Friday, February 26, 2010

Mazel, Mazel! Good things!

That's one of my favourite lines from Alec Baldwin in "Along Came Polly"...anyway. I had to share this new product from Sephora with you and it most definitely is a "good thing!"  I've notice that the store has been pushing this new line of hair care products and I finally broke down and bought it the other day. It is indeed fabulous, and while I've only tried the "full of body thickening cream" it really does just that!
Unfortunately I have some seriously thin hair but am in love with full, thick, long hair a la Victoria's Secret Angels.  The hair-gods have not been kind, and Mama has suffered with limpy-lame hair for way too long.

{images, Sephora}

But in a sea of craptastic hair products, this thickening cream is pretty darn good. My hair was visibly fuller after drying (that's when I can immediately tell if a product sucks or not). So since I'm feeling so good about this Living Proof product, I'm going to do a give-away of a bottle of their Full thickening cream.  One lucky randomly selected winner is soon going to have full, luxurious hair. Gorgeous and fabulous! 
{win me!}

 Here are the rules and you too can become a Big Winner!

1.  To enter become a follower of Fabulous! Pasta Not Included and leave a comment about why your hair needs this. (I guess I want other people to share their personal hair misery/challenges and whine about why they need help with it. Makes me feel better knowing I'm not the only one with hair "issues".)
2. You must be a resident of the United States OR Canada (that's right, it's open to ALL North Americans!)

I'll randomly select a winner next Friday, March 5th, 2010

You'll be loving this product, enter NOW NOW NOW!   " Mazel, Mazel! Good things!!!!"

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kim K, you've let me down....

There is something very wrong right now with my "diet", aka "Massive Weight Loss 2010".  After eating everything in sight indulging while in Hawaii, I kinda figured that my usual shock-tactic-guerilla-style diet of eating super low-cal in the days immediately after coming home would solve my weight gain woes. So last week was fine, I lost most of the L-B'sss I gained while away. And THEN I decided to try Quick Trim...the diet cleanse/burn product that Kim Kardashian is whoring selling everywhere these days. If it worked for Kim it has to work for me, riiiiight? Wrong.

{Oh Mama felt the extreme burn alright....}

Dang you Kim. I was on your junk for two measly days on the weekend and my tummy is still crying out. What should I expect from something that is a "burn/cleanse" product. The name alone should set off some alarms bells.  But if it's good enough for Kim, riiiiight? Wrong wrong wrong! This devil-drug with it's witchcraft blend of "herbs" and "natural" ingredients has my poor tummy howling.
 As a professional dieter (yeah I've earned my professional 'designation' after birthing Kid #2, I should know better then to expect any sort of positive weight loss result from anything other then hard work, hunger, and dedication to following a balanced eating plan.) But there's always something in the back of my head that buys into the idea that there just might be a quick fix out there. Quick trim is not this.  My bowels would kindly like their money back KIM.
I should just stick with the other product Kim K. is pushing,,, the new salads at Carls' Jr.

{I still lurve you Kim, no hard feeling's ok?}

Monday, February 22, 2010

Getting older...or getting better?

So keeping on the topic of aging, I've been thinking about the process of actually looking older. While I don't physically feel much different then I did 10 years ago, I have obviously aged, right? (rhetorical question actually, no need to answer this....)
While flapping my gums chatting with BFF over the weekend, I asked her how have I changed since I was say,  22 yrs old? My life has changed dramatically with family, kids, career etc. but I'm talking about it strictly from a physical perspective. No sir, I am no Heidi Klum, this mama does NOT bounce back 5 weeks after kid number 2, or 3 or whatever to walk the runway.

{We still lurve you Heidi, even if you do make every other women in the world look mediocre}

After my two babies, and way too many years of yo-yo dieting, gravity is in charge of this body and it's so kindly made asked me to pay my dues.
So the body has changed, but thank the GOOD LORD above, we walk around in clothes all day. No one needs to know what's really going on "underneath" until you have to go to: a). the doctor, b). to swimming lessons with kids or c). to the beach (which good or bad, likely only happens a few times per year).

But what is it exactly that actually makes us look older? Is it gradual weight gain, less trendy/more conservative clothes, shorter hair-cuts? Now don't go getting offended women with short hair (there are tonnes of cute, sexy shorter styles) but you have to admit that most women eventually chop their hair to a more "manageable" length sometime after they turn 40. Do we suddenly get tired of drying and styling longer hair once we're 40? Why do we get "lazy"? What makes us think that short hair is any easier, it can be challenging/time consuming it's not like it's that much easier really!

