Saturday, January 30, 2010

Aloha Bitches!

We're off for 11 days of FUN-IN-THE-SUN!   There will be multiple fruity drinks consumed and plenty of seafood and fruit. Bring it on Hawaii! 
I'll be bloggin' as soon as we're back.... 
Miss me!


Ooooh the Humanity!!

Today was Spray Tan Day or as I call it, STD.
(It's as bad as it sounds.)

I showered, exfoliated, shaved and went deordorant-less in prep for the tan. Wore baggy cotton clothing, removed my jewellery, put my hair in a pony-tail, and left the house sans make-up.
Right there that is WAY too much going on before I've even had the damn spray.

You'd think that after years of annual physicals, birthing 2 babies naturally, and being over the age of 30, that by now I'd be comfortable with someone seeing all of my naked-ness.  Apparently not.
spray tan requires you to stand without clothes, (save for a small disposable pair of string bikini bottoms, which are AWFUL but necessary to avoid unsightly tan lines) while a "technician" sprays you with a high powered air brush/liquid tan gun. Besides being totally awkward and's cold as balls.
(What, you wouldn't be embarrased standing buck while some stranger scrutinizes your every angle for optimum tan application?)  Every cellulite covered angle.
Just thinking about it again makes me cringe. I am a secure person but it was way beyond uncool.
Usually, like a 'normal' person, before I go on a sun-filled vay-cay I go tanning to get a base...which is really just an attempt not to fry on Day 1 of the holiday, thereby averting massive pain/frustration/lobster-like hue, and resentment towards the all powerful soleil.


This year there just wasn't time so plan B was to spray.
Yes yes, I know tanning beds are awfullll but in it's defense I live in CANADA where there is nothing but cold and winter desolation for 7+ months of the year.  Mama's kravin' Vitamin D something fierce, and may just have a touch of the winter crazies. (No, not SAD... but if you were covered head to toe in fleece for months on end, you'd be crying for the sun too.)
But this time the only obvious pre-holiday game plan was to channel my inner Guidette and get me some sunless spray tan. Snookie would approve. (Guidette, is this ser-i-ously a word, for realsss?!) 

{Tomorrow all will be revealed post-shower. Fingers crossed I'll look like a sun-kissed goddess.}

{And not an Oompa-loompa that dropped $85 on this sh!t....}

{no offense to the Oompa's but unless I'm living in a Choco Factory it's just not right}

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Blogging.... my Massive Weight Loss 2010 downfall?

So blogging itself only takes a few minutes a day, but since I've started re-hashing my every mindless  thought onto the interwebs I seem to be wasting wayyy too much time on the computer in the evenings. I don't even watch T.V. anymore (like that's such a valuable use of time)...if it weren't for our PVR, HBO, and the new seasons of Lost and the Biggest Loser, I'm pretty  sure I could toss the tube completely!

Currently I have two baskets of laundry glaring at me from the's like they're saying, "damn right we're giving you the stink eye, get krack-a-lackin' and fold us already"!!!
Yet I continue to ignore them...and their buddies,  the pile of dishes in the sink. 
Is child neglect next? No, my contingency plan is to only blog in the p.m. after Kids #1 and 2 are off to dreamland.
Is this my self-made solution to being a stay-at-home-mama? Since I don't have a computer to sit in front of at work anymore, I suppose this a substitue of sorts?! (old habbits die hard, after years of sitting on my @ss at work in front of a comp.)

Jillian Michaels called me earlier tonight (my personal trainer extraordinaire from Biggest Loser fame).
Convo was as follows:

Ring Ring...

Mama: Hello?
Jillian: Hi this JM calling, from the 30 Day Shred workout DVD you bought a few weeks back?
Mama: Oh, hi.
Jillian: Um yeah, you dropped $14.99 on me and there was talk of Massive Weight Loss 2010 and vows to starve and tone before you leave for Hawaii on Sunday. You are still going?
Mama: Um, yes.
Jillian: Well I'm not sure we can let you get on that plane.
Mama:  oh, why not?
Jillian: Cuz your vows meant nothing. You're "working out" with that blog. That time in the evenings was intended for beatings, beatings, beatings. You can't in good conscience put on a bathing suit and think you're ok with it all. Am I right?
Mama: Mmmm, you might be right Jill.
Jillian: Kindly return the DVD and get your ca$h back. Flights cancelled.  Kisses and kind regards to your blog.              

