Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It's Tuesday, let's go shopping....

I've been shopping a 'lil bit lately, and I thought I'd share some my finds with you all. Note, I really do deserve a prize for my ability to find dealz. (This is me tooting my own horn again, toot didily toot toot.) There should be an award for "Most Money Saved While Shopping" ....for stuff I really don't need.... but what else are you supposed to do on Tuesday other than shopping? (No, not laundry or cleaning bathrooms.)

I picked up this Almay Smart Shade Makeup and Concealer combo pack for $7.99 at Winners (the TJ Maxx of Canada) it's regularly $18.00 for the foundation alone. Good stuff?  Nope.  I tried it and Almay sucks (at least their foundation does.)  Since I've never bought an Almay product before I suppose you live and learn. It makes getting it on sale that much better....

L'Oreal Volume extreme shampoo (I need all the volume I can get) and L'Oreal Professional Mouse- both $12.99 from Winners.  

Sebastian Body Shampoo and Condition, $9.99 from Winners. Revlon Nail polish in Lavender Pastelle and L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara (lurve it, always need to stock up)

 MAC Viva Glam II (an oldie but goodie) and MAC Paint Pot in Painterly 
(It's a base eye primer that I've heard so much about it and I had finally had to give a try) 

The Coastal Scents 88 Palette (ok, so the Coastal scents palette is super popular in the U.S. and it's totally NOT expensive at $18.95.) But it's not available here in Canada.  Apparently the quality is surprisingly good even though it's mass produced out of China by some who-knows-what cosmetic company.  So the palette I picked up isn't sold under the name "Costal Scents", but the palette colours are the same and in the same order. So yeah, it's the same product. (I'm hoping)

Boyfriend Blazer from, again no judging, Fairweather. You all are gonna start thinking that I'm a faithful Fairweather shopper which I so am not but I picked up the jacket for $30.00  Since this look isn't going away anytime soon I figured it would be a good piece for spring. 



Suburban Princess said...

I cant remember the last time I was in a Winners! I think I got a headache from the chaos the last time I was there lol!

I had no idea they sell such good cosmetics!

OceanDreams said...

You have been a little shopper, haven't you! :) I love Loreal shampoo, it makes your hair so soft. I can see that you found some more MAC products, yay!


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