Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mother Nature, let's chat a while....

Yesterday while driving home with the kids, the skies above were looking mighty foreboding with dark clouds and huge swirling wind gusts. 30 seconds later I thought maybe the car was being pelted by a golfball but I was, of course, no where near a golf course. It was these little buggers. 

{not suitable for cocktails...}

I picked these up off my front lawn about an hour after the hail storm of the century
I know I've bitched complained repeatedly about our craptastic winter summer weather this year but I have finally had enough.
Screw you Mother Nature. I'm OUT. If these means I need to fly to the other side of the world to see the blazing hot summer sun then so be it. 

Mother Nature, no let's call you "M.N",.... (I can call you that right?) Allow me to review why we're friends OFF for now and where I'm heading to.
 You and your piss-poor summer weather can suck it whilst I'm on the beach elsewhere.

In case you've forgotten what summer actually is M.N., let's review some holiday pics from a place where the sun actually shines, the Mediterranean. 

{oh what's this? Sun and sand and people not shivering while outside?}

{Obviously HOT conditions because of desert-like plant life seen here?}

{Golden brown tan on already handsome husband. Note curly hair due to humidity. You remember what hot humidity is, right M.N?}

{Straw-style umbrellas on sandy, hot beaches for coverage from the sun}

{Oh, what's this? A palm tree growing in my yard. That requires sunlight right?}

{And finally a pic of Mama in the market on a hot, sunny evening, Not wearing a jacket. Note the lack of snow, rain or ice-cubes falling from the heavens trying to wreck my car}

So Mother Nature, maybe call me in about a months time or so. We'll talk then and I'll see if you've decided to smarten-up and play nice. Bring your friend "the sun" with you.....hmmkay?



Alicia said...

holy crap lady, you weren't kidding! those are some giant hail balls!! but you'll forget about those as soon as you leave on your vacay! i'm so jealous....i need another trip so bad! it looks gorgeous there! sorry mother nature is being such a hag!

Blushingloves said...

Hope you'll have agreat holiday hun!!I'm sure you'll enjoy the beach and the sun so much!!!Great pictures btw!!And u look gorgeous!hugs

Sara Louise said...

M.N. can go F herself as far as I'm concerned. She needs to try and remember what seasons are like.

And that hail is huge!!

Saw you on Things I Like to Eat and popped over to say hi ;-)

Pres. Kathy said...

OH my!! I can't believe how big that hail is! I have never seenanything like it. I too am sick of this weather. I just love your pictures. My mom and dad and my brother and sister-in-law are in Greece right now. I am so jealous. They are in Santorini!! I can't wait to go next summer!

MrsDixon said...

That is so insane!!! I would die of the sads if my California sun refused to shine in july!!!

Honey B. said...

I'm so jealous of you right now...and coincidentally, its hailing

Pop Champagne said...

oh wow it hails in the summer? weird! haha I didn't believe hail in summer until I wikipedia-ed it last month, so it's funny that you're posting about this now! and yeah I can't believe hills ended, did you watch the finale?? what did you think of it?

RN Mama said...

Holy hail storm Batman! That's terrible! Summer is in full swing here in Michigan, so swing on by:)

Laura said...

gaahhh I really wish I was there, it looks sooo beautiful!!! oh and the kids are equally beautiful :)


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