Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Where the Frack is Mama?!

Hey Dolls, needless to say Mama appears to have fallen off the face of the earth but no, I'm still here! 

It's been a busy-as-heck summer and we just returned from our annual summer holiday at our home in Greece. I'm back and ready for action (read: school starting ASAP) and I should probably get to down to biznass and play some serious blog catch-up. 

Greece was great this year, sure there's a financial crisis happening but that's no reason not to enjoy some  fun in the Mediterranean sun... 
Kid #1 and #2  behaved amazingly on the flight over (thank you Nintendo DS) and for the first year ever I didn't have to haul strollers, car-seats or any other small-child-related-items. Praise the Baby Jesus! 

Here's some pics, there are so many to show I guess I'll have to start with these...

{greek islands, well worth the trip and the tan-lines...}

{catching waves at Kalogria beach in Stoupa}

{a turquoise dream...}

{out for dinner at the taverna with my mom and mother-in-law}

{another fabulous sunset}

{wave runner...}

{our veranda...kid approved!}

{a late breakfast with friends in Mykonos}

{that's our yacht anchored out there...wink wink}


{out of energy after a long day at the beach}

{waiting for the ferry to take us to the islands}

{baking in the sun}

{kid #1 chillin' like a villain...}

{Strawberry Daiquiri's with the girls}

{they were so lost...narrow streets of Mykonos}

{white pants and cocktails...srsly summer!}

{always time for another fruity drink...}

{little Venice}

{Husband in front of the famous Mykonos Windmills}
-Europe is crazy expensive
- Greek summers are smoking hot 
-Ice cream should be considered a food group on its own
-I need a yacht in my next life (or this one...)
-I love my bed here at home in Canada

 Apologies for the long hiatus but tell me how has your summer been? 

Any family vay-cays or road trips? Are your kids driving you batty-shiz crazy like mine are?  



Sara Louise said...

The Med looks amazing! The water is so clear.
Happy you're back. Happy you had a great time. And happy you didn't have to lug car seats, strollers and crap! :) x

Blushingloves Irene Greece said...

You all had an amazing and fun time I see doll!!Such gorgeous pictures!I enjoyed this post so much!Kisses from Greece


Anonymous said...

Just so you know I seriously hate you! ...LOL....I KID I KID! You look super amazingingly gorgeous! I would die to visit glad you had an amazing trip :)

Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

I miss Greece! I remember those crazy narrow streets in Mykonos!

You look hot mama! What a fabulous vacation and beautiful spot.

It's my dream vacation to take my hubby and kids who have never been there. Maybe someday. Sigh. :-)

Peace Love Applesauce- Terri said...

Seriously, I would never leave that place! Jealous of your tan..

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

OMG, I have so much to say!!

1. You look GORGEOUS! You should wear your hair back more often- it really shows off your face!

2. You look super young and tan.

3. LOVE the shot of the green ocean.

4. I've been to Mykonos!!! I stayed at Kalafatis beach and saw the windmills, the narrow streets in the village, and Little Venice too!! I remember riding a rickity old bus into town- we were on a cliffside driving next to mountain goats! It really is beautiful out there.

Marie a la Mode said...

Ugh, I so want to visit Greece after looking at your photos! It looks so beautiful!!


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