Thursday, December 20, 2012

The List: The best part of Christmas

Yup, only five more sleeps till the Man in Charge arrives so there's plenty of Christmas everything all up in this place.
Our real tree is decorated, our not-so-classy Christmas lights are on outside and the kids obsession with the upcoming holidays is just about maxed.
Like everyone else, this month has been crazy busy. We've had concerts, kids x-mas parties, birthday celebrations, a baptism (as always?) and a bridal shower and we're just getting warmed up!

{Mantle magic...}

{Christmas cocktails...}

{Christmas concert Super Star...}

Even though it's hectic, here are a few things that are especially GOOD about this time of year:

  • The (behavior modifying) Elf on The Shelf is working double time.
  • Egg Nog is on sale...the kids love that stuff?!
  • Mama's done her shopping. That's right, the mall can sook it! I'm not going anywhere near it, till next year...
  • I've had no qualms about eating Baked Brie three times already this week.
  • Christmas break begins tomorrow. Bitches be SLEEPIN' IN...
  • You can never get tired of the smell of Apple Cinnamon candles burning. NEVER.
  • "Last Christmas" by Wham.  'Nough said. 
  • Candy Cane Martini's and Champagne can be classified as their own food group. 
  • Sequin's, heels and glitter are in charge of all fashion. 

{Elf Shenanigans never get old around here....}

{O Tannenbaum...}

And through all the busyness I've still found time to apply quickie candy cane mani's. 
Good Lawd I have an un-steady hand!
The trick is to keep your fingers moving so no one can focus on the crappy application...

We got a family Christmas party coming up on Sunday night,
I'm thinking about wearing something like this..
I'll tone down the accessories and sadly won't be wearing heels in the house (since that's no bueno here in Canada...) 

Hope you all survive this Christmas season and are able to slow down for a bit and enjoy it with those you love.  

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays...


Monday, November 19, 2012

November Loves!

Ok, truly, November is absolutely flying by. Wasn't Halloween a few days ago? No? I guess this means it's almost time to start thinking about all things Christmas
 It feels early still but this week is American Thanksgiving (Canadian TG was last month) and it's my mental marker that Santa is soon to be live and in full effect!

I'm gonna throw at you a list of the things that have been making me really happy lately. I'm always a fan of talking about the little things in life that make your day awsome-er.  (strictly material items only...we're keeping this super superficial...) 

I'm really liking a bright blue-ish pink lip colour. Demi Lovato has been wearing this sort of look a lot this fall and I think it's striking with a bold, winged out eye liner.  NYX's Matte Shocking Pink is the perfect shade.

{Ok, ignore the pink hair tips and focus on her makeup,  young and fun right?  Though since I'm old I promise to leave my spiky jean jacket at home.}

The darker the nails the better! I went ahead and had a Shellac gel set done a few months back. I liked it but prefer to be able to paint over my regular french gel nails with whatever colour I choose...and right now deep burgundy/black is my fave.

When will I get tired of these RayBan Aviators? Apparently never.  They're classic and seem to go with just about everything I wear.
 Money. Well. Spent.

Even though I'm becoming more of a red wine lover this time of year cuz it's cold as heck and something about red wine says winter,  I'm still loving Sauvignon Blanc wines from New Zealand.  New Harbor is my affordable favorite at the moment. It's fresh, crisp and super drinkable. This beverage brings me JOY. cheers.

{Watch- Michael Kors, Spike Bracelet- Aldo Accessories, Feather Friendship Bracelet-Winners}
Here's my current wrist stack. I change up the number of pieces and bangles every so often. 
5 years ago if you would have told me that I would wear this much gold I would have scoffed at the thought. 
The ancient Egyptians were brilliant about a lotta things, including their love of gold jewelry stacked up the arm. More is more!

{ignore janky iPhone self-pic}
I'm still ga-ga for my hair weave. Extensions are magical strands of happiness sent from above.  I've had my weave tightened once already and decided to chop them by an inch as they were way too long. (Yes I understand the whole point is to have longer hair but they seemed a bit unmanageable at 14 inches.)
Once you get past the headaches from the tightness of the cornrow braids along the back of your head, it's really not too pain no gain?

And finally, I'll ask the angels to stop singing for just a moment while I mention these almond brown, tall,  Tory Burch Amanda riding boots.  A new T.B. store open in Chinook Mall this fall here in Calgary and it really is the Mother Ship for all things wonderful.  
If only there wasn't already snow on the ground, I'd wear these everyday, working, eating, sleeping...etc.

What's your favorite "thing" this month? A hair product, lipstick, pair of shoes or something else completely? Share!


Friday, October 12, 2012

Faves on Friday...

Things I'm digging this Friday...
here's a quick breakdown of my loves-du-jour

I heard about this foundation from watching a YouTube video from Jessica Harlow. She raved on about Kat Von D's new Lock-It Tattoo foundation.  My continuous search for full coverage, long wearing foundation could finally be over kids! I picked up shade Medium 54 from Sephora for $41.00.  Fans of her Tattoo Concealer will like this one because it can seriously cover shiz up!


Let's get onto something really important. My new weave. 
I took the plunge, sat for hours in the chair, dropped the dough and got me some brand new (other woman's) hair.
 As mentioned in my last post I was so OVER my Scarecrow/LiLo bad hair and was in desperate need for a change.  
The time for complaining has ended.
Behold my newly sewn-in, overpriced hair of glory!
 Can you hear the angels singing? Can you? 

