Saturday, June 19, 2010

Grow Grow Grow

Lately there's been a swack of products claiming they can help make your eye lashes look fuller, longer, and more fabulous. Fabulous is good right, so I've decided to jump on the lash-growing-miracle bandwagon. L'Oreal's Lash Serum claims that it can overhaul your scrawny lashes and turn them into gloriously long, conditioned and fuller lashes. After about a month of using the Lash Serum I'd have to agree that my lashes do appear to be fuller and stronger (less fallout.) But are they longer? Hard to say. I want to say that they are but there isn't any actual medicinal ingredient in it that would cause actual lash growth. But for the price it is a decent product and if you're committed to applying it everyday it's worth it.

I'd really like to get my hands on the by prescription only product Latisse that Brooke Sheilds is pushing  promoting right now. But I'd feel kinda silly asking my doctor for an Rx. "Yes, I'd like a prescription for lash growth liquid in a bottle.... no seriously."  He's a great doctor but he's also a "woman, don't you come up in here wastin' my valuable time!" kind of doctor.  But just check out Brooke's results below. Tough to beat!!  Maybe it's time to hit up an internet pharmacy?? 

I've also heard a lot about the Phyto line of vitamin supplements that are supposed to make your hair grow stronger, thicker and FASTER.  From Sephora's website: Harnessing the power of natural elements, each daily dose of this nourishing vitamin, essential fatty acids, and antioxidant blend promotes healthy hair growth, strengthens nails, illuminates skin, and fortifies (and lengthens) lashes. Hair regains its density and shine.  Sounds pretty awesomesauce to me!

Any product that can improve my tragically thin, fine hair would indeed be a miracle in a bottle.  I'm up for that...bring on the hair growing magic!  I seriously have the slowest growing head of hair in the world. I can go months between highlight touchups. So will taking this stuff make my hair grow faster, thus requiring more visits to the salon? Hmmm all in the name of thicker, more fabulous hair right?!
 I swallowed the $75.00/bottle price tag. And since the product seems pretty natural with a lot of different oils in it maybe it'll work?  The helpful sales assistant at Sephora did warn me that her husband tried the stuff and he had to give it up because it sent him running to the potty, it apparently has a bit of a laxative effect (mother- frack, why does everything have to have side effects?!)  Fingers crossed my tummy won't betray me on this one. Glorious hair, I'm expecting you to arrive within 6-8 weeks with the following results:

{I'd take the great hair, AND the great body....}



Blushingloves said...

Vitamins do a great job and the results last for ever!!The best for hair growing is Vishy serum something for hair do check!!!Hugs

Rachel said...

Don't pre-natal vitamins do about the same thing for hair/nails? I know girls who take them for that. Just a thought, since I bet they are a lot less expensive and perhaps won't have uncomfortable side effects :)

Honey B. said...

Prenatals do it for me? Holy crap, I had to get my nails filled every week and a half, they grew so fast!

Sarah said...

Thanks for your advice on what to wear!

I love to see if these things really work on real people, not computerized enhancements. I'm all for the lash grow!

Nikosmommy said...

After taking many prenatal vitamins in my time I can safely say that they did make my nails grow quickly but did NOTHING to my hair. And honestly when most women report rapid hair growth/zero hair loss/long nails I think it has more to do with ALL the pregnancy hormones in their bodies and less to do with a prenatal vitamin. If they worked I think every balding man out there or woman with thinning hair would be on Materna vitamins everyday!! LOL!

Tamara Nicole said...

Oooh I want this! Lol I was just joking th eother day that I wanted lash extensions, but they are freaking expensive and super high maintenance:-)

I have Neulash which I am trying out, so far no crazy difference but they do seem more conditioned? Lol

Hope you're having a fab day dear!

Connie K said...

cant wait to try this i have a friend that does the Latisse and it works for her so im thinking i might have to spend the money and try that too ! ugh us women will do anything to look fabulous !! Thanks for sharing :)

OceanDreams said...

This looks and sounds great! I bet you are going to have killer lashes! :)

Pop Champagne said...

oooh you have to let me know about the hair growing capsules. My hair growth has really slowed down over the past 2 years now it barely grows anymore -_- and stretch mark creams don't help when you're pregnet either?! ohhh no to my poor tummy in the future!!

bananas. said...

i've been wanting to try latisse too! if those brooke shield results are real (and not photoshopped) then i think it's only fair we all try it. my friend found a site online that sold fake latisses and she gave me one to try. not sure how similar the ingredients are but my lashes grew a little longer.


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