Friday, April 29, 2011

Congrats Kids!

I set my alarm clock to get up to watch the Royal Wedding. However I couldn't manage to yank my tired rear out of bed so I'll be watching it tonight in it's entirety. 
Everyone in the blogosphere is writing about this and I'll keep it simple by summing up Kate's dress.  
Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen nailed it! This dress is perfection....on Kate.
Defo not my personal style, I prefer more poof, bling and wow
But for such a formal occasion and because of who she's marrying, this dress could not be better.

Congrats kids...time to get your par-tay on.!


Friday, April 22, 2011

Now u know me....

Hey Dolls, hope you're all enjoying this Easter long weekend.  I've got a whole bunch of church, cooking, family dinners, egg colouring (and hunting) and chocolate eating coming my way.   
This week has been all things Easter but I thought I'd do a different post on some random info about Mama.  It's not because of receiving a blog award (like most people do) but instead because this has a been a fairly slow news week and I've got nothing else...

1.  I can talk like Donald Duck.  Great "skill" to have when babysitting.

2.  I love French's yellow mustard and go through a bottle every 10 days. Best condiment ever.

3.  I'm a pretty awesome (and fast) driver and in another life I should have been a Formula 1 race car driver. 
But since I've had kids I've totally changed the way I drive and now have a huge new appreciation for driving safely and responsibly. These days I'm more like Morgan Freeman in Driving Miss Daisy than Michael Schumacher.

Fastness. Hotness.

Note: I said Formula 1 driver, not NASCAR.  
NASCAR is beyond lame. Sorry Ricky Bobby Fans.

Round and round. Uncool.

4. I can type up to 83 words/minute (according to typing tests I've taken) however my accuracy/spelling could use work. Obviously.

5. I am a great cook but a lousy baker. Baking requires precise measurements and it's like following a formula. Cooking is more free-style and dare I say, creative.  
 I don't have much of a sweet tooth and I never had an Easy Bake Oven as a kid.  That explains it. 

6. I am blind as a bat. I've worn contact lenses everyday for 20 years. I really should have laser eye surgery but I'm scared.  What if something goes wrong and my eyesight gets worse? Though I doubt that's possible.

7. I have a pretty fantastic Operatic voice (Mezzo-Soprano) but more or less no one has ever heard it. I'm ridiculously self-conscious about being judged. 
I'm even scared to sing Karaoke after a half a dozen cocktails.
 Mama's dream Karaoke song of choice: Roberta Flack/Lauyn Hill's, Killing me Softly

This list could have gone on forever but I'll save more Mama-fun-facts for another time.
Happy Easter Lovelies!


Friday, April 15, 2011

Kloset nirvana...

It would appear that Mrs. Lamar Odom, aka Khloe Kardashian is flying high these days and is on top of the world (translation: she's making a whloe lotta dolla bills.) With her multiple product endorsements, his/her fragrance, clothing stores, umpteenth reality shows and superstar b-ball player hubs, she seems to have it all and more.
 And a whole helluva lot of shoes.
 Check out the reality queens shoe closet.
more red 'soles' than Communist China

Mrs. Odom, if you are ever looking for new bestie up in Canada do not hesitate to contact me. I just so happen to take a size 9 shoe and since I'm only a bit taller than you I'm betting we're almost the same shoe size.
I'm not against shoe swapping.
In fact I encourage it. It's not like you've stuck your perfectly pedicured feet in these shoes more than once or twice.  You can wear my winter-worn Uggs and I'll rock some of these
Loubies. Sounds good right? OKdonedeal.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

H and M finds...

Hello lovelies! Today I ran into H&M to pick up a few things I`ve had my eye on. Once the snow stops around these parts I might actually be able to wear them. As you all know Mother Nature is a Biznatch that`s not in my good books lately.  I`m hating on her, but with good reason. We`re suppose to get another 10-15cm  (6 inches) of snow tomorrow night coming up from Montana. That`s super awesome Montana but this is Canada and we can produce enough snow for ourselves- we don`t need it coming up from you.
Now I`m hating on Montana snow storms too. 

