Saturday, July 17, 2010

yiasou kids!

Mama's leaving on a  plane tomorrow to hit up the sunny beaches of Greece. I'll be away for several weeks but stay with me readers! I'll try to keep up with my blog reading while I'm gone (provided I can find some WiFi) and of course I'll try and sneak in a post or 2 when possible.  It's gonna be strange to take a holiday induced blogging break but hopefully I'll be able to bore you captivate and amaze you with my holiday pics when we're home.
I'll be back with a tan, and possibly 10 lbs heavier from all the souvlaki, mousaka, spanikopita, ice cream, get the point. (Can MY mother-in-law cook!!)
Let's all take a moment to say a prayer with Mama that my children don't shame and embarrass me act up on the plane ride over. Nine hours to Frankfurt, a layover and then another 3 to Athens is a long hell haul!
Sparkling blue Mediterranean water and gorgeous beaches will make it all worthwhile. Not mention the chance to actually spend time with my husband. I just may be excited after-all?

Be back soon!


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Stampede Roundup

We came, we saw, we drank. Drank? Yes drank as in drunk. This week the Calgary Stampede rolled into town and with it comes 10 days of pure party. My Bff and I went to one of the hottest parties in town, The Stampede Roundup, and had plenty of drinks, food and music.  Mother nature decided to stop being a hag and let the sun shine on us for one day at least. Considering it's such a popular event (and has so much corporate sponsorship), I was a little surprised how crappy the choice of bands were....but whatevs, after a few drinks it all starts to sound the same right?

{the skies were dark, but we gave Mother Nature the stink eye and she played nice}

{ok, you're all thinking, "didn't the band Lynyrd Skynyrd die in a tragic plane crash before we were all even born?" Yeah that's what I thought too but apparently not?}
{glassy eyes and grins after a few drinks...}
{my brother (tall guy dressed like a sheriff) and his peeps}
{me and my favorite cowgirl, Julie}
{not exactly front row, but it was 3 Doors Down playing so really who cares?}
{note the glorious sunshine and the weirdo guy stroking his mustache...}
{our friend was obviously a Stampede amateur. Everyone knows that real cowboy boots don't get beer cans stuck in the heel. Sheesh}

Today we hit up the Stampede grounds with the kids and now I'm out $200.00 worth of cotton candy, snow cones, hotdogs, rip-off carnie games and kiddie rides. But it was so much fun!

{ Kid # 1 is "The Law" in this town}

{Posing with the livestock}

{Kid #1 hanging on for dear life and Mama looking a little green}

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mother Nature, let's chat a while....

Yesterday while driving home with the kids, the skies above were looking mighty foreboding with dark clouds and huge swirling wind gusts. 30 seconds later I thought maybe the car was being pelted by a golfball but I was, of course, no where near a golf course. It was these little buggers. 

{not suitable for cocktails...}

I picked these up off my front lawn about an hour after the hail storm of the century
I know I've bitched complained repeatedly about our craptastic winter summer weather this year but I have finally had enough.
Screw you Mother Nature. I'm OUT. If these means I need to fly to the other side of the world to see the blazing hot summer sun then so be it. 

Mother Nature, no let's call you "M.N",.... (I can call you that right?) Allow me to review why we're friends OFF for now and where I'm heading to.
 You and your piss-poor summer weather can suck it whilst I'm on the beach elsewhere.

In case you've forgotten what summer actually is M.N., let's review some holiday pics from a place where the sun actually shines, the Mediterranean. 

{oh what's this? Sun and sand and people not shivering while outside?}

{Obviously HOT conditions because of desert-like plant life seen here?}

{Golden brown tan on already handsome husband. Note curly hair due to humidity. You remember what hot humidity is, right M.N?}

{Straw-style umbrellas on sandy, hot beaches for coverage from the sun}

{Oh, what's this? A palm tree growing in my yard. That requires sunlight right?}

{And finally a pic of Mama in the market on a hot, sunny evening, Not wearing a jacket. Note the lack of snow, rain or ice-cubes falling from the heavens trying to wreck my car}

So Mother Nature, maybe call me in about a months time or so. We'll talk then and I'll see if you've decided to smarten-up and play nice. Bring your friend "the sun" with you.....hmmkay?


