Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Mama and Husband are going out to our first holiday party of the season on Saturday night.  It's going to be fairly casual because it's at a friends house. But I'm so dying to throw on some sequins so I can get my sparkle on, but without looking like Rupaul in drag....know what I'm saying?

{this is nice, but no}

So I think I'll try to incorporate a bit of sequin shine while keeping things simple

{Ricki's draped sequin sweater}
{ok so my black pumps are not YSL like these, but the look is almost the same}
I'm thinking that since I can't go too bold on my outfit (no one wants to stand out as overdressed girl at the party), I might as well do a bit more with my makeup. I've just discovered that purple shadows are great for brown eyes. (This is not groundbreaking news but I was a bit scared of purple eyeshadows before.)


 purple smokey eyes are divine!

Do you have any Christmas parties coming up? Are they formal or casual and what will you be wearing?
And more importantly, will you be you rockin' some sequin sparkle?


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Like a mirror ball in a disco....

Holiday glam time is here and for parties I'm all about adding a bit of sparkle or shine with sequins. I'm happy to see that sequins are back for another season and when they're worn properly they can totally complete your holiday look. Last year I maintained a brief love affair with black sequin leggings, which sadly I only felt comfortable wearing when we went out in Vegas to club XS at Encore.  It's a bold look, you can't just wear shiny, sparkly pants anywhere. Or can you?

{Sequin leggings work here in the club, sadly almost nowhere else}

Still, I'm loving these dresses and jackets. They scream "it's New Years Eve, I will have another glass of champagne!"

{perfection, head to toe}

{Lurve this Nanette Lepore dress with black tights and pumps}

{I wouldn't be pairing this jacket with washed out 90's jeans, but that's just me...} 

 A sparkly sequin tux jacket or blazer can totally dress up skinny jeans or a plain LBD

Would you wear sequins this Holiday season, or should they be reserved for trips to Vegas only?

Images via google and Bloomingdales

Monday, November 22, 2010

Pre-Christmas shopping for Mama, by Mama

This time of year is for sharing, giving and spending time with those around us that really matter.  And what better way to do that then by hitting up the stores with friends and shopping for myself. Yes, shopping for moi. I've already got my Christmas shopping done for the kidlets and my cheap-ass brothers are getting gift cards (it's more than they ever get me, believe me.) So really I just have a bit of shopping left to do for my parents and a few friends and that's easy peasy.  Since I'm so on top of things the obvious choice was to go shopping this week for a few things I've had my eye on...

Aldo Accessories-  Leopard print scarf and black Toque (that's a winter cap, for my non-Canadian readers)
I've been on the hunt for a good leopard print scarf for a while and this one is pretty decent though it's ridiculously long (am I supposed to wrap it around 5 times?) 
 I also happen to think that I look way cuter in the hat than the white mannequin head in the pic. Just my opinion.....

From Sephora I picked up the Urban Decay "Little Sins" eyeshadow Primer Potion Set
Nars Lipgloss in "Greek Holiday" (who doesn't love a holiday in Greece?)
Benefit Bronzer "Hoola" (my cheeks have never looked so contoured!)

From Walmart I picked up 2 pairs of Ardelle Lashes, 108 and 105. Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer, Revlon ColorStay Foundation (my new fave everyday foundation) and the much hyped Wet n' Wild Colour Icon palette in "Lust" (before you get all "Wet n' Wild, say what? Just let me say that this palette is phenomenal with great pigmentation. Wet n' Wild has come a long way since I was in grade 7....

From Shoppers Drug Mart I picked up the Smashbox Ultimate Eyes box set, (similar to the one at Sephora right now) so much product and only $62.00

 From Winners (Canada's TJ Maxx) an elf Kabuki brush and 32 eye palette. I'm starting to really love elf's products, the prices are amazing and the quality is pretty darn good too

And from the mother-ship, MAC, I picked up another bottle of Fix + setting spray (best invention ever!), "Cream cup" lipstick, "Melba" blush, "Soft and Gentle" Mineralize Skinfinish and "Rubenesque" Paint Pot

 {Pics of clothes on the hanger just never look as good....}

And finally from The Bay, I fell for this London Times one shoulder dress, it was $125.00 but I stole it for $49.00 with this weekends sale and the 20% off card I was sent in the mail from Bonnie Brooks (president of The Bay), I can't help but say her name in a mockingly low and gravelly voice...since she insists on doing her own radio ads 

Maybe it's a bit ridiculous to shop for yourself before Christmas, but sirsly if you knew my family you'd understand that never in a thousand lifetimes would they get me the things I like/want/need unless I specifically spelled it out for them. And since you could not pay Husband or my brothers to step foot in Sephora it's really a lost cause.  My mom and dad gave up on trying to find me what I like a long time ago so they default to Cuisinart food processors and Holt Renfrew gift cards, not that I'm complaining....

And really, at the end of the day I'm not a kid anymore. Christmas is about spending time with the people that matter most, not expecting them to buy you lots of gifts. Am I right? 
Or, is it your tradition that your friends and family make a point of checking off everything from your Christmas Wish List?


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Blue on blue...

While blue isn't normally my colour, I've been really drawn to darker royal/electric blue shades lately. Something about it seems rich and luxurious for this time of year.  

Somehow it's a bold shade while still managing to be understated and I think it works for both brunettes and blondes...

