Friday, June 15, 2012

Vegas Bitches! Part II (You'll find us chasing the sun..)

So Mama's back from Vegas last week and though it did take a few days to recover from the trip, overall it was a great time. Vegas does not disappoint. Considering I only gambled about $45.00 (losing money is for fools!) we spent almost all our time walking, shopping, walking, eating, walking and drinking.  Needless to say my dogs were barking--sore feet are proof positive of any good Vegas trip.

{just getting Saturday nite started....burlesque dancers at Haze In Aria}
{Harrah's and Venetian at night}

{Well Hello Gorgeous!  Liza, Cher and Dolly never looked so good}

{Campy over -the-top Vegas GOLD!  Divas Las Vegas at the Imperial Palace best drag show on the strip...}
{Caesars and Planet Hollywood...bigger is better}
{Kardashian Kaos at Mirage (saw Kim K and love her or hate her, she's a gorgeous girl though I couldn't get a good pic of her- too many fans/haters in the way)
view from our room at the Mirage, Palazzo, Mirage marquee sign at night}
{Drinking mid-day is completely acceptable... right? The dolphin whispering in my ear thinks so...}

{ You'll find us chasing the Sun- 4:00am at Pure Night club roof top patio in Caesars}
{Mama's Mandatory- Strawberry Daiquiri with 2 shots of rum please!}
 { VIP please- Signalling the Mother Ship at Haze night club}
{getting the party started from Haze to LAX to Pure...}

{Feeling Fuchsia.. what time is it and where are we?}

Vegas doesn't disappoint. (like I said) 
So what if you don't gamble or drink (God forbid)?... there's so much else to do. 
One of my best Vegas trips ever...cheers to weekends away! 


Friday, June 1, 2012

Vegas Bitches...

It's that time again lovelies, time for Mama to blow this joint and vamonos to Las Vegas. I'll be up at the crack of a$$ on Saturday morning to fly down for 3 nights and days away from my children enjoying the hot Nevada sun. 

I'll let you in on a little secret,,, Mama had a pretty important birthday last week and though it makes me a little sadz to be out of my "early thirties", this girls getaway is a total consolation.

Am I ready to go?
Let's review the check list...

*-American cash - CHECK

*-SPF 40 sunscreen - CHECK

*-Trashy gossip celeb mags for the flight/ pool- CHECK

*-White jeans, white skirts and espadrille sandals- CHECK
(it is after May Long Weekend/ Memorial Day after all...)

*-Pre-trip spray tan- CHECK
(no one should have to see this sort of Canadian post-winter-skin-paleness)

*- Strong desire to drink numerous fruity/slushy adult beverages- CHECK

*-Extensive and overly detailed plan of attack for shopping and outlet malls -CHECK

*- Foot Pain/Blister first-aid kit including, band aids, moleskin, foldable ballet flats, orthotic insoles, and every other product ever made by Dr. Scholls -CHECK

*-Hang-over management program including Advil, Gravol, Gatorade and massive amounts of water intake -CHECK

*-Guilt about leaving my kids for a few days- CHECK
(mommy guilt is unavoidable...)

That should cover it. 

We managed to get a super cheap package on hotel/flight and we're staying at the Mirage, going on a "club crawl" to avoid the lines and cover, and we're even taking in a totally tacky Vegas-y type show.

{Volcanoes. that's right...}

{I'll blow a kiss to Cher and GaGa for you...}

What's your favorite thing to do in it eating half your weight in dessert at the buffets, shopping till you can't feel your feet, sitting by the pool while trying avoid a second degree burn in the sun or is it gambling your much deserved tax return away?

Share! As always I love to hear about your recommendations and must-do lists!


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