 {JM don't give me that all knowing, "I'm fit and you ain't" smirk, you're only my virtual trainer, maybe I'll pick up Bob's DVD next...}

So long story short, I'm feeling a little guilty. My new "hobby" is a major time sucker.  I lurve reading and following other blogs, but at what cost?
Folded laundry.
Clean dishes.
Swept floors.
Fed children.


Monday, January 25, 2010

Mama's got it all figured out...Posh is my mentor?

All dressed up and no place to go...
As a mama of two little guys, one 4 years and one 17 months, I feel like I'm finally re-gaining my pre-baby brain/body/lifestyle (kinda-sorta-kinda). No, life will never be like it was pre-kids, but I wouldn't want it to be. Being a mommy is where it's at...wouldn't trade it for anything. But, sometimes I do miss the freedom and independence I had pre-kids.  I'm a stay at home mom now...and honestly it's all good.  I always saw myself as career-girl foreverrrr, but we had kids at the 'right' time in our lives and I know that I'll likely have plenty of years to work ahead of me when the kids are older. For now I just want to enjoy my kidlets and the hectic lifestyle that comes with them. But back to my point of this post. 
Shopping, fab clothes, going out for drinks and dinner with BFF's or Husband.... lurve IT! But my offspring get in the way...(does that sound totally heinous?) That's right kid #1 and #2 are putting a crimp in things.
(And no, simply calling a babysitter so I can flee go out isn't always the answer.)

Where and when am I supposed to wear my new boots and black skinny jeans? To the mall?  Meh. Boring.
My wardrobe demands that I go out more (for a cocktail, or 3)....but my kids demand I stay home and make Mac and Cheese. Worlds are colliding.


(yes, it's the re-occuring fabulous cocktail party pic,, as if my life was EVER like that...?)

 I spend wayyyy too much time at home alone with the kids (Vegas excluded) because Husband works ALL-THE-TIME.

But look at these two sweet-peas (never mind that they drive me eff'n bat-sh*t craZy half the time) 
 I'd stay home and make them Mac 'n Cheese anyday!!

Gotta keep telling myself, it's all about priorities mama!  Maybe I should model myself after Mrs. Victoria Becks herself and find some "balance".  Why wouldn't you traipse through the airport in a LBD and heels while dragging kid #3.  Obviously I need to step it up and "blend" my worlds together better!


Friday, January 22, 2010

Whoa, hold the phone.....

That's right, we interrupt our regularly scheduled fluff filled ramblings programming in order to accept some Fabulous awards!!!!
I knew I lurved Fridays, but this just makes 'em even better!!  Check out my new motha' load of awards posted to the right!!

A big shout out and massive thank u to Ocean Dreams  for sharing some LURVE!!! As a multiple award winner...I must of course accept these beauties...
To accept the award you need to post 10 things that make you happy and do at least one of them today. Remember to link to the person who tagged you and pass on to 10 others.

Ten Things that Make Me Happy:  (OMG, only 10? How about a swack-load!)
(see the bottom of my rediculousy LONG list for 10 others I've passed some awards onto....)

Things that make Mama happy- stay with me, this is a long list:

