Friday, October 12, 2012

Faves on Friday...

Things I'm digging this Friday...
here's a quick breakdown of my loves-du-jour

I heard about this foundation from watching a YouTube video from Jessica Harlow. She raved on about Kat Von D's new Lock-It Tattoo foundation.  My continuous search for full coverage, long wearing foundation could finally be over kids! I picked up shade Medium 54 from Sephora for $41.00.  Fans of her Tattoo Concealer will like this one because it can seriously cover shiz up!


Let's get onto something really important. My new weave. 
I took the plunge, sat for hours in the chair, dropped the dough and got me some brand new (other woman's) hair.
 As mentioned in my last post I was so OVER my Scarecrow/LiLo bad hair and was in desperate need for a change.  
The time for complaining has ended.
Behold my newly sewn-in, overpriced hair of glory!
 Can you hear the angels singing? Can you? 

To tell you the truth, this hair adventure is a whole other post for another day...

Not that this next item is anything crazy new, or something that hasn't been around in one version or another for the last few fall/winter seasons but I'm still in love with leather/moto style leggings.
 They are simple, chic and no-fail. Count me in...

Yes yes yes. Hilary Duff and her pants are perfection...

I've been crushing on wine red, dark merlot coloured lips... but I'm torn because the I've always been a fan of a bold smokey eye and a more nude lip. I suppose I'll have to seriously tone down my eyes in order to pull off such a bold lip colour.


My practical side said to not drop much cash-o-la on this trend so I picked up NYC's City Duet 2 in 1 split lip colour in Penthouse Plums. One side is super dark and the other is a shade more manageable,,,and it was under 5 bucks!

Moving onto music I'm currently liking Alex Clare's Too Close... there's something kinda different/edgy about it. Yeah, I know nothing about this guy but just dropped 69 cents on this on why not?

And finally on a completely un-original note, I am totally in love with all things pumpkin spice.
 Is this smell sent directly from above? 
I know, right?
 It's warm and cozy and yummy and IS the epitome of fall...

So what are your faves on Friday...???


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