Friday, June 25, 2010

Favorite Hates

This has been A week and I'm glad it's coming to an end. We're still fighting the tummy bug of the century in our house and I've gone through more baby wipes, done more disinfecting, loads of laundry, and scrubbing of surfaces than any woman should ever have to do. Ever.
 I'm calling this the Haus of Ca-ca (not to be confused with the creative minds that produce the Haus of Ga-Ga. Lady Gaga might not like the comparison....)

All this poop has made my mood kinda sucky-la-la and because of that I'm featuring another edition of My Favorite Hates. The stuff that I just enjoy disliking.  

The slouch sandal. Could there be a less flattering sandal ever made. Let's just cut off your ankle and add an ugly sleeve of fabric so we can make your legs look shorter. Yes, that's the look every woman is going for.

Japanese Anime cartoons. What could be lamer?!  Now my son is starting to think that Bakugon and Beyblade characters are cool. No son they are not. Dumb names and even more dumb story lines with characters that have overly large heads and eyes. And they are most definitely not child friendly. Who came up with this crap? Oh right, the Japanese. Ok, Japan you make great cars but bad cartoons.

Glenn Beck. The ultra right wing and ultra annoying American conservative and political commentator.  Fox News gave this guy his own show. How did this happen? Oh right, Fox News. Nough said.

Bits and Bites snack mix. Why do they always give this to you on an airplane?  I know that some people like these, but they are so redonkulously SALTY. It's bad enough to be stuck beside some stranger on a flight, now you get to eat a salty pack of MSG laden carbs.  Dehydration and then bloating is exactly what I want from a good airplane snack.

Transitional Lenses. Ok, so they serve a purpose. You don't feel like putting on your sunglasses so why not have a pair of glasses that can shade automatically?  I'll tell you why not, because they're ugly and lame and ugly. Don't be so lazy. Grab some decently cool sunglasses like the rest of the world. Unless you want to look like your Uncle Bernie these are never acceptable. And don't ever do this to your children, they'll be ridiculed for days. Just saying. 

So since I'm feeling especially snarky this afternoon, hit me with YOUR fave hates!



Suburban Princess said...

Hm not everyone can afford rx glasses AND rx sunglasses. Sooooo transitionals are the way to go. Unfortunately we aren't all made of money :O)

I love Meli-Melo! YUM! Mmmm those salty Shreddies!

Glen Beck...must have some sort of mental condition.

I spoke about you in my blog today :O)

Rachel said...

Totally agree on everything except the shoes. I really like them actually :) I hope everyone is feeling better soon!

Anonymous said...

I had lenses like that when I was a kid because my mom and grandparents thought it would be great for going to recess at school. Oh, they were wrong. They would sometimes take up to an hour to change back once inside. It was awful. I'm still scarred.

PS - Those sandals are hideous.

Lisa - Fine Sweet Life said...

Japanese anime is a daily thing in my home. I got used to it, but my son loves it over anything else and I have no idea why. He LOVES it.

Tamara Nicole said...

Ha ha you are always freaking hilarious! Love your dislike list, adn I agree, esp about anime!

Hope you gusy get ris of your pesky bug!

Free2bMommy said...

HA! The shoes are great for hiding cankles!!!

I could not freaking agree more about Glen Beck!! Really??! Its not really what he says, so much as how he says it that annoys the crap out of me.

Thanks for stopping by the blog and I look forward to reading more!


Kasia said...

oo I agree with your dislike list!;)

jenn@peacelovemommy said...

I agree on everything. Especially Transitional Lenses. They are sooooooooooooooo ugly. My mom has them and i make fun of her. what? they are ugly

Jennifer Fabulous said...

I agree with you on everything! I hate those nasty snacks they give on plane rides. Ugh. And transitional lenses can be really bad unless they're expensive ones. I had a high school English teacher who wore them and every time the sun peaked into our classroom she would look like Stevie Wonder or something. Lol.

And yeah, anime...never, never understood that at all. Ha!

I hope you're having a fab weekend! xo

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Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

i'm with you on your hates list! i'm glad you mentioned Transitional lenses...they are downright creepy. really!!
good luck getting through the House of Caca phase!
xo alison

MrsDixon said...

I am so sorry for your poo poo problems in the household! I am hating those stupid slouchy sandals too- how awful are they?!

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

bwaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaha- i'm totes with you on the transitional lense bullshit. i would rather switch my mutha fuggin glasses than be caught dead in those.

bananas. said...

OMG i've always hated transition glasses. i used to work for an eye doctor's office and anytime someone came in with their transitions that was under 45, i totally gave them stinkeye. it's not okay.

Kristin said...

Oh boy do I feel for you. The dude had it a few weeks ago and it was NASTY!


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