Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Nick and Telly have the worst hair ever...

So I've been battling with my horrendous hair issues for over 6 months now. Back in January it started falling out A LOT, so after trips to the doctor, a Rogain prescription, cursing, tears and 6 months of decent regrowth- I'm back on track. Sorta.  
But 5 weeks in Greece this summer has wreaked havoc on my poor, poor hair and it's been looking beyond fried and thin.  
Sun and sea is good for the soul but TERRIBLE on the hair.

Let me demonstrate how I feel about my current sitch....

Nick's Fried and frizzy hair

Telly's total lack of hair
Mama's current hair status, somewhere in the middle

 I am not exaggerating... my hair is like a tragic mash-up of the Scarecrow and LiLo

Sooooo today I went and got my hair-did with a fresh, much needed cut and colour revival.  Out of necessity I was somewhat srsly contemplating a drastic-ish cut that included several inches gone forever. Instead (of course) I chickened out, and just opted for a 2 inch trim to cut off the dead straw.  
Needless to say I'm pleased that I didn't go all Brit-Brit and shave the whole thing off...stupid fracking hair. 

 But just to make it look thicker I am NOT ready to cut it short and settle for mom-hair.
(No, do not try to tell me that short hair is cute. On me it's not ok, ever.)

 I'm actually considering real-deal salon hair extensions. They take forever to apply and will cost a tiny fortune but what can you do?

Have any of you every had professional hair extensions put in? 
Share your weave stories with me...


Thursday, September 6, 2012

latest girl crush...

So I've developed a bit of a lady-crush on Hillary Scott from the hit country music trio Lady Antebellum. I'm no country music fan but their music is pretty darn good. Since reading about her in Redbook last December I'm now completely smitten.
 Maybe it's because she has the hair I've always wanted (but clearly will never have...) or because she's stylish and talented but not exactly a size 2, or 6 for that matter...

She seems relate-able and fun... perhaps I'll call her up so we can hang together and drink wine.  Good idea right?

images via Redbook, Zimbio

I'd even go so far as to tune into the CMA's (country music awards) later this fall, since Lady Antebellum is bound to win something.
Has this lil' crush made me crazy??

So ok Hill, throw me your digits... I've got a great Cab Sauvignon with your name on it...



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