Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mama's Hangry...

Around this time every year in January I'm usually at a point in my annual "Massive Weight Loss 2012" program, that I'm ready to tear off the limb of the person next to me, splash a little Tabasco sauce on it, chew on it and call it a day.
I am hangrrryyy, which by definition, is one step up from starving. I have a pounding headache from eating barely any carbs and I've taken snarkiness to a whole new level in this house.
But it's all in the name of thinness.

Behold my current thinspiration... I've taken the liberty of pointing out some of JHud's best attributes.

Lord knows her face is everywhere right now and every third ad on TV is one of her Weight Watcher commercials.
Nothing wrong with that...it keeps my eye on the prize!

Since half of my friends are on some sort of diet right now, I think we can all relate to wanting to look a whole lot more like Jennifer.
But in the words of my friend Jaimie in a recent text convo, Jennifer best be on the up and up and not be hiding any "procedures" or super secret Hollywood diet voodoo...

{Come on, you gotta admit that something else is going on with her cheeks, maybe a little lift here and there?}

So I don't have the luxury of doing anything other than busting my (ample) butt in the gym and counting Weight Watcher points like all the other ordinary shmoes. 

But who else is with me?
If you're hungry and you know it start to cry clap yo' hands!



rinniez said...

honestly... this post just bothers me. people don't need to starve themselves (and they definately don't need to joke about starving themselves), they just need to eat healthy fullstop. they need to quit waiting til the start of the year and then eating nothing but vegetables for a month before stuffing as much cake in their mouth as they can fit or better still if they are fit and healthy and of a perfectly fine weight then they need to stop focusing on the weight of celebrities who provide unrealistic, photoshopped bodies! sorry for the rant.

Anonymous said...

i completely sympathize with you! i have started the new year with eating better and intent to lose weight. while looking at j-hud is inspiring, i just want to fit into my clothes i brought over here!

@rinniez: maybe i missed it, but i didnt see anything saying it was ok to starve yourself in the post? i tried reading through it a few times and didnt see where she said she was starving herself.

kimberdoll said...

I love Jennifer Hudson's new body, but ya, there is something kind of wrong with her face, I'm glad you said it. It's almost like too much skin around her mouth and what not. OH WELL! Best of Luck with the slim down, you look beautiful already, though!

Marie a la Mode said...

She looks amazing, facial procedures and all ; ) And yes, while I was losing weight (on the WW Points System) I was very hungry. I was supposed to eat 25 points a day but I ate 40. Still lost weight though. Good luck with the diet!

Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

WW works because it teaches you portion control and how to eat more healthy year round. It will get easier. You'll be less hungry in another month because your body gets used to less calories. Losing weight requires some hunger I'm convinced. :-) Unfortunately.

rinniez said...

@Megan : this is the type of comment i was referring to "I am hangrrryyy, which by definition, is one step up from starving. I have a pounding headache from eating barely any carbs and I've taken snarkiness to a whole new level in this house.
But it's all in the name of thinness."
Knowing a few people who have/are suffering from eating disorders it just hit a chord with me in that it sounded like she was promoting eating very little and making yourself sick (headache) in order to get thin, not that i think this was actually her intention at all just the way it came across to me.

Nikosmommy said...

@rinniez, I'd never willfully promote starvation or unhealthy eating habbits, I'm simply stating (with a bit of humour and exageration) my inspiration and current experience while dieting.
Weight loss is extremely challening when you aren't 21 years old anymore, and though I'm only looking to drop off about 10 pounds, by making "light" of my current weight loss goals, the whole process seems less daunting. I'm specifically following Weight Watchers which is a sensible and realistic plan. However I AM hungry. And that is the reality of dieting.

Anonymous said...

If you're hungry and you know it, clap yo' hands. Love it!

I'm just now starting to get my ass off the couch. Wish me luck.

Tracy D said...

I get the humour/tongue in cheek manner of this post and I have so been there, and so need to be back there. On a lighter note...is it just me or does she have really large hands?

Sara Louise said...

JHud is looking AMAZING lately and seriously, if she is faking her WW, I would hunt her down to.
As for my get back into my favorite leather leggings challenge... all soda and potato chips have been banned... working out an hour a day and starting every morning with hot water and lemon. BLAH.

Honey B. said...

Don't burst my bubble, I'm hoping that I will suddenly sprout amazing cheekbones when I drop all the poundage! lol On WW here too... :-)

LUCY PILZ said...

Haha you can do it!! Positive enegeries your way.

Luc X


love jenny xoxo said...

I've got a beach vaca coming up in a month so I'm definitely in the get-ready-to-wear-a-bikini mode. And Jennifer's face does look different, more then just slimmer...


Mrs. Blanton said...

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