Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pass fall, go directly to winter

H&M was hit up this weekend and I couldn't not get these jackets, such great deals!  Mainly because it's full on autumn here. No, actually it's more like winter (almost.) I won't drone on about how we've had the worst year of weather in the history of weather. Ok I will....we managed to squeak out only 3 1/2 months without snow. THAT IS ALL. Yes, we've already had snow. The gods of weather must think it's only fair since we live in a place with a strong economy and seriously low unemployment (compared to pretty much the rest of the world.) That's the universe just keeping things even steven. Am I right?

 And so obvs I've had to pull out my boots, gloves and fall jackets. And I've added these cuties to the closet. Yes, more black...but you can't go wrong with black right?
 {fitted long jacket $69.99- H&M}

{cropped leather jacket $39.99- H&M}



Lisa - Fine Sweet Life said...

Great finds...I have not been in there in so long and it is only 25 mins away. Seriously, how do you deal with the weather? Extra pedis?

Sara Louise said...

Those jackets are fab fab fab!! Going to have to do some online shopping today.
Stay warm! xo

PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

Seriously, Love!
What is H&M? We don't have that in Memphis, TN.

bananas. said...

SNOW?! already?!

boy oh boy...well at least you look good while you shovel through that sh*t ;)


Ms. Emily Ann said...

Snow already?! Yikes! But loving your purchases! I am heading to H&M asap!

Marie Z. said...

Oooooo, nice coats! Good job ; )

This weather is depressing. Like you said, we're skipping fall and going straight to winter. Boo.

ryder said...

i do like the coat, i dont like the jacket, the coat looks "expensive"-which is so good. one could never tell its h and m

Jen said...

Ok, so I guess I'm making a trip to H&M tonight after work... I've got to try these beautiful coats on!!

Anonymous said...

I really wish fall would hurry up and get here. Today's high is 98. I also wish they'd stop showing stuff I love in the H&M commercials because we don't have one.

NYCGAL said...

These are gorgeous!


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