Friday, October 28, 2011

Dancing Greeks and a Halloween Birthday...

Well hello there! It's been a few days since I've posted but in my defence it's because things have been busy-busy lately. LET me reiterate my love for this time of many parties, events and things to get all involved in! We were invited to possibly the cutest ever birthday/Halloween party for a 2 year old. Her mama went all out to create a fun, kid friendly party with a Harry Potter wizard and witches theme. 
{there's a spider in the house...}

{these wizards and witches came to party...}
{ I die! This birthday girl was rocking her pearls, tutu and a sassy hat}
{Cheesecake "shots", mini-donut witch booms and custom cookies. Her mama has skillz!}

Last Saturday night Husband and I joined up with 300 of our closest Greek friends to dance the night away in  honour of St. Demetrios. (A great saint if there ever was one!)  As always the wine brought on the dancing and the band played till 4:00 am- no big deal.

{self portrait time...why does drinking always make it seem like a great idea?}
{These Greeks got down to business,,,dancing, drinking, singing, drinking. Repeat.}

Alright all you witches and wizards, Halloween is only 3 days away. The count down is on and tomorrow night Mama is going out for drinks with the girls in full costume. Are you gonna get your BOO-on and go out this year? Don't tell me you're too're never too old! 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I'm really loving October and we've actually been having a fantastic fall this year (meaning the snow hasn't started, yet) and the colours and decent temperatures have me all into the season!
Thought I'd share some of my October faves with you...the stuff I've been using a lot and am currently diggin'...

{Finally I got my hands on the Wet n Wild 8 pan palette in Comfort Zone. It's the perfect combo of warm neutrals and olive tones. The pigmentation and quality is a-mazing. Srsly worth every inexpensive penny!}

{1. Maybelline Eye Studio Color Explosion in Amethyst Ablaze and Caffine Rush. I've never really been a fan of Maybelline eye shadows but like so many drug-store brands lately, they've really improved their quality. The application of this shadow is smooth and creamy and the color pay-off is fantastic. I'm beginning to think that my days of buying $15 MAC eyeshadows have come to an end...
2. Just in time for Halloween, orange Sally Hansen polish with a black crackle top-coat.
3. Lancome's newest mascara, Hypnose Doll Lash mascara. Like all of the Hypnose mascara's the application is impressive but the Doll Lash offers a more "wide-eye look with volumized, extended and lifted lashes."  I'm sold, who doesn't want to look like "a doll?!"

 {Ok, so since Captain Jack Sparrow arrived on the movie scene about 10 years ago, pirate costumes have had a serious renaissance and I'm ok with that. Now it's my turn to swashbuckle and plunder my way through Halloween this year.}

{Guten Tag! We survived yet another Oktoberfest at our pub. Older brother decided that on the last few weekends of October, our staff should suit up in lederhosen (the bartenders) and as beer maids (waitresses.) Kitschy? Yes. A huge success with our customers? YES!}

So how has your October been so far? What are your must have products or styles for your perfect fall looks?  
Are you a serious nerd keener like me and already have your Halloween costumes figured out (since September?


Monday, October 10, 2011

Thanksgiving indeed!

This weekend was Thanskgiving (here in Canada) and we took time to give thanks for all the good stuff by eating, relaxing, eating, spending time with family and eating some more. Three guesses as to who has a diet and cleanse in her immediate future...
But it's all good because a weekend filled with turkey, wine and good times is always worth it.

{Fall decor...wherever possible!} 

{Brother and dad -dinner at the parents}
{younger brother was a "turkey assassin" with all the wrong moves}
{older brother's best "Blue Steel" for the camera}
{Mom trying to get us to "eat more!" always}
{relaxing post dinner with the football game and more drinks}

Happy Thanksgiving long weekend to all my fellow Canadians...we have so much to be greatful for!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ryan+Rosie= muy caliente

Sweet Baby Jesus, could there be 2 more hotter people than Ryan Reynolds and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley? 
 Put them together in a slow-mo Euro style ad for Marks and Spencer's new Autograph clothing line and you've got a recipe for over the top rediculous-hotness.

I can't help but chuckle at Ryan's smoldering/I'm-sexy-and-I know-it look throughout the whole video, he'll always be Van Wilder to me.

 It should be illegal for two people to be this pretty. 
It's just not fair.


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