To tell you the truth, this hair adventure is a whole other post for another day...

Not that this next item is anything crazy new, or something that hasn't been around in one version or another for the last few fall/winter seasons but I'm still in love with leather/moto style leggings.
 They are simple, chic and no-fail. Count me in...

Yes yes yes. Hilary Duff and her pants are perfection...

I've been crushing on wine red, dark merlot coloured lips... but I'm torn because the I've always been a fan of a bold smokey eye and a more nude lip. I suppose I'll have to seriously tone down my eyes in order to pull off such a bold lip colour.


My practical side said to not drop much cash-o-la on this trend so I picked up NYC's City Duet 2 in 1 split lip colour in Penthouse Plums. One side is super dark and the other is a shade more manageable,,,and it was under 5 bucks!

Moving onto music I'm currently liking Alex Clare's Too Close... there's something kinda different/edgy about it. Yeah, I know nothing about this guy but just dropped 69 cents on this on why not?

And finally on a completely un-original note, I am totally in love with all things pumpkin spice.
 Is this smell sent directly from above? 
I know, right?
 It's warm and cozy and yummy and IS the epitome of fall...

So what are your faves on Friday...???

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Nick and Telly have the worst hair ever...

So I've been battling with my horrendous hair issues for over 6 months now. Back in January it started falling out A LOT, so after trips to the doctor, a Rogain prescription, cursing, tears and 6 months of decent regrowth- I'm back on track. Sorta.  
But 5 weeks in Greece this summer has wreaked havoc on my poor, poor hair and it's been looking beyond fried and thin.  
Sun and sea is good for the soul but TERRIBLE on the hair.

Let me demonstrate how I feel about my current sitch....

Nick's Fried and frizzy hair

Telly's total lack of hair
Mama's current hair status, somewhere in the middle

 I am not exaggerating... my hair is like a tragic mash-up of the Scarecrow and LiLo

Sooooo today I went and got my hair-did with a fresh, much needed cut and colour revival.  Out of necessity I was somewhat srsly contemplating a drastic-ish cut that included several inches gone forever. Instead (of course) I chickened out, and just opted for a 2 inch trim to cut off the dead straw.  
Needless to say I'm pleased that I didn't go all Brit-Brit and shave the whole thing off...stupid fracking hair. 

 But just to make it look thicker I am NOT ready to cut it short and settle for mom-hair.
(No, do not try to tell me that short hair is cute. On me it's not ok, ever.)

 I'm actually considering real-deal salon hair extensions. They take forever to apply and will cost a tiny fortune but what can you do?

Have any of you every had professional hair extensions put in? 
Share your weave stories with me...


Thursday, September 6, 2012

latest girl crush...

So I've developed a bit of a lady-crush on Hillary Scott from the hit country music trio Lady Antebellum. I'm no country music fan but their music is pretty darn good. Since reading about her in Redbook last December I'm now completely smitten.
 Maybe it's because she has the hair I've always wanted (but clearly will never have...) or because she's stylish and talented but not exactly a size 2, or 6 for that matter...

She seems relate-able and fun... perhaps I'll call her up so we can hang together and drink wine.  Good idea right?

images via Redbook, Zimbio

I'd even go so far as to tune into the CMA's (country music awards) later this fall, since Lady Antebellum is bound to win something.
Has this lil' crush made me crazy??

So ok Hill, throw me your digits... I've got a great Cab Sauvignon with your name on it...


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Where the Frack is Mama?!

Hey Dolls, needless to say Mama appears to have fallen off the face of the earth but no, I'm still here! 

It's been a busy-as-heck summer and we just returned from our annual summer holiday at our home in Greece. I'm back and ready for action (read: school starting ASAP) and I should probably get to down to biznass and play some serious blog catch-up. 

Greece was great this year, sure there's a financial crisis happening but that's no reason not to enjoy some  fun in the Mediterranean sun... 
Kid #1 and #2  behaved amazingly on the flight over (thank you Nintendo DS) and for the first year ever I didn't have to haul strollers, car-seats or any other small-child-related-items. Praise the Baby Jesus! 

Here's some pics, there are so many to show I guess I'll have to start with these...

{greek islands, well worth the trip and the tan-lines...}

{catching waves at Kalogria beach in Stoupa}

{a turquoise dream...}

{out for dinner at the taverna with my mom and mother-in-law}

{another fabulous sunset}

{wave runner...}

{our veranda...kid approved!}

{a late breakfast with friends in Mykonos}

{that's our yacht anchored out there...wink wink}


{out of energy after a long day at the beach}

{waiting for the ferry to take us to the islands}

{baking in the sun}

{kid #1 chillin' like a villain...}

{Strawberry Daiquiri's with the girls}

{they were so lost...narrow streets of Mykonos}

{white pants and cocktails...srsly summer!}

{always time for another fruity drink...}

{little Venice}

{Husband in front of the famous Mykonos Windmills}
-Europe is crazy expensive
- Greek summers are smoking hot 
-Ice cream should be considered a food group on its own
-I need a yacht in my next life (or this one...)
-I love my bed here at home in Canada

 Apologies for the long hiatus but tell me how has your summer been? 

Any family vay-cays or road trips? Are your kids driving you batty-shiz crazy like mine are?  



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