{The opposite of "mom-hair", there aren't a lot of 45 year olds rockin' this look}

And thanks to Clinton and Stacey, apparently you really have no business wearing mini-skirts after age 35. Define "mini", how short is too short? (Fo-sho no one wants to see butt cheek!)  Why is 35 that magical cut-off age?  I'm beginning to think I'll hate 35. 35 is the new 40 and it sucks. There I said it! And I don't even wear mini-skirts...much.
And how exactly do our faces age? So obviously we develop fine lines, but our skin actually starts to gradually look different. It's hard to put your finger on it exactly.  I suppose we lose the elasticity in our skin (slowly) and then the overall tightness that makes us actually look good. All the Botox in the world isn't gonna help Mama with that! And until the miracle face cream that freezes our 29 yr old faces is invented - say hello to your wrinkles, grandma!!!
 But I'd like to think that I've gotten better with age. We're always evolving, trying new looks, new make-up, learning from our past style-mistakes. Just about everyone cringes when they see pictures of themselves from high school. (Present company included...if only there were time machines, high school would have been fierce!) 
I think we all fear looking old a bit, and if you don't you're in denial.  I look forward to getting smarter and wiser. Oprah says her 50's have been her best decade yet.... and I believe it.  But I just don't look forward to looking older. 
Do you notice that you've aged? How do you look different then you did 7 or 8 years ago. (And if 7 years ago you were in grade 9, ignore the question completely...)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Are u trying to tell me something Kid?

Last night, while leaning over Kid#1 to give lots of x's and o's and say a quick bed-time prayer, he stopped me and asked the kind of question I've dreaded.  (No, not where do babies come from...)
Convo was as follows:

Kid #1- Mama, good night, I love you.
Mama- Love u too.
Kid#1- ....(pauses and stares)... What's that on your head?
Mama- What do you mean?
Kid#1- That...those things (points to my forehead.) Those big lines going across your head. Why are they there? Do I have them?
Mama- Uhhh... errr....ummm.... they must be wrinkles. 
Kid#1- They get really big when you're mad.
Mama-  Is that a fact? Do you see them anywhere else?
Kid#1- Yeah, between your eyebrows too. Why do you have those?

That's when Mama changed the subject and bid a quick night night to Kid.  'nough said.

So apparently I'm wrinkled...which means I'm old now too. (On top of that, my abundance of grey hair was casually pointed out to me by Husband while at the beach last week). Thanks family.

This means it's time again for another one of Mama's math stylez equations....



{Yeah no, having Nicole kidman's over-the-top Botox emotionless yet smug grin isn't exactly what I'm going for...}

But maybe it's time to consider some aging counter measures? A little Botox in the forehead might not be a bad thing? I have friends who've been touting the benefits of  injectable Botulism for years.  But once you start do you have to continue it forever? Forever's a long time....
And I'm not THAT old. Old enough to remember watching Charlie's Angels, The Dukes of Hazzard and even CHiPs. 

{C'mon, Erik Estrada was hot}

But I'm also young enough to appreciate the Jonas Brothers. 

{Young enough, or lame enough?}

So what's Mama to do? Have you or would you consider Botox? Is my vanity messing with my better judgement? Could the $ spent on injections be better put to use on a new Marc Jacobs bag or better yet, actually spent on helping some worthy cause or group? (Like the victims of the earthquake in Haiti.) I guess when I think about it like that it kinda seems ridiculous...but millions of happy Botox users can't be wrong can they? Is it not time to face the music and start trying to stop the inevitable? Maybe this is truly necessary, I am over 30 after all...(barely).


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's Mardi Gras... time for the Hawaiian Shoppin' 411

As promised, I'm dedicating a post to my shopping adventures in Honolulu. I swear this will be the last time I talk about Hawaii because there's more to life then tropical islands- unfortunately!

Seriously there are some high-end stores in Honolulu...they've got the Japanese tourist covered head to toe -with Gucci and LV Speedy's of course.  I was shocked at how many designer shops there were in the Ala Moana Center (one of the main malls in Honolulu). Right beside ordinary stores like Ann Taylor and Vic's Secret there was Dior, Harry Winston, Jimmy Choo, Bvlgari, Hermes.... in a MALL!  
And was Mama shopping in any of those stores? Hellz no! But I did pick up some great finds... let's review.

{ From the Ugg Store, new for spring, Bailey Button Uggs in 'Dusty Wysteria'
and sooo much cheaper then they are in Canada. Why must we always be price gouged so badly?}

{From Kate Spade, the Fiona Ballet slippers in green, and a green corsage silk top in Peridot green. Top was regularly $275US, on for $90. I absolutely lurve peridot green, vibrant and bold!}
*Kate Spade isn't really my style, but her clean lines and classic look are sometimes so appealing.  And the Fiona slippers honestly do not look silly with the present-stylez-bow on them. Super cute I swear!