- Spicy salsa
- Freshly done nails at the nail salon
- Getting into bed with clean sheets after a hot shower
- My boys giggles when they laugh hysterically
- An fantastic house/dance music track
- Sun tanning on a smoking hot beach
- Babysitters
- Pizza
- Giving thoughtful and fun birthday/Christmas gifts
- A full tank of gas
- Trendy big sunglasses
- Warm feet and hands
- Quality eye shadows and brushes
- A clean kitchen and bathroom
- Europe
- Grip-y snow tires
- A soft duvet bed-cover
- Flip-flops in the summer
- Pedicured feet
- Sponge Bob and Patrick
- Trashy entertainment/lifestyle mags.
- White wine
- A great novel
- A fast computer
- Having a cleaning lady
- Talking on the phone
- Christmas and Easter
- Good customer service
- Satire
- Pumpkin pie
- Pesto sauce
- Having a tan
- Hummus and Tzaziki with pita bread
- Being healthy
- Cinnamon
- Holidays
- Great feel-good movie comedies
- Reality T.V.competitions with auditions,,, I wish I could be a judge!
- Gin and Tonics with lime
- Hair that stays straight when you straighten it
- Hot summer nights
- Family dinners
- Practicing self-control
- Nude/pink lip gloss
- Bear hugs
- People with a sense of humour
- Cold milk on my cereal
- Comfy yoga pants
- Hot Tim Horton’s coffee
- Pretty weddings
- A long walk outside
- My parents
-Good running shoes
- IPods
- Photogenic pictures of me and my friends
- Diet Root beer/Dr. Pepper
- Cheese
- Good parenting advice
- Lightening my hair in the summer with good highlights
- Honesty
- Garlic
- Going to movies
- Air conditioning
- Good interior design
- A tidy yard
- A good listener
- Self-confidence
- A great designer bag
- Answered prayers
- Respectfulness
- Baby sleepers (jammies)
- Skiing on a well-groomed run on a sunny day
- Freshly shaved legs (no stubble)
- A well tailored suit
- Finishing off a to-do list
- Self -acceptance
- Good black and white photography
- Tabasco sauce
- Being on a boat on the water
- Brown eyes
- Las Vegas
- Pretty gift bags/wrapping paper
- Good T.V.
- Cooking something that turns out tasting exactly the way you wanted it to
- Dino-sours candy
- Paris and Rome
- Diamond engagement rings (diamonds in general!)
- Shopping without having to rush
- Great shoes
- Being called mommy
- Getting recognized for a job well-done
- Cottage country in Canada
- Going out for lunch with friends
- A strong cocktail
- Being on time
- Grabbing your size off the rack and having it actually fit 'well'
- My husband
- Spelling words correctly
- Jeopardy/trivia
- A really great fitting bra
- A tight bunch of roses
- A beautiful chandelier
- Homemade mac and cheese (my mom’s)
- The sun shining
- Warm sweaters in the winter
- Cute summer clothes (capris, skirts, a great bathing suit)
- Apple crumble with vanilla maple ice-cream
- Lemon
- Good live theatre/concerts
- Having a large screen t.v.
- Cooking dinner for friends/family
- BBQ’s
- A good digital camera
- House parties
- My sons sleeping-in in the morning
- Eating great seafood
- Flying business class
- Huge fresh salads filled with nuts, cheese, veggies, avocados etc.
- Sushi (spicy tuna rolls)
- Huge portions in a restaurant (feel like I’m getting my money’s worth)
- Vietnamese pho (soup)
- Saturdays
- Fitting 'in'
- Sandy beaches (not rocky ones)
- All Italian food
- 80's pop/new wave
- Extra Virgin Olive Oil
- Candles (fragrant and slow burning)
- Shopping
- Real pine Christmas trees
- Halloween
- Facebook
- Living in Canada

Sorry, it really IS the LONGEST freakin' list ever!

Ok, time to pass on the LURVE. I'm awarding the 2 following top-dog prizes to:

Honey B. at The Honey B.
Jennifer at I know, right?
Pop Champagne at Pop Champagne

These ladies entertain Mama daily...keep up the good work!!!  

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

To B-ikini or Not to B-ikini...???

So, the countdown to Hawaii is on like Donkey Kong... 
Husband, kid # 1, 2 and Mama are flying off  to the middle of the pacific for some serious it's February so winter-can-suck-it escapism.

We're staying at the Hilton Hawaiian Village on Waikiki Beach for 12 sun-filled days. Cool yeah?
Sorta. What's not cool is that we're leaving in 11 days and I am still fat-ish and pastey-white.
Massive Weight Loss 2010 (continuation of 2008, 2009) is in full effect and believe-you-me, Mama is workin' extra hard to try and fit into pre-baby #2 summer clothes.

My "Hawaiian Action Plan 2010", henceforth to be called HAP 2010 (abbreviations are a way of life for me)... is as follows:

 "Beatings beating beatings"...  in front of the T.V. with Jillain every nite.


A spray tan.    WTF??!.... ok there's always a first for everything.


Wearing a bikini....maybe-possibly-perhaps??? 

 ( the one I have is very similar to this,,,nothing krazy, modest, mom-appropriate fo-sho!)

Sooo, my issue is that I'm not sure if I have ANY business whatsoever wearing a bikini at this stage in the game. I've worked hard to get most of my kid #2 pregancy fat off. (Still have 10lbs to go, but I'm tall, 5'10 and can carry a surprising amount of poundage on this frame).
But I'm still not sure I can pull off the big "B".  This body has definately got some 'battle scars' from two babies... mummy tummy, etc.