Anyshittyweather, here`s a couple of looks I put together with my latest finds. Leopard print always makes me smile so maybe I`ll just wear it everyday from now until spring truly arrives.

 I love that this blouse is longer in the back and shorter in the front allowing you to leave the back untucked. (Didn`t we do that circa `95?)
And I honestly don`t know if these harem style pants are working for me or not but they`re the most comfortable cotton and I love the flat, high waist and gathered ankle.

Leopard Chiffon Top- H&M, Harem style Pants-H&M (has Mama lost her mind?), Nude Heels- Nine West, Pencil skirt- Ricki`s

Observations:  -The walls in this spare-bedroom are seriously not this red, they just photo that way. 
                         -Only Husband knows why there is a bottle of Sriracha hot sauce on top of the dresser
-Mama needs to hit the gym ASAP, I cannot hide in black forever.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Winter blah blah's....part deux

Spring has most definitely not `sprung` where we live.  In fact these pics from last week pretty much tell the tale. The stores are filled with gorgeous spring clothes, shoes and bathing suits etc. and honestly I can't even wrap my mind around wearing them anytime soon. It all that seems a million miles away right now. As awesome as a foot of snow in April is, I'm really over it.  

The kids thought the massive snow fall was fantastic. I disagreed. 

Since bikini season is still so far away (at least I keep telling myself that) I`m still all about carb loading cooking hearty, satisfying dinners.  BBQ`s, fresh salads and watermelon are sadly not on the menu. (Possibly because our BBQ is buried under the snow.)

Beef Stroganoff with cream cheese, sour cream and white wine.  I might be fearing the beach because of this stuff...

On a brighter note, the kind weather-woman on the local evening news says that ``spring-like`` conditions and seasonally (warmer) temperatures are on their way this week. Bring it on bitch, mama needs to see the light of day...

Hopefully the sun is shining, tulips are popping and flippy-floppy`s are being worn where you live...


Update on my Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips
 Cue: shock and amazement. These nail strips actually held up. Except for some minor peeling at the cuticle, the last pic was taken after 8 days of wear! I`m thinking they`re worth the 10 dollars after all...

8 Days...not too shabby Ms. Sally Hansen!

Though I`m getting really tired of Houndstooth...


Saturday, April 2, 2011

ELF and Wonder Woman...

I finally broke down and decided to order some elf products directly from their website. Up until now I`ve been grabbing whatever I could find from Winners (TJ Maxx) but the selection is seriously hit or miss and the prices are jacked up for who knows what reason since most elf products sell for between 1-5 dollars (US).  Since we don`t have Target here in Canada yet (2013 seems so long to wait) the only other option is to buy direct. The shipping was fast and cheap and there's always promo codes to be found online for an even bigger discount from their already ridiculously cheap prices.

I won't go into a full review of the haul (and as expected some products are way better quality than others)...but I have to say I love this stuff!

As if I didn`t order enough, while Husband was in L.A. this week on business, he called me from a Target store he`d stopped into while killing a few hours before he flew home. He asked if there was anything I wanted from the store, "Is the the Pope Catholic, is snow cold, is tan better than pale? Yes.
 "Head to the makeup isles and look for the brand called elf." "Elf?" he asks. "Yes elf, just go with it..."
  He actually went over and I walked him through what I wanted him to buy.  He's a good man yo.

I`ve had my eye on MAC`s Wonder Woman collection for Spring 2011 that came out a while back.  Wonder Woman is just about my fave fictional TV character ever and I may have rocked the heck out of my Wonder Woman Underoos once upon a time...but I still felt the collection was a bit gimmicky.
 However I noticed this Mineralized Skin Finish, Pink Power and it was love at first swatch. It`s more like a matte bronzer, blush, MSF highlighter all in one. Perfect for travel. It wasn't cheap but you get so much product (20 g) that it seemed totally worth it.

It`s like a Lasso of Truth- there`s no lying about it, this stuff is fabulous...



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