Friday, October 15, 2010

Makeup Math

I've been on the search for the uber trendy fall nail colour, khaki green.  

Chanel's version isn't available where I live (of course), and I can't find the Essie colour, "Sew Psyched" anywhere.  Whatcha gonna do? Make your own!   

Time for a bit of nail colour math

La Senza (Victoria Secret) dark forest green plus Sally Hansen polish in a light milky tan colour
blends to make a decent Khaki green

This could possibly be the world's WORST nail polish application but in my defense I had a 2 year old monkey little boy hanging off my leg and when mixing two colors (outside of the bottle) they dry super FAST. You have to work incredibly quickly as the polish dries out immediately and becomes really sticky.  (So why the hell does it take so long to set and dry polish when it's on your nails normally?)

When you can't find what you're looking for, you've gotta improvise.... 



Suburban Princess said...

Next time the new Essie colours are coming out tell me which ones you want - I call the place I get them from and have them put them aside for me until I can get into the city to pick them up.

Blushingloves said...

Love your creativity hun!!And I'm so jealous for your Dollymix purchase!!!Here's sold out!!
Hugs and kisses!

Christine said...

those chanel colors are gorgeous <3
Have you tired looking for essie on ebay? they have so many colors there :)

x Christine

PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

That's seriously dead on! I'm loving that color!

Anonymous said...

OMG my friend just found this same polish lady gaga was wearing its a new shade by Deborah Lippman called Waking up in Vegas and its $16 a bottle .....very similar to that color and awesome once applied! you should look for it !!

Sarah said...

That is creative!

Sara Louise said...

The color came out great. I might see what I can mix up with mine :-)

bananas. said...

well look at that...pure genius!!!

the color is great and i can't even tell it's slightly messy. no really i can't. your nails look fab!

Miss*Kimmy said...

Great concoction!
The color looks great on you. LOL @ your little monkey climbing up.

Marie a la Mode said...

Nice mix! I love the color.

Lady Mama said...

Very creative solution! Surely you can buy it somewhere online??

Marilou said...

LOL so cute that you made your own "sew psyched" nailpolish. I have to say... I got the "chance" to get the famous khaki essie varnish and it's a stunner I love it soooo muchhhh. One of my favourite of all time maybe..WOW!


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