I just don't like tankini's that much. They are definately a wonderful invention, and they are SOOOO much better than a one-piece (ick) but I do think that sometimes they can be a bit matronly and make you look even bigger because there is so much fabric to them! (as pointed out by my sister-in-law,,,in a loving way of course).  Sometimes less is more...strictly talking numbers on the scale and swimwear here!

Mama's torn....not sure what to do??

Um-hum yeah, I know what y'all are thinking. If I'm questioning it, then I already know the answer. It's a big fat NO. (no puns here)...
Tankini it is....


Monday, January 18, 2010

Fan of the Tan

So just about this time every year my tan is pretty much a distant memory.  Living in Canada, by mid-winter most people are near-albino, even my friend who is Punjabi is looking a little pastey and heads to Cancun for her yearly pilgrimage.
My tan is about a million miles away *sniff*and -20C is sooo lame-ass.  But I'll dry my tears because my consolation is our plans for our yearly summer vay-cay to Greece.

Exhibit A- without Tan.   Pale,  meh.

Exhibit B- with tan.  Glorious, golden sun-kissed fabulousity

*Note, this is an authentic Mediterranean-summer tan, not some Jersey Shore nasty-fake-stuff

Each year we go to our summer house in Greece for  4-6 weeks. Husband is from Athens originally and we have a place just outside of the city on the sea.  Greece truely is a great destination to holi-dayyy. Yeah, believe the hype. The islands are gorgeous, it's smokin' hot and the beaches are super fab.  What a culture to marry in to! Sure beats having to head back to some rual nightmare like Saskatchewan to visit the in-laws.  (sorry peeps from Sask, admit it, it does kinda suck....)

"Kid #1,  pass Mama her iced coffee please...."

But nothing good comes easy. I'd be lying if I said that my journey to become a "good" Greek wife has been a simple one. I met Husband when I was 21 and I figure that I was too young and dumb to realize how challenging entering into a new culture can be. And by entering I mean, more like total dunk-style immersion.  All of Husbands friends were Greek (not as in Greek-Canadian, but as in they came from Greece di-rectly.) Even though husband came to Canada as a teenager, he's always preferred authentic Greeks, straight from the motha-land.
They spoke all the time in Greek, joked, laughed and smoked. (yeah, all Greeks smoke). Greek Greek Greek.
AND what an eff'n, freakin', f*ckin' hard language to learn! (I'd put the brain-boggeling level above learning Russian or Portugese and but slightly below Arabic and Mandarin.) Seriously.
I've been studying the language for years...still not fluent. (I am not a dumb person, honestly!)

Greeks live and love out LOUD.  Tell it like it is, speak their minds and don't hold back on anything..... "oh sweetie, your dress is nice, but you've gained weight." (They're not asking, they're telling you.)

But they're also loyal, caring, honest and hard working people (they all own resturants, pubs and bars).  And they totally know what really matters in life, family and friends!
And of course they always have to stop to drink coffee and have a smoke (never mind that the coffee break lasts 2 one rushes coffee. It's like a religion.)

My life has definately been rich and colourful since meeting Husband. Love him to death and his 'krazy' culture.

Summer 2009 in Greece- note glorious tans

Greek food = awesome
Greek islands = awesome
Greek parties = awesome
Greek language = complicated, multi-syllabic nightmare.   
(My last name has 14 letters.)
WTF!?!?!?     FOURTEEN LETTERS.     Our kids will be spelling their names by grade 6 (if they're lucky).

But honestly single girls out there...go find yourself and nice Greek guy, you'll be happy you did! What could be better than summer holidays in Greece?!!...  nope, not Saskatchewan.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pretty things...

 Here are a few pics I took of things that caught my eye in Vegas. How could they not...everything is over the top fab!

Floral arrangement in the Lobby of Wynn. Lurve them!!!

The lounge - "Down Parasol"  So colourful!

The lobby at the Wynn

Gardens outside

A gorgeous window display for Manolo B. This pic doesn't do justice for the glittery stunner on the top right!
(and yes that's a black patent pair of MaryJanes on the left!)

And of course my all time fave thing in Vegas, err... person - Husband!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Run out and buy this. NOW

It's not very often that I can honestly say a beauty product is actually amazing. We're bombarded with marketing slogans, and glossy images of beautiful women who's lives are transformed thanks to the new and improved products their using....  "maybe she's born with it..."     Yes. Obviously she's born with it, that's why she's a model.

