Thursday, July 1, 2010

Canada's B-day Partay

It's July 1st, Canada Day kids! Mama and fam are off for some good old family fun, Canadian style! Canada is 143 years old today...bring on the cake, BBQ's and fireworks! (and no Kid #1 you're still not allowed to stay up to watch the fireworks. It doesn't get dark until 11:00pm here!)

I'll be sitting on my Chesterfield eating Poutine, while admiring the beautiful colours of the Canadian Flag!!




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Suburban Princess said...

Happy Canada Day!!!!
It gets dark around 9pm here so I will have to listen to the idiot neighbours setting off fireworks until I call the popo around midnight lol

Pop Champagne said...

hope you had a great canada day! Yesterday was canada day and also the first day of hst, gas jumped up by 8 cents, i was soo pissed, its like "hey, happy canada day, btw pay us more money"... and lol I LOVED Eurotrip, such a funny movie. I like how they cast Xena the warrior princess as the s&m chick cuz that was kind of what she did before she was Xena!

RN Mama said...

Happy Canada Day to you!!! Have a great weekend:)


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