here, Husband is totally poo-pooing the idea. He's always liked me with blonder/lighter hair. But then again he's never actually seen me with darker hair. But I'm thinking about making this change for me...right?!  I do feel like you stand out more with lighter coloured hair (does that make me a bit of an attention whore seeker?)  Maybe...

 Girls I need some help, input and opinions please!!! This is no easy decision. Sure its just hair colour but I also feel like it's part of my identity...

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pass fall, go directly to winter

H&M was hit up this weekend and I couldn't not get these jackets, such great deals!  Mainly because it's full on autumn here. No, actually it's more like winter (almost.) I won't drone on about how we've had the worst year of weather in the history of weather. Ok I will....we managed to squeak out only 3 1/2 months without snow. THAT IS ALL. Yes, we've already had snow. The gods of weather must think it's only fair since we live in a place with a strong economy and seriously low unemployment (compared to pretty much the rest of the world.) That's the universe just keeping things even steven. Am I right?

 And so obvs I've had to pull out my boots, gloves and fall jackets. And I've added these cuties to the closet. Yes, more black...but you can't go wrong with black right?
 {fitted long jacket $69.99- H&M}

{cropped leather jacket $39.99- H&M}


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Don't wanna be a Wookie...

I finally (after much searching around town), found myself an amazing faux-fur vest.  However after victoriously claiming my pelt prize when I returned home I started feeling like I might kinda look a little more prehistoric than I had originally planned. Maybe Wooly Mammoth isn't the look I'm going for?  

Whatevs....the vest was only $39.99 (from Winners) and way cheaper then the Michael Kors one I had my eyeballs on.   
And so what if I resemble Chewbacca's love child...right??


Furry and

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Jennifer Hudson is looking fierce

Can we take a minute to discuss how fantastic Jennifer Hudson looks since she's shed the el-bees on Weight Watchers? (Yes, she's just another in a long line of celebs who are being paid to endorse a weight-loss program.)
 Actually more than anything I'm really loving her style. I saw her latest WW ad last night on TV and she is looking amazing (pics aren't available of it yet).  But here's a clip from her new campaign to fight hunger for children in the US.  I am lurving her look...jeans and heels, fresh natural makeup and a gorgeous lip colour. She's looking divine!


Friday, September 10, 2010

Like a wild animal....

Two year old Kid #2 is on a mission to drive Mama completely nut-so. While shopping the other day at Zellers (like the Canadian version of Target), he refused to sit in the cart, tried to launch himself out of the shopping cart and continually tossed away what I tried to buy. (Maybe this is a new way to save ca$h?) 
 If I steered the cart too close to the shelves he'd grab anything he could get his hands on. Like a toddler-style bull in a China shop. 

I'd suppose it would be kinda amusing to someone watching it all go down....a grown woman trying to wrestle away a pair of rubber boots, pack of paper plates, bag of gummi bears, etc. etc. away from a 2 year old animal boy who's trying to grab every and anything.  But it's not funny.  It makes me want to start drinking wine. Alone. Everyday. 
Meanwhile, lady #1, 2 and 3 in line to pay thought that it was funny and cute when kid threw out of the cart and shattered on the ground in the isle a jar of strawberry jam and then followed it by tossing ON TOP of  jam/broken glass the pair of pajamas I was "trying" to buy. Guess I didn't really need those PJ's....

So the next time you see a Mama trying to "manage" her child, don't chuckle. Have pity, give a smile of understanding (and not a goofy, dumb-arse smirk) and know that someday that could be you. Karma's a bitch yo.

Should you be wondering what Kid #2 looks like, I've enclosed some I.D. shots to help better identify him....

 {Kid #2, also known as "The Octopus"}

{Kid #2, occasionally appears as "The Spider Monkey"}


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

the worlds a better place for it...

Can we talk a bit about the inventions of modern age that have made our (womens) lives better? I'm not talking about the printing press, wheel or automobile.  No, not even the dishwasher, pants (on women) or the Epidural during childbirth. I'm talking about one of the greatest (in my own mind) inventions in history that has made life better for women everywhere
Yeah, I still wasn't building this up to talk about the washer/dryer combo set, or the creation of the modern maxi pad. (Are those things not completely obvs anyway!?)

I absolutely adore makeup, and if anyone ever tried to take away my eyeliner or masacara, Mama would probably have to cut them.  (ok, violence is never the answer...ususally.)

{Cleopatra was seriously onto something when she lined her eyes with coal....a girls gotta look tight right?!}

The creation of MAC eyeshadows, brushes and mineralized skin finish heralded the dawn of a new day for me. Seriously, with the right products and tools just about any woman can look pretty dang fabulous. To the gods of invention I say thank you, thank you, THANK YOU.
NARS, Bobby Brown, Dior, and even drug-store brands....I love them all.  This love has translated into a pretty huge makeup drawer...but I "need" every product in one way or another. And false lashes?! Don't even get me started on how fabulous they are. Kim Kardashian is not hot for nothing!

{40 eyeshadow shades isn't nearly enough}
{never has something so small done something so big}

There are thousands of beauty blogs dedicated to makeup alone. This is totally understandable. Anything that can take a troll and turn her into a goddess is completely amazing, no?



Like the great cosmetic mogul Helena Rubinstein once said,  "There are no ugly women, only lazy ones." True enough!
 Thanks to self tanners, lipgloss and concealer, etc, etc, there's no excuse to not look fine, fresh and fierce.

{Ay-yi-yi! These latina ladies are proof that makeup is heaven sent}

The term "natural beauty" is a bit of a misnomer for me.  I honestly can say that I've never really known a true natural beauty. Have you? 
 If makeup isn't a modern miracle, I don`t know what is?!?
Can you live without it?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

FALLing in love with these

Since I've just returned from 5 weeks of serious summer sun in Greece (thank GOD since our summer here has sucked completely), I can safely say that I am ready for fall's not-so-new styles. I do love summer dresses, tops and skirts but winter clothes most definitely have my heart. While I cover-up my hard earned tan with long sleeves and and jeans allow me to break down Mama's fall "trend" wish list....just another blogger with another list but here we go...

Military Chic
I'm loving this look right now. So glad it's carried over from last winter. I adore the cargo skinny's  but have a strong feeling they're gonna be hard to pull off! Mama's number one rule tho is NO CAMO. I absolutely abhor camouflage on women (and children).

Faux fur vests
So luxe...I am in LURVE with these Michael Kors vests right now....

Booties and ankle boots
Perfect with skinny jeans

Leather Leggings
It's no secret that Mama adores leggings...these are perfect with a thick cable sweater, long flowy belted blouses and layered jackets

{Note, I cannot STAND Olivia Palermo but I do enjoy her style...}

Anything Leopard
Can you say roarrrrr!  Love love love animal prints. Obviously a classic that's not going away anytime soon

Leather jackets
Perfect for fall with skirts, trousers and of course, skinny jeans

I finally picked up a full sized mirror for our spare bedroom. Commence the fashion self pics!

Leather legging love (wish my legs were as skinny as bitchy Olivia Palermo's)

Jacket- H&M,  Blouse- Jacob, Cargo skinny jeans-Joe Fresh, Booties- Shoe Company, Earrings- Forever 21

Last night was Husband and Mama`s anniversary. Of course the Champagne was poppin'.  I was mighty excited to have dinner out at a restaurant that did NOT serve chicken fingers or provide crayons in a cup when you`re seated...
{8 years of marital "bliss".  Honestly we're the same height...I wore flats for our wedding}



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