Monday, November 19, 2012

November Loves!

Ok, truly, November is absolutely flying by. Wasn't Halloween a few days ago? No? I guess this means it's almost time to start thinking about all things Christmas
 It feels early still but this week is American Thanksgiving (Canadian TG was last month) and it's my mental marker that Santa is soon to be live and in full effect!

I'm gonna throw at you a list of the things that have been making me really happy lately. I'm always a fan of talking about the little things in life that make your day awsome-er.  (strictly material items only...we're keeping this super superficial...) 

I'm really liking a bright blue-ish pink lip colour. Demi Lovato has been wearing this sort of look a lot this fall and I think it's striking with a bold, winged out eye liner.  NYX's Matte Shocking Pink is the perfect shade.

{Ok, ignore the pink hair tips and focus on her makeup,  young and fun right?  Though since I'm old I promise to leave my spiky jean jacket at home.}

The darker the nails the better! I went ahead and had a Shellac gel set done a few months back. I liked it but prefer to be able to paint over my regular french gel nails with whatever colour I choose...and right now deep burgundy/black is my fave.

When will I get tired of these RayBan Aviators? Apparently never.  They're classic and seem to go with just about everything I wear.
 Money. Well. Spent.

Even though I'm becoming more of a red wine lover this time of year cuz it's cold as heck and something about red wine says winter,  I'm still loving Sauvignon Blanc wines from New Zealand.  New Harbor is my affordable favorite at the moment. It's fresh, crisp and super drinkable. This beverage brings me JOY. cheers.

{Watch- Michael Kors, Spike Bracelet- Aldo Accessories, Feather Friendship Bracelet-Winners}
Here's my current wrist stack. I change up the number of pieces and bangles every so often. 
5 years ago if you would have told me that I would wear this much gold I would have scoffed at the thought. 
The ancient Egyptians were brilliant about a lotta things, including their love of gold jewelry stacked up the arm. More is more!

{ignore janky iPhone self-pic}
I'm still ga-ga for my hair weave. Extensions are magical strands of happiness sent from above.  I've had my weave tightened once already and decided to chop them by an inch as they were way too long. (Yes I understand the whole point is to have longer hair but they seemed a bit unmanageable at 14 inches.)
Once you get past the headaches from the tightness of the cornrow braids along the back of your head, it's really not too pain no gain?

And finally, I'll ask the angels to stop singing for just a moment while I mention these almond brown, tall,  Tory Burch Amanda riding boots.  A new T.B. store open in Chinook Mall this fall here in Calgary and it really is the Mother Ship for all things wonderful.  
If only there wasn't already snow on the ground, I'd wear these everyday, working, eating, sleeping...etc.

What's your favorite "thing" this month? A hair product, lipstick, pair of shoes or something else completely? Share!



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