Saturday, March 31, 2012

Color pop for ladies night....

Untitled #11
I'm officially in love with orange and fuchsia together... and I'll be wearing this on Wednesday night, to THIS....
A fashion show/ladies night put on by the
Calgary Flames Hockey team better halves
 (aka WAGS- wives and girlfriends)
Bring on the fashion, wine and fun...

I'm honestly not a huge hockey fan but I won't say no to a night out with my girls since this party is off the ice completely...

Happy weekend lovelies! 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Expensive doesn't mean better...except when it does...

Here's a list of a few new products that I've started using in the last couple weeks. I'm especially in love with the foundations and though they are pricey they are so worth it
In the last few years I've really changed my opinions about high-end makeup and really
believe that you can find great drugstore makeup for a fraction of the price. 
BUT  that doesn't mean that it's not still worth coughing up the dough to buy a higher end product from time to (usually) get what you pay for..

I'm really in love with this Chanel foundation. It's apparently replaced the now discontinued Pro Lumiere Foundation and I don't mind the newer formula. It offers full, long lasting, natural coverage that's buildable...but around $52.00 it's not the sort of product I'll use everyday. Perfect for special occasions, photographs and times when I want flawless coverage.

BB creams (beauty balm) are the latest rage, though I don't really see how they differ from a tinted moisturizer??.. they claim to conceal, perfect and moisturize.  Still, I'm liking Garnier's BB cream as it comes in a light/medium and medium/dark option- which seems to "generally" cover most skin tones. It's easy to apply with your fingers and blends well, though it's definitely not foundation-like coverage (not that it claims to be.)  Overall I think it will be a great lighter product for the summer months and around $19.99 per tube, its great for everyday use. 
I heard about this product first from Beauty Broadcast, Emilynoel 83's YouTube channel. She highly recommended this Tarte Mascara. I find that it provides decent lash volume, length and isn't clumpy.  It lasts all day and it's not too wet, or too dry of a formula. It also contains clay from the Amazon River (as in dirt...sounds exotic right?!)  So river dirt must equal longer lashes!
As wonderful as that may be, with an almost $20.00 price, I don't know that it's a must-have product?

I won this foundation last fall in a foundation giveaway from Beauty Crazed In Canada. And though I can honestly say that Clinique makeup has never been on my radar, I'm so glad I tried this foundation.  I have a super oily t-zone and am prone to the occasional acne breakout (when will I outgrow zits already!?) 
While I can't promise that this product will help prevent breakouts, I will say that it's a great long lasting foundation. At around $36.00, it offers a light feel and amazing flawless coverage without looking caky or heavy. I am in love!

So what are your new fave spring products?  Any must haves or are you sticking with your old stand-by favorites...?? 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

rock the color block...

So I'm back in a shopping mood (finally) since I haven't really given two hoots about hitting the stores since last fall. I felt I had everything that I "needed" and not much was speaking to me. But no more! One can only wear black/brown/black for so long. I've got NEW inspiration...bring on the color kids!

Ka-chow! That's a lot of color..and I'll admit it sort of intimidates me, but I broke down and grabbed some mint-green skinny jeans ($19.99 from Winners) and a cobalt blue pair from Old Navy ($20.00 on sale this week).  I'm naturally a black on the bottom, color up top sort of dresser but I think this is worth a try for this summer...I can't hide in black forever!

  Zip it ok?...This is just a regular Dolman sleeve top in a bright turquoise green but the zipper detail (on the back) makes it interesting, no? I grabbed these metallic flats, since metallics are the shiz this they say...
(Top, Zellers $14.99, flats Zellers $12.99)

Color blocking and Zippers? Yes and yes.  (Bottom Block top, Suzy Shier $25.00)

For that wedding/baby shower I'll inevitably have to attend, Pleated, Belted, Chiffon Dress in Navy, (Suzy Shier $40.00)

 So are you all still hiding in your fleece and Uggs?  I don't blame you if you are...its hard to shed the layers and show some skin. Mama needs a tan something terrible but that's not going to be an option for months yet. 
 I even have a hard time ditching socks and wearing flats -never mind sandals? What if it starts snowing again...that can happen at ANY GIVEN MOMENT in these parts...

Have you caught the spring shopping fever yet...are color/short sleeves/bare legs calling your name?

Monday, March 5, 2012

Yet another post about mint green? Guilty.

It's March and we're having a snow storm right now (as least 20 cm more are going to fall tonight) but that's ok because my mind is already stuck on spring. I love the neon and pastel colour in the stores right now but I definitely won't be buying much of anything until we have a serious weather-warm-up. 

Easter egg pastels (a carry-over from last year) are my fave right now (yes this is nothing ground-breaking, they're everywhere) but I'm tempted to grab a pair of mint coloured jeans, though I really think they can be a bit tricky to get away with, especially in the lighter tones- since I'm not a size 4...

This pair is from Forever 21's plus collection, the bright mint green shows no mercy. So perhaps this should be a springtime no-go for Mama?  

Maybe I should stick with mint green in small doses, maybe like this Essie colour, Absolutely Shore.
It's actually much greener (less beige) in person but gives a nice pastel pop of mint.

So mint took until this season to grow on me...either way this colour is totally trendy but likely won't be around for yet another season, so maybe there's no harm in picking up a cheap pair of skinnies from Zara, Forever 21 or Old Navy...?

Or...maybe I should stick with a smaller hit of the colour from accessories like a ring or belt.
What do you think of spring's hottest colour, mint? 

Outside our front door tonight...spring in Canada is awesome. Eh?


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