Thursday, February 28, 2013

Cheekbones, Adele and Contouring Magic...

What makeup magic illusion technique can give more bang for the buck than a bucket-full of Botox and Juvaderm combined?....contouring and highlighting.  

Strategic placement of bronzer and highlighting powder/cream creates definition, impact and the all important slender-ization of the face. The right balance of product application and angle can create shadows, lightness and the illusion of supermodel-like cheek bones.
It may be an 80's/early 90's idea but well placed contouring can lift your cheekbones to the heavens!

{These girls know what time it is...time to contour}

Most recently Kim K. has been the poster-child for the power of contouring and we've all seen the amazing skill of her makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic.

She's no little lady but Adele always looks gorgeous with flawless classic makeup and a hefty amount of strategic face contouring. Her cheek-bones could cut someone at this years Oscar's...

She is proof-positive that the right tone of contouring powder does not have to make you look like you rolled in a bowl of Cheetos. 

I personally prefer a matte finish contouring powder without shimmer or glitter. A beige-brown tone tends to work better than an orange-brown tone and it should be mentioned that a contour product is not the same as a bronzer.
 Bronzing accentuates the places that the sun would hit your face naturally...cheek apples, bridge of nose, forehead. 
Contouring accentuates hollows and curves of the face creating definition and dimension. 

My go-to contouring products are...

Benefit Hoola, a perfect mid-tone matte contouring powder

Nars Laguna Bronzer. Overpriced but popular.

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer. Smells like hot cocoa heaven...

NYC Sunny Bronzer. A fairly decent dupe for Benefit Hoola and about $20 cheaper!

Of course contouring is nothing without the right brush. My current most-used brush is this Real Techniques Core Collection powder brush. I pinch the brush bristles together to create a really intense line under my cheek bones then buff it out with a fluffy kabuki brush to minimize any harsh lines. 

So have you discovered the magic of face contouring? 
Who wouldn't want the appearance of a lifted chin, a refined nose and amazingly defined cheek bones? 

....and is Adele not a vocally-gifted-Oscar-award-winning-British-goddess-of-beauty?


Friday, February 8, 2013

Yay, Nay or BURN?

What's cool and what's not is pretty darn subjective, especially when it comes to clothes and makeup.  Here's some looks that have been on my radar, some that I'm on the fence about and some that can just rot in you know where...

Ok so jazz up those jazz-hands! Why not get creative on the forth finger with an accent nail...provided you don't have shaky hands (like me) it's a chance to get crayzay with your manicure....

But what about the long pointy-style, sharply filed Stiletto nails that are everywhere. Is this a go or a no? Maybe for Rihanna and Gaga but for everyone else?...

Spring doesn't arrive for another 3 months in these parts but floral blazers are perfect for knocking out my winter funk...

This is a carry-over from last spring and I might be late to the party but I love sequin tribal print skirts. SO cute, but so short? Vero Moda had a great one last season...should have grabbed it when I had the chance.  :(

Mac's Rebel lipstick. This is THE colour this my mind anyway. It's bold, berry bright and fabulous.
It's seriously dark looking in the tube, but don't let that scare you ...the impact it creates is amazing.

via the gorgeous Camila Coelho
Look at how pretty it is on,,, I can barely stand it!

A few almost perfect (and wayyy cheaper) dupes instead of MAC are Wet n' Wild's 908C and Covergirl's 335 Embrace.
I dare you to try something this bright and bold...

Ok, moving on to a trend that I'm really on the fence about, the wedge sneaker. 
Yay or Nay? I do not know...
They're in the stores everywhere but I've yet to see even ONE person wearing them. Obviously its a casual look but what do you wear them? Skinny jeans and....???

So now can we talk about a true fashion travesty that has to be stopped. Like stopped right now.
The crop top.

Shield your eyes and hide your children.  

Yes, I'm talking to you Miley Cyrus. You're a cutie but stop wearing this shiz right now. 
BURN your crop tops, or else I'll tell daddy Billy-Ray to step in and send you to your room for a time out... 

So what trends are a Yay, Nay or BURN for you this spring??


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