{Ruffle top from Forever 21  (ignore ridiculous bike shorts)}

{Blue Lanvin flats}

{Katherine Malandrino dress}

{Dior dress, Stuart Weitzman shoes}

And then yesterday I saw this picture of Kate and William shortly after their engagement announcement....love love love her dress! (Her blue sapphire ring, mmmeh, notsomuch but it was his mothers so it has sentimental value obviously.) She will most definitely be a lovely bride! 

{via google images}

Friday, November 12, 2010

Kardashian hair dreams are over

So about a little over a month ago I decided to take the plunge and take my hair colour back to my original dark brown (yes we've covered this I know.)  My dreams of Kardashian hair greatness have been greatly over estimated but I will say that overall I am happy with how the colour turned out.  Just about everyone (minus Husband) agrees that darker hair suits me and even makes my hair appear thicker (thicker looking hair you say? Those right there are the magic words.)

{Love em or hate them, these girls have fabulous hair}

But there is one major problem that's "popped" up so to speak...my grey is showing already. Yeah, thanks to my mom's side of the family and their less than stellar genes I've been cursed with fine hair that's been slowly going grey since I was 19. Yes, that's not a typo, 19 years old.  WHO has grey when they're barely legal?   And now with my blond highlights gone the grey is rearing it's ugly, wiry head.  

{ok, this is NOT my head, my grey isn't nearly this bad but maybe in another 5-7 years or so. *sigh*}

So what to do? Does this mean I need to march myself back to my stylist every 5-6 weeks? There has got to be an easier way! I need suggestions, how do you cover your grey? (if you're unfortunate to have it...)  Should I try one of those "root touch up" type products from the drugstore? This hair has never been coloured outside of a salon...somehow I'd probably manage to dye it orange somewhere along the way. I'm talented like that.

{Yay or nay?}

I need your help girls....how can I manage my new darker hair colour with dropping $80.00 every few weeks?


Monday, November 8, 2010

Just like Olivia Newton John, let's get Physical....ok?

I haven't spent much time talking about the ongoing "Massive Weight Loss 2010."  As always, "massive" is a huge misnomer but I'd like to think that big titles will equal big results?!  I got my starve on before we left for Greece this summer but after that I've kinda been in a holding pattern as far as working out and eating really "clean" are concerned. Well no more friends. It's time to get crack-a-lackin' (again) and get my derriere back to the gym (consistently, no, once a week isn't good enough.)
 Turkey fest Thanksgiving, and candy binge Halloween are behind us and there's honestly not a lot going on in November so what better time then now to work on my fitness? My pre-New Years resolution is to do my darnedest to not gain a mountain of el-bees over the Christmas season.  And if anything, by creating a buffer of sorts now (fitness and weight-wise) then I can deal with the inevitable indulgences (read: chocolate, cocktails, hors d'oeuvres, egg-nog) that are coming my way next month while still fitting into any dresses I may want to wear to Christmas parties. (Currently my calendar is open and I'm accepting party invites, feel free to send them my way...)

Lets talk strategy...

{80's aerobics? No, no leotards necessary. I'm talking about working out at the gym 3+ times a week}


{Salads salads and more salads. Insert fork here}


{No devil foods}


Going out....
{Things I'd like to wear for the many many parties I'll be attending. Cuz I'm popular like that...?}

What are your plans/stategy for handling the deliciousness and  indulgence that comes with the Holiday season??


Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday tunes

Loving (the recently hitched) Miss Katy Perry's new song "Firework" and her video too. Although I can't say she's my favorite (in general) like almost every song she does it's the lastest tune stuck in my head on repeat...        Srsly, "I Kissed a girl" was stuck in my brain for monthssss.

Happy Friday Lovlies!


Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween week

We survived a week of Halloween fun filled days...can`t say I`m glad it`s over because we all know that November blows (Halloween and Thanksgiving are over and now there`s nothing to look forward to until Christmas....2 LONG months away.)
But we did have a great weekend, and I`m officially off the junk (candy) because I think I ate enough chocolate last night for a carb coma that`ll last till Christmas. Just in time for more over indulgence!

{We had a blast at Kid #1's Kindergarten pumpkin carving nite}

{My artistic skill and incredibly "creative" carving abilities are obvious, no?}
{I made this Caramel and Toffee crunch apple/cookie dip for the pumpkin carving party. So easy and honestly tastes better than it looks}
{Kid #1, the coolest Scoobie Doo around}
{Volunteering in Kid #1's class on Friday for their Halloween dress-up party. Twenty two 5 year olds. Good times.}

{"Mom, nooo more pictures! We need to start trick or treating before the candy is all gone!"

On Saturday nite BFF and I hit up West lounge/restaurant for their Halloween party. Amazingly creative costumes...wish I'd taken more pics! 

{Rappers delite: Kanye squared}
{A ridiculously spot-on Amber Rose and Kanye West}
{Avatar girl in blue body paint, she won best costume of the night (or maybe it was best body of the night?)  She was good, but she's no Marie Antoinette...just sayin'}

{Loved this! Chilean miner costume....the pic doesn't do him justice}

{Mama Marie Antoinette, straight outta the 18th century}

{Ready to get our Halloween Par-tay on}

Hope you all had a fabulous Halloween!  Is it too soon to think about what I'll be dressing up as for next year? 



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