Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday Wish List

It's mid-week and I've been shoveling my driveway thinking about the things I'd like to get my hands on right now that just might make my life a bit better. Maybe I'm in dream-land here but unseasonably bad weather makes me a bit cray cray.

1) I'd like to squeeze my butt into a pair of size 8 jeans. Any over priced brand will do, the point is that they be a size 8 and I fit into them for the rest of my adult life. Forever. Forever ever. 
If size 8 is good enough for Mariska Hargitay and Valerie Bertinelli then it's good enough for me. (Never mind that they're older.)

2) I'd like a miracle cellulite cream that actually works. Like for real. With modern medicine/technology can no one figure out a cream/potion/magic elixir that will make my dimple butt go away? Forever? 
{Boo. Hiss. These do not work.}

3) I'd like Marc Jacobs to come and design for me. Personally.  I will allow him to use me as his muse and maybe even his exclusive lovah. (What's that you say? He's gay?) Never mind then. Just being his style muse will do.

{Ignore Posh, insert Mama here.}

 Till then, (cuz I know he's working on Fall/Winter 2011) he can feel free to FedEx these to me at anytime. Freebies of course.

4) I'd like to pick up a new bike. Yes a bicycle. La Bicyclette. In order to fit into my size 8 jeans (forever) I'll be needing something in addition to a gym membership or Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred (which is actually more like an every 5 or 6 days if I'm feeling up to it Shred.)  Something new like this cruiser would be super-cute.

5) I'd like Kid #2 (who is now a bold 20 months old) to stop running into the bathroom, climbing up onto the toilet, then onto the counter and then into the sink while plugging the drain and turning on the taps. (Fully dressed and sitting in the sink.)

{No this isn't him. But I'm too busy cursing to stop and take a pic while he's up to his shenanigans}

6) I'd like my hair to look like this. Everyday. If anyone knows Ken Paves number please share. (We'll just pull him away from his world travels with Jessica Simpson on "The Price of Beauty."}

{Source, google images}


lovelyviolet5 said...

Well darling your wish list is huge and a little hard!Please if you find the magic product for the bud tell me too!!!
I'll be waiting!!Love your posts always!

Sarah said...

Baby climbing in the sink with clothes is hilarious!

Ahh, I wish for the same things as you, someone to blow out my hair daily would be great!

Suburban Princess said...

I would be happy with a size 8 too! Tho I dont believe VB isn an 8! She has to be a 4 or something by now!

Mrs. Beer said...

Looove the MJ purse on the bottom right... but in that midnight blue color that was big last year. So much love.

Connie K said...

Great wish Girlfriend !! i would take any on your list ! and ahh to be a size 8 hell id take a size 11 and be happy LOL !

MrsDixon said...

I think you and I might almost be the same person! This is practically my exact life wish list too! We should consider a cellulite cream quest together!

Katie said...

OMG this is too funny of a post! I would LOVE to be a size 8 (forever). It's one of those pairs of jeans I visit from time to time but most of the time just stare at longingly. Good luck! The bike is a great idea! Your Jillian Michaels video sounds better than mine! I brought mine home and realized it was the Try Twice and Then Let It Collect Dust Shred. :)

Katie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
NYCGAL said...

When I reach my goal weight, I am treating myself to a pricey set of jeans damn it lol!! Love the purses and I so want that new style bike everyone is getting. Great blog gf!

Tracie said...

Yes, please. I'll have some of that, too.

Lindsey said...

I'm right there wishing with you on all of these!! =)

GamecockQueen said...

Girl, I have cellulite too! I think we all do! I saw Holly Madison's show in Vegas {Peepshow} and she pretty much gets naked in it, and even SHE has a lil' cellulite! It is my enemy, but I feel a lot better knowing she has it too!!

Lisa - Fine Sweet Life said...

I want to know one person that does not have cellulite. I don't think I know one. Cellulite doesn't bother me as much as how I still lokk a couple months pregnant and my youngest is 4!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, I'm depressed now! Great post!!!

Ela said...

Marc Jacobs. I adore.
And that bike. Whoa. That is one pretty bike. Ride it? Never mind, it's so pretty I'll just hang it on my wall.

Your baby sounds like a handful. A super adorable one...I know that's not him but I'm remembering from previous pics :)

And your post below...yikes! Holy snow batman.

Jennifer Fabulous said...

You're hilarious. :P

These are awesome wishes that actually seem pretty attainable for you. I have no doubt you will squeeze your way into a size 8 before you know it. And get that bike, girl! You deserve it.

As for the Marc Jacobs thing...hmm...that might just be a fantasty. LOl! But wouldn't that be nice?!? ;)

Alicia said...

you may be in luck! i heard that marc was getting divorced from his man! and i am SO with you on #5. the little miss is on the table every time i turn around and i'm ready to lose my mind!!!

Tamara Nicole said...

Hmmm pretty much agree with your whole list! Lol hope you have a great weekend as well my dear:-)

bananas. said...

dude. if they ever figure out the science to making cellulite cream...CALL ME!!! ugh. i hate my cheese. it's so foul looking :(

also marc jacobs is the best. i want him to be my gay best friend.

and although i don't like j-lo, her hair is pretty nice. but then so is yours! what are you talking about?

happy friday!!!

Honey B. said...

Ohh, if I could even just have the hair thing covered...*sigh*

Loukia said...

Size 8. That's my wish, too!

kanishk said...

! This is practically my exact life wish list too! We should consider a cellulite cream quest together!
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J said...

I have it on good authority that Ken Paves was in Vegas over the weekend (I saw him there with Eva Longoria), and if I knew you were looking for him I could have totally hooked you up!! Once I got past the massive entourage and the bodyguards of course - it would have been a done deal. Love the MJ bags, love your post!

PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

I'm a size 8.. I'll keep my cellulite as long as I stay in a size 8, forever. And ever. And ever.

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