Tuesday, September 7, 2010

the worlds a better place for it...

Can we talk a bit about the inventions of modern age that have made our (womens) lives better? I'm not talking about the printing press, wheel or automobile.  No, not even the dishwasher, pants (on women) or the Epidural during childbirth. I'm talking about one of the greatest (in my own mind) inventions in history that has made life better for women everywhere
Yeah, I still wasn't building this up to talk about the washer/dryer combo set, or the creation of the modern maxi pad. (Are those things not completely obvs anyway!?)

I absolutely adore makeup, and if anyone ever tried to take away my eyeliner or masacara, Mama would probably have to cut them.  (ok, violence is never the answer...ususally.)

{Cleopatra was seriously onto something when she lined her eyes with coal....a girls gotta look tight right?!}

The creation of MAC eyeshadows, brushes and mineralized skin finish heralded the dawn of a new day for me. Seriously, with the right products and tools just about any woman can look pretty dang fabulous. To the gods of invention I say thank you, thank you, THANK YOU.
NARS, Bobby Brown, Dior, and even drug-store brands....I love them all.  This love has translated into a pretty huge makeup drawer...but I "need" every product in one way or another. And false lashes?! Don't even get me started on how fabulous they are. Kim Kardashian is not hot for nothing!

{40 eyeshadow shades isn't nearly enough}
{never has something so small done something so big}

There are thousands of beauty blogs dedicated to makeup alone. This is totally understandable. Anything that can take a troll and turn her into a goddess is completely amazing, no?



Like the great cosmetic mogul Helena Rubinstein once said,  "There are no ugly women, only lazy ones." True enough!
 Thanks to self tanners, lipgloss and concealer, etc, etc, there's no excuse to not look fine, fresh and fierce.

{Ay-yi-yi! These latina ladies are proof that makeup is heaven sent}

The term "natural beauty" is a bit of a misnomer for me.  I honestly can say that I've never really known a true natural beauty. Have you? 
 If makeup isn't a modern miracle, I don`t know what is?!?
Can you live without it?


PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

I {love} make-up!! I wear it every single day! I wish I could perfect the 'smoky eye' look. I'm a disaster with liquid eyeliner!
What are some of your favorite brushes?

Suburban Princess said...

"There are no ugly women, only lazy ones."

LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!

Blushingloves said...

I love make up!!But you konw!!So sorry didnt catch you here in Greece!!Next time it'll be a promise!Right?

Tamara Nicole said...

Oh i sooo love MAC, Bobbi Brown and Stila, can't live without them:-)

Anonymous said...

HELL to the N to the O I cannot live without my makeup!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will seriously die or go into a deep suicidal depression without it !! Sometimes i can get in a rut but seriously ladies ....there is no excuse......anyone can be a fine hot piece with a little makeup !

Anonymous said...

HELL to the N to the O I cannot live without my makeup!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will seriously die or go into a deep suicidal depression without it !! Sometimes i can get in a rut but seriously ladies ....there is no excuse......anyone can be a fine hot piece with a little makeup !

bananas. said...

okay that last part had me shaking my head. i love makeup...i do. it does me WONDERS! but i do believe there are true beauties out there. i may not be one of them but whatev.

oh and kim kardashian wears too much makeup in my opinion. she's actually a lot prettier with less on.

anyway that's my opinion.

Sara Louise said...

I've never been able to master eyeshadow (there I'm 30ish years old and I've admitted it). But you would have to peel my mascara and eyeliner from my cold dead hands. Oh, and my eyebrow powder too. Can't go out without my eyebrows on.

Marie Z. said...

Nope I cannot live without make-up! People actually ask if I'm ill if I'm not wearing any. Looks like you have quite a nice collection of makeup products : )

Oh, and yes, we have an Urban Barn here, I love it! I went there to look around this past weekend but I had already bought too much stuff from Ikea ; )

Connie K said...

yup i love me some make up !! loved all the pic's

Fashion Nicotine said...

they all look way better with make-up.
I'm too lazy for foundation etc. I often only use eyeliner =)

love jenny xoxo said...

I love this post!! And I am one of those girls who has a hard time leaving the house without make-up on! Couldn't live without it, boys don't know what they are missing!



Mrs. Priss said...

LOVE this post! I am a true MAC addict and never leave the house without a good thick coat of lipglass, lol.

Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

Amen to everything you said! I'm a make-up addict; seriously, I don't leave the house without it. I've never been a fan of the natural look, I prefer smoky eyes, glossy lips and tons of mascara, haha!

Anonymous said...

I love it too, but haven't been feeling it much lately since I'm unemployed and home all the time. I can't wait until I can take myself on a shopping spree.

I've seen a few pics of Jennifer Lopez without makeup, not including this one, and think she looks damn good without it. Eva Longoria though... she needs it for sure.

Dominique said...

I love seeing shots of celebs without makeup on. It makes me feel SO much better, and definitely proves the point that beauty is within all of our reach :)

Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

I've read that Dolly Parton sleeps in her full make-up and literally only washes her face to put make-up right back on again. Bless her heart. Love her.

I 100% agree with you. Make-up makes everyone look better.

I can't believe those before shots! Yikes!!

Anonymous said...
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