Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Let's Just Pretend it's Spring, Ok?

No, it is most definitely not spring around these parts but then a complaint from me about our bi-polar seasons has become a bit cliché so I'll switch things up and keep it all on the positive tip!

So here's this months (super random) list of stuff I'm digging....

I took the leap and had my darling Vietnamese nail-guru file and shape me up a set of stiletto nails. Of course I had to scale down the length and sharpness...I'm not Rihanna over here.
Good bye square/oval french tips, till we meet again...

I've been feeling a strong attraction to pants lately. Not jeans, or leggings. Pants. As in trousers or "slacks" as my dad calls them.
Vince Camuto's boldly colorful pants with a flat, high waist and tapered leg are flattering and perfect for summer. I grabbed a cobalt blue pair from Winners for $39.00...

{I'll be rockin' the color block....just as soon as the snow melts and stuff. Ugh}

Moving on to TV talk, I'm just plain bummed that Showtimes House of Lies is over for the season.
 I loves me some Marty Kann (Don Cheadle) and Jeannie Van Der Hooven (Kristen Bell).  It is just so so soooo good. The writing is original and beyond clever. If you're not watching it already then start. You've been told.  (click the link above to get the 411 on it.)

What can I replace this with?!   Suggestions please...

Ok next...it's no secret that I really dislike camo clothing on women (and children) but straight military green/olive is a favorite of mine. I finally tracked down a decent anorak jacket that's perf for spring from Old Navy.

{manly? maybe, but cute too!}

And finally I'll tell the world how I'm super into the cutest little Hawaiian crooner around, Bruno Mars.

YES his music is overplayed to death but his talent is so under-rated. I caught him on an SNL re-run a few weekends ago from the show he did back in October.
The boy was born to perform and entertain...kinda like Justin Timberlake (but shorter, ha!)



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