From my new fave store, Macy*s,  I picked up a swack-load of INC shirts, a dress and even shorts. All on sale, some items were as much as 75% off.  ...Yes Macy*s, we ARE speaking the same language.... the language of I LOVE shopping!

{ Joe's Jeans, Muse,dark Caitlin wash (with a 9" rise, that's right, no more muffin top for mama!),  and this INC dress in black}

{From Aeropostale- shirt and fleece pants, $9 each.  Whatevs, they were practically free.}
{Army hat, Pau vertical design from Crazy Shirt, great for the beach with my brown and pink bikini...if I ever get up the nerve to wear it!}

{From Sephora I picked up the much hyped- by Brooke at Oofa , Blu-Ray pressed powder and a bronzer by Cargo. I'm hoping this powder works face fixin' miracles, Mama's fingers are crossed!  I also grabbed the Lash stash mascara deluxe sampler- a great deal b/c you can sample so many brands without committing to a whole tube of product. All for $39.... holla!

This concludes our shopping highlight tour of Honolulu. 
Note to shoppers: buying fall/winter clothing in Hawaii is awesooome because so much is on sale and the selection is huge. Not a lot of Hawaiian's are walking around in black, grey and brown knits and sweaters (obviously). Just one more reason to head over to the middle of the pacific in the middle of the winter! 

P.S. A big shout out to my fave new Greek little lady, Irene at Lovely Violet  for the Premio Fashion Superficiales Award. My first European award. Lurve it!! I'll be passing it on in the future... 


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sooo I'm back

Alohaaaaaaaaa Mama's back!!!
Wow-za, what an amazing holiday we had, Hawaii is beautiful!! It's not my first time there, but I was younger on my last trip and def. didn't appreciate it like I did this time.  We stayed in Honolulu at the Hilton Hawaiian Village on Waikiki Beach...totally gorgeous!

{Koi pond at the hotel}

Hawaii is seriously a little gem that barely feels like it's part of the U.S..  It has all the benefits of being part of the states, but definitely has it's own Hawaiian culture that is a big mix of native Hawaiians, Japanese, Filipinos, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese. Hawaiians are totally laid back and friendly...not really moving any faster than they need to, but it's a hot climate right?  But not too hot, perfect actually. Why the freak do I live in a place with snow? I absolutely LURVE the sun...let's just say that Mama's Vitamin D levels are allll topped up.
And of course we lurved the food, Poke (raw Ahi Tuna marinated in soya sauce), Kalua Pork (like BBQ pulled pork) and Lomilomi salmon (raw chopped salmon mixed with tomatoes, onions and seasoning) mixed with Poi (boiled taro root). Honestly it's all way more yummy then it sounds. We chowed down at a Luau...Hawaiian stylezzz!

Waikiki is a great beach,  you can swim safely (sans sharks and killa waves) and you can still look for Nemo while you snorkel along the reefs.

We did a dive in a submarine off shore from Waikiki...saw tonnes of underwater sea-life. Sea turtles, white tipped sharks, rays, Nemo.

 We rented a car and drove around the island, stopping at the Dole Pineapple Plantation, and of course headed to the North Shore and Sunset beach to check out the massive waves.  Can't actually swim there...the thrill is in letting the waves reach you while you're standing on the beach.  They'll knock u down!!

{Ser-i-ously, no swimming allowed. But surfing is ok?!}

Just got home but I'm wanting to go back...home is where the heart is, yeah, blah blah blah. Hawaii is where the fun in the sun is!  If it weren't for the painful 7 hour flight to get there (traveling with young kids blows, FYI), I'd probably go every winter. It's also tres expensive. Obviously b/c it's an island in the middle of the South Pacific. Everything has to be flown in... $5 for a quart of milk?!!  Yeah, it's basically a Volcano-made-chunk-of-earth in the middle of nowhere. But it has palm trees...and I LURVE palm trees!! And the sunsets are krazy!

{Hawaiian sunsets are A-mazing}

{Mama VS. the Volcano}

We swam, we ate amazing food (I even had some Pineapple my least fave food in the world, strange, I know), we drank (soooo many Mai Tai's, Daiquiri's and Blue Hawaiians), we tanned, we luau-ed, we explored, we dove, we relaxed. Fabulous! 
Oh, and I shopped. But's that's a whole other post....


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