Tuesday, November 15, 2011

End of an era...goodbye gel nails?

So after 12 long years Mama has decided to give up on gel nails
In 1999 at my first big-girl job straight out of university, all the women in the office had gel nails...they caught my eye instantly. They looked clean, professional and dare I say a bit glamorous?  I was hooked and have had a love-affair with nails for years now.  
I've always kept them short, square-oval shaped and simple (no Lady Gaga dagger shaped nails here).
However after 12 years of consecutive wear - as in I've never had them off, I've finally decided to take a break.

Will I go back to them? I'm not sure, they're hard to let go of. My own nails have always been pitiful. They're ridiculously soft and paper thin. As in the kind of nail that you can bend back and forth, peels and never really grows worth a darn. And no amount of strengthening top-coat would ever help, thanks for NOTHING Sally Hansen...

So last Saturday when I took them off (I was in desperate need of a fill anyway) I decided to let my own nails "breath."  It's a myth that gel or acrylic nails will wreck your own nails, if they're properly applied the nail underneath may grow a bit thinner but they won't be damaged. So now my natural naked little nails look fine. But it's not fine.

{Srsly Gaga, how do u get through the day with those...}
The problem is that I cannot function. I feel like I'm all thumbs! I miss the strength my gel nails had. They were like little tools to help open containers, scrape food residue off dishes that didn't come clean from the dishwasher (gross, I know) and I always felt my hands were strong and capable.
Not anymore.

Now my fingertips hurt, I can't open my eyeshadow palettes, can't get the lid off the coffee tin without it hurting. I could go on and on.  I suppose I'll adjust and my hands will "toughen up" with time but for now I'm dying! (First World Problem, I know...)

So what to do? Should I go back to dropping $35.00 for a fill every 4 weeks or should I put my gel nails behind me?  When you paint gel nails the color lasts forever, they always look polished and they make my fingers look longer and even thinner.
(maybe I'm delusional here?)

Gel nails, yay or nay? Speak!



Beautygirl24 said...

Well I've personally never had gel nails, so I can't really offer any sound advice. But I do know that they are all the rage right now! I think they look much more natural than acrylics. I say keep them off for a little while and see if you can maybe strengthen your natural nails. If after a couple months you can't take it, go back to gel!

Kim's Vanity said...

I'm going have to say NAY! on the gel nails here, but just speaking personally of course. I can't believe you kept them on for 12 years!! The longest I could go was about 6 months, and then constantly getting them filled every few weeks just got time consuming and annoying! I used to get so bored just sitting in the manicure chair, but had to or else they'd look gross half grown out. I think a natural shorter look is more stylish now too then the gel nails. You don't see many celebs sporting them, if you even want to look to them for inspiration, of course. I think it will just get some getting used to functioning again after 12 long years!! It's funny because whenever I did get nails put on, it was the other way around - I couldn't funtction with them!

Anonymous said...

Though I've never had gel nails, I know JUST what you mean! I used the glue-on nails that looked professional(which of course only last a week or two with out replacing at least half) before I was a nurse assistant & I hated being without them, but now that my job doesn't make it easy I haven't had them...not gonna say I don't dream about them sometimes though xD They WERE fabulous!lol

Chevon J. - La Bella Vita said...

I have had acrylic nails which I understand are not very good, and gel is better, but still the same concept. I liked them, but I got rid of them because I hated spending time in the nail salon every week or two when I could just trim and paint my nails at home. But yes, I do think the gel nails trend is coming to an end. I like the way they look though, and if you like them, I think you should continue to get them done.

Anonymous said...

I used to get mine done all the time and stopped. Now, with the holidays coming up, I want them back on so bad. I think I'm going to cave. You're not crazy. Fake nails are awesome! :)

PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

Why don't you try gel polish on your own nails? Love that stuff!! It's super strong too!

Marie a la Mode said...

Use OPI's Nail Envy first! Get the strength back in your nails and if they're still bothering you I say go back to gels! I had gel nails for awhile but I hated all the gunk that got under them, I picked at them constantly.

Adrienne said...

If I were you, I would keep the gels off, at least for several months just to let your nails breathe a little. And start taking a biotin supplement - I take one everyday and it does help. I have very thin and peely nails. I also use Nailtiques #2 to strengthen them.

Blushingloves Irene Greece said...

really how does she get through the dsy with those???hahahaha
I was laughing so much honey!!


Fabrizia said...

OMG what she has done? Orrible! Nice and funny post!

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You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

Wow, it's just the opposite problem for me. I get acrylics maybe once a year because I decide I want ladylike, glamorous hands. But the day I get them, I remember how hard it is to open a soda can, or type, or flip a tortilla on the burner.

I suppose it's probably just a matter of what you're used to, right? So if you give it some time, I'm sure you'll adjust to your "new" nails.

Luc said...

Oh it is going to be hard to have them off at first. My nails were in such bad shape and so thin, and hurt to wear nailpolish. Good luck.

So glad i stumbled across your blog. Definitely following now.

Hope you can check out my blog too!

Luc X


Vale ♥ said...

I like the way you write ! I understand it feels so different now with natural nails...I admit I never had gel nails, I was afraid they'd get damaged. Maybe you should just wait a bit and see whether that bad sensation goes away !
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2onplateaus said...

Man, I love my gel nails! I don´t have the time for a nail salon at home, I have kids! I keep them short and I love colored gel, right now I have a color called "future brownie" and I love it! I need them. Last year I also took a break but my nails looked so naked without the gel so I decided to be pro gel. Fake nails rock! It´s like someone would say I have to stop coloring my hair because it´d get damaged, just imagine ;)haha
xx Doro

Curves Ahead Make up said...

Go get your nails done !! I know how you feel your getting withdraws !!! your going to be ok and we are women that's what we do spend money on things that make us happy !!!

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Leesh said...

I use to get acrylics put on my nails all the time when I was younger, like 15 years ago. Once I stopped, I nursed my nails back to health. It took almost a year with lots of nail strengtheners.

I now almost always wear my nails short, squoval to be exact. I can't have my nails long because it's to hard to type.

Gel nails are better than acrylics right? As long as the gel is not bad for you and you don't mind paying the $35 ever four weeks, then I say go for it if it makes you feel good. But you should try and give your nails a rest every once in a while (in my opinion).

JennySue said...

I've never had gel nails,(amazingly enough), but have seen my mother have hers removed, and it made her nails pitiful. They do look fan-freaking tastic when they are on, but there's no way I could keep up having them done every 4 weeks, I already have to do that to keep the gray hairs away, so I pick grays over nails-ha!!!

Anonymous said...

this is a toughie! i had them for about 2 years then i realized everytime i drank one came off or broke. so i stopped getting them done. it took a good 4 months to adjust to life without, but now that i have my own strong nails back, ill never do fakes again!!!!


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