Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Learn to love liquid liner....

Two years ago I stumbled upon a fabulous pen-style liquid eyeliner and it was love at first use.  After years of using traditional pencil liners as well as the click-up "automatic" liner, I dumped them both for my new bestie, 'felt' pen-style liquid liner. 
Admittedly I was intimidated by classic liquid liner because you need such a steady hand to apply it properly and unfortunately my hands are really shaky.
 I mean I'm super shaky...as bad a Lindsay Lohan on day 2 of 30 day rehab stint.  
And since liquid liner sets so quickly and the color is so dark, any mistakes you make (janky zig-zag lines) can quickly ruin your whole eye look and you have to start over...

{just say no to this mess in a bottle} 
This is where a pen-liner comes to the rescue. It offers the smooth, controlled application of a pencil liner without the goopy, unforgiving nature of the dip-in-liquid/cream with a tiny brush type of liner.

{some of my fave liners: Wet n' Wild Mega eyes, Smashbox Limitless Liquid Liner, NYX Liquid Liner in Dark Brown}
The line is clean, bold, and you can easily control the thickness of it from inner eye to outer eye. 
Want cat eyes or maybe a more subtle slightly winged look? A pen-liner makes it easy peasy and anyone can create a gorgeous look, it just takes a little practice.

Of course for the lower lash line I still rely on my traditional kohl pencil liners, but for the upper lash line you can't beat the finished look you achieve with a pen-liner. Perfection!

Check out mama-to-be Beyonce's look, her makeup is totally simple and clean- just a nude lip and some bold liner on the top. How easy is that? Very.

Just about every major drug-store brand of makeup has a pen-style liner so it's definitely worth a try. 
You'll never bother with messy liquid liner again...you can thank me later.   :)

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PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

I hate liquid liner and I fell in love with and have been using since the pencil liner you suggested to me... I think it's the Cover Girl stuff. I can't remember. Anyhoodle.. I wouldn't mind trying this. I never do a top line. I feel like it's too dramatic for daytime for my office and well, I don't get out much at night. If I try, I'll def share my thoughts. ;-)

Kim's Vanity said...

I"m exactly the same, I can't use the flimsy liquid brush eye liner to save my life. Can anyone!?
I LOVE these sharpie like eyeliners and don't use anything else!
LOL p.s. I laughed so hard at your comment about coytoes losing a brother to keep a Calgarian warm hahah!!!!!

Sara Louise said...

I'm getting one!
I've always loved the look of liquid on me but when someone else applies it ;-)

Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

Urban Decay makes an amazingly easy to use liquid eyeliner. Next time you're at Ulta try it!!

tiny dancer said...

I love liquid liner! I find it so much easier to draw with something with more flow (haha maybe because I'm a painter? haha). I don't think I'll ever go back :P


Honey B. said...

Ok I will probably try it, because as scared as I am of liquid eyeliner, I have yet to hate something you've suggested! Btw, ELF makeup? I love you for it. If you ever want something from ELF that you can't get in Canada? I'm your girl.

Tamara Nicole said...

That is all I use, liquid eyeliner:-) Prob not too good to apply while driving (shhhh I used to do that when I was young and immature!).

Hope you are doing well my dear!!!

alyssa said...

i love the smudge pot type of liner but ill have to check out these pens :)


Marie a la Mode said...

My next eye liner is going to be a pen liner. So, out of those three which is your #1? Please let me know! I'm so over liquid liner.

Anonymous said...

this is the only kind of liner i use. period! i didnt realize other brands had developed it! i had always used MACs. but cheaper alternatives are ALWAYS welcome!

i hope you're doing well girl :)

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