Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Would you dance Burlesque?

So I've been hearing a lot about the upcoming flick Burlesque with Cher and Christina coming out in November. There's a part of me that thinks it will be fabulous...great singing, dancing and a pretty strong cast of actors. But then there's the other side of me that think it might just be a bit too flamingly-lame for it's own good.
Or maybe just two hours of an extended Pussy-cat Dolls Vegas review.  Hasn't that been done to death already? You know when Kelly Osbourne is guest dancing as a doll maybe it's time to pack it in....

And I think we all remember the movie "Nine" from a couple years back. An amazing cast of seriously talented actors (Daniel Day- Lewis, Fergie, Penelope Cruz, Judi Dench, Sophia Loren etc. etc.)
But oh yeah, it sucked.   With musical productions like these movies, it's a fine line between greatness (Chicago) and complete crap (the movie version of Rent). 

So I'll admit I've always been a bit of a Cher fan (is that my inner gay man speaking?)...and of course Christina Aguilera, while she hasn't been a huge hit maker lately, she's undeniably talented. The question is can they bank a successful movie on these two? Will you check out Burlesque?

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Marie a la Mode said...

I will for sure see this movie. As a former dancer I would see any movie with dancing in it ; ) Plus it has an amazing cast. I hear Kristin Bell and Juliane Hough are in it too.

I think the performances in Nine were amazing (especially Marion Cotilliard) but the story itself was kind of blah.

P.S. Hopefully Calgary will be getting a VS soon!

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

no way. i'm not a fan of musicals and foofoo stuff like that.

although, you did have me a "flamingly gay".

bananas. said...

"flamingly lame"? hahahaha!!! i like how you did a whole post on something you don't plan on seeing.

i love christina and cher but i'll probably wait til HBO is airing this to watch it.

Sara Louise said...

I love burlesque and Miss Dita Von Teese, but I don't think I'll be checking out this movie. Maybe if it's on TV, and I'm really bored, and alone, and drunk.

Val said...

Hmm, that is a good question! lol

PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

I'm excited to see it!

Pop Champagne said...

I think I will see it, i mean the singing and dancing should be really good. I thought the facebook movie was going to be a load of crap but it turned out really really good. so maybe this one will be a plesant surprise too? hehe I'm waiting a week to hear the reviews first though :D

Jennifer Fabulous said...

I've missed you!! :) I think my laptop broke down (again) around the time you went to Greece and we kind of lost each other. Lol.

I have been hearing a lot about this movie too lately. I want to see it because it has the potential to be really awesome and delicious. But, you're right, there is a fifty percent chance this could be the dumbest movie in history. Oh well, I'll risk it. I hope it's good! :)

Anonymous said...

I might see it on DVD if people say it's good. Otherwise, no.

Marilou said...

I will check it maybe but I will definitely check the amazing opi nailpolish burlesque collection . So sparkly . Must have to cheer up the gloomy weather


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