Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Greek goddess?

Husband, the kids and I are off for our summer vay-cay in Greece in less than 3 weeks. I've already bitched shared my dilemma about only being able to take one suitcase per person (thanks for nothing Air Canada) and how challenging it will be to take enough of the "right" clothes to Europe.
 I don't want to stand out as boring/bland/conservative North American girl. Yes we go every year so it's not like I don't know what I'm up against but it seems like the women there just get more and more glamourous with each passing year.
Greek girls work hard to look good. They bring their A game... always. They may not be the most beautiful women in the world, but they won't go down without fighting to be fabulous! Doesn't matter if we're out for drinks, at the beach, grocery shopping, at the park or wherever, the women are dressed up and have got it goin' on! (I suppose for them it's just 'dressing', not dressing 'up'...)
 When we go out to clubs, I'll try and look as trendy/cool/un-old as I can (within reason) and no matter what I'm always lookin' kinda meh and mediocre in comparison. (And no I don't go through life comparing my self to other women, but everybody does sometimes right?!?)
You wear a cute black dress and your hottest heels but by Greek standards you look like Betty White heading to her weekly Bridge game.
{Just call me Betty...}

You think you've got great accessories, they're already sooo last year. You put on false lashes, as much eye shadow and eye liner as you can without totally looking like a tranny hooker and it's still too tame. It's enough to make even the most put together, stylish girl feel like a total frump. When I'm on holiday, frump is not the look I'm going for...
Glamour is a way of life in Greece.
Exhibits A and B...
{Eleni Menegaki- Morning Talk show host, kinda like the Greek version of Kelly Ripa. She's 41 years old and has 3 kids}

{Anna Vissi- Greek pop star, born in 1957. That's right, 1957.  She's been popular for decades and is kinda like the Greek version of Madonna}

So my suitcase packing anxiety levels are growing a tad bit. The question is what to bring? Every year I can count on attending at least one wedding or baptism party (which is as big of an event as a wedding) and will need dresses for those. We'll be going out for drinks (lot's and lot's of drinks), we'll go to a few Greek clubs (Bouzoukia) and to a few nightclubs (which are always amazinggg.) 
I'm going to need jeans, tops, every piece of summer clothing I've ever owned, at least 6 dresses and about 10 pairs of sandals/heels/flip flops etc.  No jokes. That's not even starting on the "swimwear" I'll be taking. Women dress up to go to the beach...fully accessorized and everything (no surprise.)
I totally take for granted how laid-back our fashion is here and how I don't have to look fierce every time I walk out the door. Apparently we have it easy. Or we're lazy....?


Blushingloves said...

I enjoyed your post so much hun!!!Most women here are excactly as you say!Sometimes I cant follow myself that thing!But I try my best too though having three kids!If you know what I mean!When and if you reach my village ohhh well you know email me so I can meet you in person!That'll be so much fun!!!Hugs doll!

Suburban Princess said...

She has 3 kids....AND a team of people to help her! If I had a stylist coming over every morning I could look that hot too!

I wish people here dressed up a bit more...I am so tired of hearing 'this is my good hoodie' at parties.

Rachel said...

I wish everyone dressed like that in America! I would LOVE it. My office is so ultra-casual that when I walk in here with heels on, its a topic of conversation all day long, like these women in their stretched out tee's and sweatshirts have never seen such a thing. And yes, I def rock the comfy look sometimes, but it's not every friggin day.

You are going to have SO much fun. I am jealous :)

bananas. said...

i think all euros have a notch above all americans in the fashion and looks department. it's not fair.

Lisa - Fine Sweet Life said...

Maybe we are all just overworked (and underpayed)here, so we are all just too damn tired.

Alicia said...

oh my gosh!! so much pressure!! i say leave the hubs clothes at home and use his suitcase, lol :) and i bet you'll still look amazing as always!! i want to come!!

Ansa said...

hehe. You're so right about that. I spend some years in Europe and this is so true. =)

Ansa said...

hehe. You're so right about that. I spend some years in Europe and this is so true. =)

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Your vacation sounds like it's gonna be a fun challenge. My advice is simply to have fun. Experiment with the craziest combinations you can and I think you will be surprised by the results. Plus, maybe it will give you the confidence to be a little crazy and ultra glamorous once you get back home. :P

Don't discredit yourself as just being another blonde from North America. That's your advantage over there. The Greek men see the Greek women all the time. You're hot stuff over there, trust me!

Honey B. said...

I feel the same anxiety going down South to see Marmot's family...all the Southern belles with their Louis Vuittons and heels...but the one suitcase thing? Woman, you are leagues ahead of me, I filled the back of the truck last time we drove down South and we were only there a week! lol

RN Mama said...

Oh my goodness, I'm so jealous of your vacation to Greece!

Perfectly Unordinary said...

Haha, everything you say sounds sooo familiar! Greek women really bring it on, to look great no matter what. I try to bring that kind of flair into my life, but sometimes I forget.
Have a great time on your holiday!


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