Monday, May 16, 2011

Do you really get what you pay for?

On Saturday I visited my stylist for a much need hair colour and trim (dusting my ends only.) Since I went back to a solid dark brown colour last year I'm glad to say that my days of enduring hours in the chair with highlight foils are over. Though I can't seem to go more than 6 weeks without desperately needing to cover my grey roots. (Yup I'm complaining about my hair once again...)

  Anyway, I love the finished result at the salon... but for something that seems so simple- application of one hair colour, why the heck does it still cost so much? ($175.00)
Honestly any monkey could apply one colour, and yes I understand it's a salon-quality product but does it really make that much of a difference from a box of Nice and Easy you buy at the drug store?  Logically I'm thinking yes but sometimes I still wonder. Am I being hosed by my stylist because I'm afraid to try colouring my own hair at home? 

It's easy, but is it nice?

And of course he always has to tell me how he's going to rescue my terribly dry ends with a deep conditioning mask/treatment/glaze while I'm being rinsed out at the sink. Am I going to say no to this?    "No I don't want your deep conditioning treatment that will make my over-processed hair look fabulous again..."
No one ever says NO to the deep conditioning treatment!  
Who knows if it really does anything except give them a reason to charge you more.

Why is the salon so expensive? It's not like The Zohan is at work here

So the point of my post is, would it be crazy to try colouring my hair at home? Some friends look at me like I've grown 3 heads and stepped back into the dark ages when I even suggest it.  

What do y'all think. Providing I select the correct colour for me, is it possible to screw up a simple one colour dark brown hair dye job at home? Share your experiences please!



Anonymous said...

I have absolutely screwed mine up at home. Get other opinions though. I'm not the best person to ask.

Love how you threw Sandler into the post!

Courtney Erin said...

I've been dyeing my own hair at home since I was 17 (so going on 14 years now) and have only had it done twice at a salon. And I have absolutely no complaints (I've done blonde, red, brunette, and black at home) and have never had a bad experience. If you are worried about it then maybe try a non-permanent dye for the first go around and, if you like the result, then try a permanent one the next time. I would also really recommend Loreal dyes (I've tried most of the other brands and always go back to Loreal). Or this: The quality on these is awesome I've found.

xoxo ~ Courtney

Sara Louise said...

I am definitely no professional, but in my experience, home color always looks a little dull and flat. I think the stylist is worth it xo

Curves ahead makeup said...

well let me see mmmm I never had a problem with a box dye hey if you where to screw it up you can go to a salon and actually get your money's worth right I think ... and plus box color has been around forever so it can't be that bad

hope this helped or made you more confused sorry =?

Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

I dye my own roots 1-3 times before I go back to the salon for a professional touch up. I just do the roots and don't pull the color through. It always looks good and my stylist is shocked how well it blends.

fojoy said...

I used to swear by salon colour, but after 3 bad colour IN A ROW, I decided I couldn't possibly do any worse myself.
And I've never looked back.
The reds definitely aren't the same quality, but I find the browns look every bit as good.
And the extra money in your pocket is sweet bonus.

melifaif said...

I have been coloring my hair at home for YEARS!!! And my pockets thank me. Well, actually I guess my feet thank me when they get new shoes. The money gets spent either way. But I digress. I will save a lot, but if your hair is really is NOT easy. BUT, if you are really focusing on the roots only, then I say you will be fine and should DO IT!!!!! Give it a try....see what you think. It is hard to really mess up dark brown on dark brown, ya know?! Good luck....follow up so we can see!

p.s. I NEVER accept the deep conditioning. Mayo at home can do that! ;-)

Marie a la Mode said...

I think you should try it! I personally have never dyed my hair at home because I tried highlighting it once and my head ended up looking like a blond soccer ball - patches of different colors everywhere. And I ditched the cap with the holes and used tinfoil instead! I had to rush to my sister-in-law who fixed it up for me. Thank God because the next day I had to go to work.

I'm not sure why it costs so much at salons either...

Adrienne said...

I have never and will likely never color my own hair. My mom colored and "frosted" and permed her own hair her whole life and I think the results, that were often greenish or orangey or fried, scared me away from DIYing hair color.

I just had my color done at a high end salon and paid $96. I think you may be getting ripped off, in my opinion. $175 sounds really, really expensive.
Maybe try someone else - and ask if they have INOA by L'Oreal color. It's ammonia free, oil based and won't wash out as quickly. It has left my hair very shiny and healthy looking. I'm very pleased with the results.

DeefromCG said...

Wow, that´s a lot. I pay 35 EUR. Just got back from the salon. My stylist moves to Sitzerland next moth and I was like OMG what will I do without you, and she told me the colors and the brand she uses and the name of the website where I can order it. Ha.She told me to color my hair at home.So I think you (or, we) should try it! Do you know what brand your stylist use? Just get the same color!

Btw, I just paid 600 EUR for the whole week in Cannes ;)! You checked their website during the Film Festival and the prices were over the top. No, I wouldn´t pay that much, I want my money where I can see it, like in my closet ;)
xoxo Doro

Lisa - Fine Sweet Life said...

I won't do mine at home because I swear I can tell the difference between who does and doesn't. It is flatter looking, and just different. I pay 65.00 for color and trim & style. It is fabulous each and every time. I also think that final step of glaze is worth it. I skipped it before to save a buck and I could tell the difference. I see "pens" on the market now for touch up that look like super-wide sharpie markers. I might try that for scalp grays, but that is as far as I am going at home.

Kim's Vanity said...

I think brown is the safest color to do on your own, and if it's only refreshing your own color/doing your roots, I would say go for it. I've done it myself.
The only time I'd see a pro is for a complete change, or a color correction, or for red. But for a brown, I'd say go for it.

BelleinBows said...

While I think it can definitely be worth it to go to the salon, I think what you're paying is a lot! A color at my salon is $50-$60! That's with no highlights or lowlights.

PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

I do my own at home... dar, dark brown. I've never had any problems but only use 1 certain kind.


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