Monday, February 22, 2010

Getting older...or getting better?

So keeping on the topic of aging, I've been thinking about the process of actually looking older. While I don't physically feel much different then I did 10 years ago, I have obviously aged, right? (rhetorical question actually, no need to answer this....)
While flapping my gums chatting with BFF over the weekend, I asked her how have I changed since I was say,  22 yrs old? My life has changed dramatically with family, kids, career etc. but I'm talking about it strictly from a physical perspective. No sir, I am no Heidi Klum, this mama does NOT bounce back 5 weeks after kid number 2, or 3 or whatever to walk the runway.

{We still lurve you Heidi, even if you do make every other women in the world look mediocre}

After my two babies, and way too many years of yo-yo dieting, gravity is in charge of this body and it's so kindly made asked me to pay my dues.
So the body has changed, but thank the GOOD LORD above, we walk around in clothes all day. No one needs to know what's really going on "underneath" until you have to go to: a). the doctor, b). to swimming lessons with kids or c). to the beach (which good or bad, likely only happens a few times per year).

But what is it exactly that actually makes us look older? Is it gradual weight gain, less trendy/more conservative clothes, shorter hair-cuts? Now don't go getting offended women with short hair (there are tonnes of cute, sexy shorter styles) but you have to admit that most women eventually chop their hair to a more "manageable" length sometime after they turn 40. Do we suddenly get tired of drying and styling longer hair once we're 40? Why do we get "lazy"? What makes us think that short hair is any easier, it can be challenging/time consuming it's not like it's that much easier really!

{The opposite of "mom-hair", there aren't a lot of 45 year olds rockin' this look}

And thanks to Clinton and Stacey, apparently you really have no business wearing mini-skirts after age 35. Define "mini", how short is too short? (Fo-sho no one wants to see butt cheek!)  Why is 35 that magical cut-off age?  I'm beginning to think I'll hate 35. 35 is the new 40 and it sucks. There I said it! And I don't even wear mini-skirts...much.
And how exactly do our faces age? So obviously we develop fine lines, but our skin actually starts to gradually look different. It's hard to put your finger on it exactly.  I suppose we lose the elasticity in our skin (slowly) and then the overall tightness that makes us actually look good. All the Botox in the world isn't gonna help Mama with that! And until the miracle face cream that freezes our 29 yr old faces is invented - say hello to your wrinkles, grandma!!!
 But I'd like to think that I've gotten better with age. We're always evolving, trying new looks, new make-up, learning from our past style-mistakes. Just about everyone cringes when they see pictures of themselves from high school. (Present company included...if only there were time machines, high school would have been fierce!) 
I think we all fear looking old a bit, and if you don't you're in denial.  I look forward to getting smarter and wiser. Oprah says her 50's have been her best decade yet.... and I believe it.  But I just don't look forward to looking older. 
Do you notice that you've aged? How do you look different then you did 7 or 8 years ago. (And if 7 years ago you were in grade 9, ignore the question completely...)


Jennifer Fabulous said...

Crap. I'm the wrong person to be answering these questions...I'm 26 and still get mistaken for 16. I know it sounds fabulous, but it's not. In the past year, I've had the cops called on me for being in a liquor store AND I've been kicked out of a bar for having a "fake" ID while I was attending a bachelorette party. Humiliating.

I will, however, give you some answers based on my mom, who is blonde and beautiful just like you. :)

She does the creams and all, but I feel like she still retains her youthful glow and beauty because of her confidence. She feels she looks good and therefore other people do too. It sort of trumps outward appeareance in the most significant way. She always says her best years were her forties because she finally felt comfortable with who she was as a person and was happy. And it showed! Even though she was in her forties, whenever she chaperoned my high school dances, she always got hit on by a few over-confident senior boys. Lol.

So...the way I see it is when I get older, I'm hoping to have that same confidence...because it does wonders. ;)

I hope you're having a fabulous week! xoxo

Jennifer Fabulous said...

PS. I gave you an award on my blog. I think you already have it, but you deserve it again because you're so FAB! ;)

Nathalie said...

Such a great post. I am only 25, so I haven't got some major signs of ageing, but still you feel that you get a back acheing or something similar. Well, I think on the outward it is really better to age naturally then trying to hard not to and looking plastic afterwards

Connie K said...

Love your post and it so happens that a really good frined of mine called me this morning and invited me to a Botox party next month and i have never had any Botox but i turned 40 in October so i am all in and i cant wait lol !! and you'll love being 35 girl !! and i heard the same thing from clinton (like he's my friend lol) i mean on the show ~ about the whole mini skirt thing and i my have a different take on this A nice classy look with tights and boots with a mini would be just fine (lol) even the great Diane Von furstenberg pulls this look off all the time :) XOXO have a wonderful day !

lovelyviolet5 said...

I'm 32 and I just feel a lot different then 22!Ohh my body after 3 babies is a lot different and definitely not the same as before!But I'm still ok with myself...sometimes!!!

Holly said...

I almost wanted to cry the first time I didn't get carded when buying wine at the grocery store. I'd like to think I am getting better. I definitely look better than when I was in high school and college...I agree with Connie is all about how you rock the mini!

Froso said...

Every age must be enjoyed, cause it has its special characteristics. U look adorable in the pictures, so u have to worry about nothing. I also read your previous post, kids sometimes are so funny (but cruel)! Your kid is a sweetheart.

Kimberly said...

You look great! A mini skirt...I agree with Connie and Holly. If you think you look great you probably do.

It is Hedids job to look great. That is how she gets paid.

Alicia said...

ohhhh lady. tell me why i'm 26 with 3 kids and feel like i'm 40! lol... but i just focus on i feel today. not how i'm going to be when i'm older. i embrace today and i'm sure i'll embrace 30...gasp...when it gets here.

Tamara Nicole said...

I'm 26 and some people still think I'm 19 lol. BUT I do notice some things . . . my lower metabolism ha ha, now I'm getting laugh lines, etc. But I embrace it, hey life is good:-)

French lover said...

I've just discovered your blog - I love it ! I'll definitely com back for more !! :)

OceanDreams said...

I am 25 and I am beginning to realize my metabolism is going down the toilet and I have wrinkle frown lines in my forehead, not cool. But - I think I would still want my hair long at 40 and beyond. I once saw an older woman with silvery long curly hair and I thought she looked so beautiful!

Ela said...

My weight has stayed the same but the ability to stay toned takes 10x more effort and my metabolism has definitely slowed down. And never mind that I've got arthritis in my knees already. Yay.


I'm most likely the oldest blogger commenting;)

I wear my hair on the long side, and I don't care what Clinton says.


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