Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tiffany, red wine and Manny...

So typically February is a non-event, boring-type of month, but thankfully this year I've managed to dodge the late-winter blues and the month has flown by quickly! 
Keeping busy with friends and having a lot of events to attend seems to have made February come and go in a flash...can I get an Amen for that!

Valentines was a blast and our friends Nick and Voula hosted a 34th b-day party/Valentines day dinner party at their home for my girlfriend Dana
Red red wine on Valentines!
Four of us girls decided to get together and buy Dana a few pieces from Tiffany. The birthday girl laughed and cried...there's a whole lotta emotion that comes from a little blue box!

Last weekend was the Family Day long weekend where we live, which is really just a made-up day off (because February has got nothing going for it and the local powers that be figured that people needed something to look forward to, but I'll take any long weekend I can get!)
We went over to our friends Dina and Joseph's for dinner, he's a great cook and he whipped up some avocado and shrimp appetizers. They were beyond delish,,,this will be one of my new go-to appies.
So tasty...check out the recipe here

It's Manny from Modern Family with my Kid I joke, but Dina's 13yr old son is a dead ringer for Rico Rodriguez, in my opinion anyway. So cute!

Am I right or what?...

Happy end of February, hope your month has flown by quickly too...I'm ready for spring now

Thursday, February 9, 2012

99 Problems...

So recently I've found myself facing a new adversary/enemy/evil. No it's not the scale, it's something entirely different and completely upsetting.  All of a sudden last month my hair started falling out, a LOT and I'll admit it's been pretty crappy dealing with it.  I'm fairly certain it's a combo of stress and hormonal imbalance but whatever the frack is doing this, ima 'bout ready to lose my ever-loving-mind....

It's not like I'm some paunchy, middle aged man who can accept this sort of thing as just being part of life.
 A 30-something woman losing her hair is not OK. 
The hair gods have been cruel to me, and this seems like their latest prank. I already have thin, fine hair and am no stranger to using every thickening, volumizing and strengthening hair product ever created.  EVER CREATED.

(Now before you start asking if the hair loss is related to my latest diet, I'd have to disagree because though I joke about "being hangry and starving" I'm certainly not. I'm following Weight Watchers, and losing in a slow and sensible way.)  

The hair loss started before my latest diet so I doubt there's any link. I've had my thyroid and iron levels tested and everything seems ok. So this leaves me feeling even more bummed because I don't exactly know the cause of this hair loss???
I've got a referral to a dermatologist next month to check out the problem further (telogen effluvium- is what it's called) and I've already shelled out plenty for the latest products that claim to prevent hair loss...and I'll admit I've borrowed my dad's Rogaine...since my family doctor said that's exactly what the Dermo will prescribe anyway!

Seriously? Ugh.

So my question is, have any of you ever experienced sudden hair loss (other than post-pregnancy) and if so, how did you not lose your mind?!?!  Did your hair come back and how long did it fall out for?

 Feeling NOT so 


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