Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween week

We survived a week of Halloween fun filled days...can`t say I`m glad it`s over because we all know that November blows (Halloween and Thanksgiving are over and now there`s nothing to look forward to until Christmas....2 LONG months away.)
But we did have a great weekend, and I`m officially off the junk (candy) because I think I ate enough chocolate last night for a carb coma that`ll last till Christmas. Just in time for more over indulgence!

{We had a blast at Kid #1's Kindergarten pumpkin carving nite}

{My artistic skill and incredibly "creative" carving abilities are obvious, no?}
{I made this Caramel and Toffee crunch apple/cookie dip for the pumpkin carving party. So easy and honestly tastes better than it looks}
{Kid #1, the coolest Scoobie Doo around}
{Volunteering in Kid #1's class on Friday for their Halloween dress-up party. Twenty two 5 year olds. Good times.}

{"Mom, nooo more pictures! We need to start trick or treating before the candy is all gone!"

On Saturday nite BFF and I hit up West lounge/restaurant for their Halloween party. Amazingly creative costumes...wish I'd taken more pics! 

{Rappers delite: Kanye squared}
{A ridiculously spot-on Amber Rose and Kanye West}
{Avatar girl in blue body paint, she won best costume of the night (or maybe it was best body of the night?)  She was good, but she's no Marie Antoinette...just sayin'}

{Loved this! Chilean miner costume....the pic doesn't do him justice}

{Mama Marie Antoinette, straight outta the 18th century}

{Ready to get our Halloween Par-tay on}

Hope you all had a fabulous Halloween!  Is it too soon to think about what I'll be dressing up as for next year? 



Marie a la Mode said...

I'm not too fond of November either. There are no holidays (which means no extra days off for work, not even Remembrance Day for me!) and this is the time of year the weather starts to get depressing. Oh well, Christmas will be here in ONLY 79 days ; )

Your kids and their costumes are so cute! And you looked great as Marie Antoinette! I had to a double-take at the Amber Rose/Kanye duo, they were spot-on.

Oh, and that dip looks AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

Your costume is amazing! You were a fab Marie Antoinette. Love the wig :)

Sara Louise said...

Your kids are ridiculously cute in their costumes! And I knew you would rock the Marie A look!

Pop Champagne said...

awww scooby doo! and your costume is nice, I love that big wig you are wearing! the avatar oen is crazy, I'd never paint my face like that... bad for the pores LOL!

Morgan | Mrs. Priss said...

LOVE YOUR COSTUME! No, seriously... love it! You look hot!

And that caramel apple cookie toffee scrumptious thing the pumpkin has me drooling over here. I want. I need.

bananas. said...

HOLY CRAP that amber rose is DEAD ON!!! that is creepy but oh so good!

and you my dear look awesome! work it out mama antoinette!

Miss*Kimmy said...

That costume is great! (yours). You looked gorgeous!
West looks like it was fun.

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

ugh- i LOVE all the pix you snapped. and great job on marie antionette- that wig is pretty legit.

i'm still kicking myself in the nuts over missing out on the festivities... :(

Ariadne said...

Fun !!
Nice pics.

Dandy said...

I will be moving to Toronto in January 2011!!

RN Mama said...

Yes, November does suck, especially when you live in a place where the weather turns cold:(

Those are some fabulous costumes, your kids are so adorable! Your costume was wonderful too!

Sarah said...

Great costumes!!! Yours and the kids, you look fabulous!!
Our kids aren't allowed to wear costumes to school, I wish they could all we get is orange and black day...boring.
Your dip looks so yummy!

PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

Seriously, loved your costume! You looked insane fabulous!

Anonymous said...

You looked amazing, my friend. Seriously... love the wig!


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