Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I love saving money $$$$

I picked up these little beauties on the weekend. Everything was cheap like Borscht!! I lurve dealz.  Saving money gives me a little thrill (and might just help me get over my orange hair disaster...)

h&m Military style jacket. Only $35.00 and seriously not too Sgt. Pepper-ish. Great with black skinny jeans

Rulon Bag in Grey from Aldo Accessories- $38.00

MAC Fix+  sets your make-up and makes it last ALL DAY and Creme de Nude lipstick...a great creamy, opaque beigey-nude shade. Goes well with everything! Once again because I have 1 billion HSBC (Bay Reward points) I redeemed a swack of them and got these two items for $9.00. Holla indeed!!

China Glaze Nail Polish in Re-fresh mint- A fresh, light mint green polish. So great for spring (if it ever gets here). Note this is not my hand. I just had my gel nails resuscitated done and won't be covering my french mani with polish till absolutely necessary!

It's important to save my pennies and nickels for this lovely, my next must-have that won't be cheap as Borscht unfortunately. Love u Marc Jacobs and your 'New Q Solid Groovee' Satchel.



lovelyviolet5 said...

Wish mac products were so cheap here!!!But if you want to buy a lipstick from that brand you need to have 17euros!!!Thats a huge amount for a lipstick here!!Believe me!!But love the stuff you've got!!!You have such a good taste lovely!!!

Maddie's Mom said...

I have my eye on a Marc Jacobs bag also. I'll have to stop buying my child soo many shoes to have the $$ for it!! Love your blog Ann!

elledee said...

that jacket is really great

Connie K said...

Great deals girl! I love wearing a nude lipstick cause i like to wear dark shadows to lighten up the face! i just bought some china glazes this week Sallys is having a sale on them 2 for $10.00 so i picked up 4 of them !

lovelyviolet5 said...

You are gorgeous either way, look like them or not!!!Kisses and hugs hun!!!Thanks for your comment!!

Julie (brown eyed belle) said...

I love H&M! Such good deals there! And I am obsessed with that nail polish! Please do a review of it!

Ela said...

My nails are hor.rid right now. Yuck.

And hey that's the bag I want! Well the classic not the "new" cause I haven't caved yet and shopbop stopped selling the black in full size. Boo. I gotta wait till it comes back.

Tamara Nicole said...

Ok soo need to go to H&M, AND I'm totally going to get some more MAC eyeshadows this weekend, and I Love love love my Aldo's purse, they're so cheap!

Good grabs dear, AND thanks for the advice on the dog issue, lots to consider!

Holly said...

That is a score on those mac products. I'd be saving my pennies for that super chic bag too...LOVE the color!

Nathalie said...

Wow, looks like you have been really successful :) The nailpolish looks gorgeous

OceanDreams said...

Nice job saving some money and I like that nail polish and purse, very pretty!


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