 98% of the time it's BUNK.

But this little wunder is not bunk, it's fabulous!
I'm always chasing the dream of long, separated, full eye lashes. (ok, it's a lame dream, but whateva)
 While mine naturally have a good curl, they're fairly average in length. (thus my recent love-affair with false lashes!)
So from Target I picked the new L'oreal Telescopic Explosion Mascara with the globe shaped brush.   It's a make-up miracle!!!  (how had I not heard of this product before now? Am I living under a rock?!)

How could this be any different from any other mascara out there? IT JUST IS. The round brush changes everything, I actually see a significant change in my lashes, longer and so separated. It's even great for getting at the tiny hard to reach lashes at the corner of the eye. Too good to be true?  No. it's real. 
While it's not going to replace my falsies, it sure is a fantastic everyday option. I'm in lurve!

Run along now, go pick one up!


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Been there, shopped that.....

We got back from Vegas late Sunday nite. Soooo tired (and hung-ovah still from Saturday nite!)
Because huband was working the entire time and was there on business, (at the huge CES Technology Show) I saw almost nothing of him during the days, but we had plenty to do in the evenings.

We saw La Reve, the water themed/Cirque Du Soleil "inspired" show at the Wynn

(Photos by Tomasz Rossa & Jean-Marie Perier)

And we ate at "Bartolotta", the fantastic pasta/seafood Italian restaurant at the Wynn.

So $$$$$ but soooo tasty. (What, you want $89.00 for a bottle of Pinot Grigio!?!? *cough*)


And on Saturday nite we traded favours managed to get into XS, the club at Encore. Needless to say a little bit of smooth talking was required to skip the line and get through their army of bouncers.

(AND they free-pour drinks in Vegas. See opening comment re: hang-over)

Yes, Steve Wynn, you did impress me.  The Wynn is a gorgeous hotel, as is it's sister hotel Encore. Gorgeous but expen$ive.... I suppose that was to be expected!  I thought my hard earned money was intended for shopping and shopping alone in Vegas!!  Guess I was mistaken in that assumption.
Speaking of shopping, lets review the purchases. I actually managed to pick up most of what was on my "list"...though the sales were seriously lacking. I suppose the post-Christmas-sales-galore aren't really the same in the U.S. as they are here in Canada.  At least Macy's came through for me....

 Let's go from low to high end....

At Target I found a few things...not quite the bonanza of deals I was hoping for... a Sonia Kashuk eye shadow quad and the Sonia Kashuk Cosmetic Junkie make-up case. We don't have SK in Canada, but I've heard it's great stuff?!!! 

 A Remington Tourmaline Hair-dryer (since my old one finally died last week)

At Target I also picked up this cardigan- Mossimo Grey Heather long sleeve cocoon sweater

At Victoria's Secret I grabbed some of their hair-products (mouse, shampoo, conditioner). LURVE THEM!
We have La Senza here in Canada, which is owned by VS and carries most of the same stuff, except the glorious VS styling products. Don't know why, but they work miracles for my hair!

From White House, Black Market- this black dress. So cute!

At Macy's I found these brown Steve Madden boots, on for $67.00, reg. $169.00!


True Religion Jeans, the wash is actually darker then they look.

At Neiman Marcus I stole found this Badgely Mischka dress (in Red). Regularly $540.00 on for $154.00. Yes, it was theft!

Totally hot, but I think I could also wear it with leggings or skinnies and heels.....

 I really do lurve the large U.S. department stores.  Macy's is a great store (good deals too) and Nordstroms could spell trouble for me while we're in Hawaii (have my eye on a Marc Jacobs bag). Neiman Marcus was amazing as was Saks and Bloomingdales. Hell even Dillards was decent! But the sales were serrrr-i-ously lacking. Boo.
Fortunately the Canadian dollar is almost at par with the U.S. dollar so I could totally justify the shopping I did. (Really, I think I'd be able to justify it in my own mind no matter what the deal was!) Shopping is essential. Period.

As for my last post which was almost entirely devoted to talk of buffet-consumption-food-moderation...well, we did enjoy the buffet at the Wynn. Of course it was super fantastic!
And total fodder for my food fantasy's during the next 6 months of dieting!!



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