Thursday, July 8, 2010

A real Sweetie

Never in 10 million years would I ever say that I like a sweetheart neckline on dresses. But apparently the 1 in 10 millionth time has come around and I'll admit I'm lurving this style right now.
When it's short and strapless it's super hot for summer. Solid black, floral or geometric prints are all tres sexy, non?
With a wide black belt you can define your waist even more. 

{all dresses via}

Monday, July 5, 2010

Operation Starvation

Operation Starvation v. 2.0 has commenced. We're leaving for the motherland in 2 weeks and the beach has been whispering to me, "Mammaaa, I'm sunny, hot and invitinggggg, but don't you dare even think about planting your rear on my fine white sand unless you look good in that bathing suittttttttttttt...."  
Very eery, as you can imagine. That beach is a bitch. 
So since I don't need the beach talking smack to me, the only answer is to get this booty in shape, double-time. I'm at the gym 3 times/week and if the stoopid weather would cooperate I'd be out walking with the boys in the evening. But since this is Canada and I live near the mountains it's freezing a$$, like 13 degrees celsius right now. I'd rather stay inside and eat cheese, thank you very much!
That aside after 2 years of points counting, calorie counting, reduced fat/carb/taste I'm running out of ideas and need to pull out all the stops. No, Kim Kardashians' Quick trim devil products will NOT be involved in this operation. But I will take a little help from my friends....

Instead of my beloved breakfast cereal I'm moving onto eggs in the morning. I find eggs a bit hard to choke down in the a.m. but whatevs, I've got no time for sugary carbs in my world. 

Salads from McDonalds. Ok before you go asking, "why don't you make your own dang salad Mama?" I'm buying them because I've made 104 742 salads in my lifetime. YES that many, no I'm not exaggerating. I'm sick of making salads so it's time to buy some from McDicks or even Wendy's.  They're cheap and easy and tasty. Does that sound bad?

Laughing Cow cheese. It's creamy, portion controlled and low-cal. Yum.

And here is a run down of the ENEMY.  The food that I will be avoiding like harem pants, cluster diamond rings and Carrot Top's stand-up act, etc. etc....

{Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc. I love you baby. Mama says good bye for now. But we'll be together again soon...real soon...}

{Pasta with Seafood. You be good too while Mama's gone. Sniff. }

{Mexican. You know how much you mean to me. Don't be sad guacamole, I'm not gone forever. Just a few months weeks. And Taco Bell, I'll miss you too lots and lots...}

Whatever it takes to successfully complete Operation Starvation v. 2.0.  If you know me you know that there won't actually be any starvation happening. But it sounds good in theory. Please PLEASE share your rapid weight loss tricks/ideas/voodoo magic...


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Shopping is necessary AND important

Mama's been shopping today in preparation for our trip to the fashion Motherland - Europe. 
As always, I've managed to pick up a pile of new pieces without spending mucho dinero...
July means end of spring/early summer'd be crazy not to shop. Like, a lot.

Forever XXI is perhaps my new fave store? Honestly I figured the name pretty much spelled out who exactly has any biznaz shopping there. But they have plenty of great stuff for those who are not, ahem, 21.
I picked up these tops, which I think would look great with a thick waisted black belt.

None of these tops were over $35.00. I love their accessories and they're practically giving them away.  $6.99 for a necklace you say?  Can I get a price check? 

From Suzy Shier I grabbed this black belted halter dress with a bronzed coin bib front for $35.99. Cute for going out for a casual dinner, no? 

I picked up this Lori M Collection dress for $39.99 at The Bay and these Bandalino heels from the Nine West outlet for $36.00 (reg. $80.00). I also snagged a studded belt (similar to this one) from Laura for $12.99.


Pull out your calculators kids, not a lot of moolah was spent today.  This brings me some serious joy, thrills, elation satisfaction.  Do you get excited by finding the dealz too?

Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore


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