Monday, January 16, 2012

Go Glam or go Home!

So tonight as I sat sipping a nice big glass of red wine* and tuned into the Golden Globes, I couldn't help but think that this years dresses were really beautiful.  Nothing was totally hideous (Tilda Swinton is always excused because her acting makes up for it...) and most of the ladies put in a solid effort.
*(note, award shows offer a diet exemption to drink wine)

 I won't go into a full-on snarky yet overly detailed analysis of my top fashion winners and losers (I'll leave that for the serious fashion bloggers), and instead I'll share my fave few. Simple enough!

{Ok, so before you go all whoa; why the brainy teen from Modern Family?? It's because Ariel Winter looked absolutely adorable and yet totally age appropriate. Love the shoes, the rich shade of purple and the demure yet glam hair.}
If the skirt could be modified towards less ruffle and more of a fitted style I'd wear it in a heartbeat! 

{Elle Macpherson looks like a bit of a frilly confection here but she pulls it off like almost no one else can. Her hair and the flare on her dress are the size of Texas. Big and bold...super glam, no!?}

{Jessica Alba was perfection in Gucci, the powdery purple of dress doesn't really come through in this pic but it looked amazing on TV, most definitely my favorite gown of the night.}

{My honorable mention goes to the always amazing Sofia Vergara, her sapphire blue Vera Wang was a super bold mermaid silhouette but as always she worked it and then some. Gorgeous without too much cleavage.}

There you have it, short but sweet. A simple round-up of what caught my eye at the Golden Globes.
Who were your favorite stars of the night?


Sandra - If it comes in pink said...

Pretty! I still haven't seen any of the dresses, except these now :D

Peace Love Applesauce- Terri said...

I loved Jessica Alba and Kate B!

Tracy D said...

Jessica Alba = perfection!

Sara Louise said...

I miss watching award shows :-(
And I couldn't agree more on Ariel's dress, it's pretty and completely age appropriate :-)

Marie a la Mode said...

Damn Elle Macpherson looks hot! And she's almost FIFTY!

Anonymous said...

Elle is either 47 or 48. I looked it up while watching red carpet coverage. Girlfriend looked amazing!

And Sofia Vergara always nails it. Love her!

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