Monday, September 26, 2011

Baby shower of the century!

Yup, in my humble opinion this weekend Mama pulled together the most amazing baby shower ever. The party was thrown in honour of my girlfriend Rolanda and her baby London (and that little girl most definitely came out to much as a 2 month old can rock it out!)
My theme was a pink and green candy shoppe...super sweet fun for an even sweeter little girl.
The weather was hot and gorgeous outside and the white peach sangria was cold and delicious!

{The baby of the day, Miss London with a giant pink flower}
{Dessert anyone? Macaroons, chocolate chip stuffed raspberries, red velvet cupcakes and fruit kabobs}

{White Sangria with fresh peaches, strawberries and green apples- and a whole lot of Sauvignon Blanc and peach schnapps...Yum!}

{Mommy Rolanda opening her gifts and it wouldn't be a shower without at least a few cheesy shower games...}

{Lots of sweet treats to take home}
{Party blooms (pompoms) for a pop of fun and color}
{I'd rock a tutu too...if I could}

 {fresh flowers make Mama happy}

It was beyond fun putting this shower together...and even more fun getting together with all of Rolanda's best girlfriends. 
Babies are so special and they deserve to be celebrated as much as possible!



Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

You really did a fantastic job!! I love all the details. You really thought everything out. I'm sure she was thrilled too!!

I'm so going to make that Sangria!

Marie a la Mode said...

Oh wow you did such a great job! I love absolutely every decoration and detail! These photos look like they should be in a Martha Stewart magazine or something!

Chevon J. - La Bella Vita said...

Oh my goodness. The decorations look lovely. Everything came out great. I love the theme. So fun and cutesy.

bananas. said...

i'm not one for baby showers but that spread looks AMAZING!!!! you wouldn't be able to tear me away!

and i'm glad you liked the sangria :)

Tracy D said...

Wow you did an amazing job...everything was just so beautifully done!

Curves ahead makeup said...

What a amazing baby shower she's so lucky to have someone like you !!! That spread made m hungry ;)

A BRIT GREEK said...

Seriously, when I have babies and whatnot, can you come over and throw me one pretty please?

LOVE this, everything from the colour theme, candy and food!

GamecockQueen said...

OK first of all, is that your kitchen, w/ the stainless steel appliances, granite counter tops, and hardwood floors?? If so, I'm green with envy!! It's gorge.

Beautiful shower!! I love the pink and green theme, so girlie!!

Morgan said...

Come throw me a party right now, seriously. Everything looks amazing!! Did you make the pom poms? Because I've tried and they NEVER turn out that perfect and even looking... I am actually getting all angry again, remembering the night I was up late making those and having them all turn out like complete crap, ha!

Your friend is a lucky lady! Amazing job!

PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

Oh, wow!! It looks amazing!

Blushingloves Irene Greece said...

wow!!hun you did an amazing job!Everything look so cute and lovely!!Love the kitchen!!so big:))


Pop Champagne said...

that is such a CUTE babyshower! yumm the food looks delicious and and all the pink.. aww

FoOd FaNaTiC said...

WOW!!! Good job. This baby shower looks like something off of !! LOVE the theme, fresh flowers and that sangriaaa. Congrats little London :)

Kristen said...

What a fun baby shower! ♥

Kim's Vanity said...

You did a great job, wow! Love the color scheme, and all of those sweet treats look to die for!
I know who I'm calling on when my first born arrives! ;)

Islandia Lane said...

aw how fun! I love putting parties like this together too - so nice!

Baby Shopaholic said...

Beautiful shower!!! That baby is too fly at her own shower!

Ocean Dreams said...

Oh my gosh that really is the baby shower of the century - LOVE all of the colors and the themes. You did an amazing job!


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