Thursday, February 18, 2010

Are u trying to tell me something Kid?

Last night, while leaning over Kid#1 to give lots of x's and o's and say a quick bed-time prayer, he stopped me and asked the kind of question I've dreaded.  (No, not where do babies come from...)
Convo was as follows:

Kid #1- Mama, good night, I love you.
Mama- Love u too.
Kid#1- ....(pauses and stares)... What's that on your head?
Mama- What do you mean?
Kid#1- That...those things (points to my forehead.) Those big lines going across your head. Why are they there? Do I have them?
Mama- Uhhh... errr....ummm.... they must be wrinkles. 
Kid#1- They get really big when you're mad.
Mama-  Is that a fact? Do you see them anywhere else?
Kid#1- Yeah, between your eyebrows too. Why do you have those?

That's when Mama changed the subject and bid a quick night night to Kid.  'nough said.

So apparently I'm wrinkled...which means I'm old now too. (On top of that, my abundance of grey hair was casually pointed out to me by Husband while at the beach last week). Thanks family.

This means it's time again for another one of Mama's math stylez equations....



{Yeah no, having Nicole kidman's over-the-top Botox emotionless yet smug grin isn't exactly what I'm going for...}

But maybe it's time to consider some aging counter measures? A little Botox in the forehead might not be a bad thing? I have friends who've been touting the benefits of  injectable Botulism for years.  But once you start do you have to continue it forever? Forever's a long time....
And I'm not THAT old. Old enough to remember watching Charlie's Angels, The Dukes of Hazzard and even CHiPs. 

{C'mon, Erik Estrada was hot}

But I'm also young enough to appreciate the Jonas Brothers. 

{Young enough, or lame enough?}

So what's Mama to do? Have you or would you consider Botox? Is my vanity messing with my better judgement? Could the $ spent on injections be better put to use on a new Marc Jacobs bag or better yet, actually spent on helping some worthy cause or group? (Like the victims of the earthquake in Haiti.) I guess when I think about it like that it kinda seems ridiculous...but millions of happy Botox users can't be wrong can they? Is it not time to face the music and start trying to stop the inevitable? Maybe this is truly necessary, I am over 30 after all...(barely).



Holly said...

I am so on the fence about Botox. I have those wrinkles too! Avon and Patricia Wexler have some great products for that kind of face issues. Have you ever tried Frownies (old school!)...they rock! Renee Russo uses them.

lovelyviolet5 said...

If you feel like you should do it then do it!!I know people that consider this seriously!!!I'm in!!Maybe sometime I'll use it!One the other hand is early for you.A doctor told me that after 35 is perfect!!

Kimberly said...

Marc Jacobs!

I am not shopping right now. I have given up luxury items for Lent. This is day two, and I already found a piece of jewelry that I want.

Wrinkles...I use a couple of bottles of stuff from Lancome. Gray hairs...I don't have any (since I went to the hairdresser)

Botox seems a little extreme for me right now. I want to wait and see...this procedure is not that old.

Blair @ Reasonably Swanky said...

Oh my gosh, this is too funny! Kids are too dang honest, aren't they?!?! I think you look great!!! I hear the Renergie' Lift, Lancome and Kinerease (sp?) work great. I'm all for botox, and I will be getting it when I am older.

Connie K said...

LOL !!! And i cant wait till i get my first Botox :) but if ya get it first let me know Asap how you like it ! I know i want iam just a little chicken and i need to find a good doctor too ! So have a wonderful weekend :)

Ela said...

That is hilarious!!! Maybe you should him he helped give you those ...or maybe you should save that one for when he's a teenager.

YOU don't need botox, hon.

Happy weekend!

PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

LMFAO!! Great story!
The wrinkles, not so great.. The kid, hilarious!!

Yankee Girl said...

I am ready and willing to Botox whenever it becomes necessary. I wouldn't do drastic plastic surgery, but in my book, there is nothing wrong with a little botox...or breast lift...or tummy tuck.

Juliana said...

Kids are so honest. I remember my niece drew a picture of me with yellow hair and then when she came over she said to her sister....I TOLD YOU SHE HAD ORANGE HAIR. Ouch, that was the last time I used that hair dye!!!!

Honey B. said...

Omg, don't you even think about doing Botox....seriously! Marc Jacobs is way more fun, doesn't involve needles, and save Botox for when you NEED it, which you most certainly DON'T!

Nathalie said...

This is so cute. Children are just so honest :) Well, I don't think too bad about wrinkles. I think my grandmas look great WITH a lot of wrinkles. I think it is the better choice than having an emotionless face.

Alicia said...

honey you look amazing!!! i don't think you need any botox, i'd go for the marc jacobs bag :) but at the end of the day, you do what would make you happy!! i hope you're having an awesome weekend!

Andrea@CITC said...

you look GREAT. I'm with Alicia on this one, get the fab bag and skip on the icicle forehead!

Kristin said...

One time my kiddo pointed at the little tattoo on my abs and said ICKY. Don't you love 'em? Ah ha ha

Sarah said...

Kids say the most honest things! I too hate getting wrinkles, I've thought about botox but would probably never do it. I'm stuck with using expensive face cream.

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Awww hehe this story is so cute, but I can see why you would be alarmed. I have no qualms about botox. I figure I will probably end up doing it when I'm in 30s...

But it's really up to you and how comfortable you are with it...

I hope your weekend has been FABULOUS so far! xoxo

Tracie said...

All of a sudden, my forehead looks like a shar pei puppy. I'm getting botox. It's just a matter of where and when.

PS My gray hairs are so out of control right now that I skipped church this morning and my be sporting a hat until my appt. on Thursday.

Savvy Gal said...

I don't think I will. I will try to age gracefully. But then, never say never..... : )

bananas. said...

first of all, you don't have wrinkles. second, would i consider botox...F YEA!!!

i'm not super wrinkled either but the lines in between my eyebrows were KILLING me so i did something about it and i have to say it was the best thing i ever did.

i think getting addicted is one thing but thinking about it as "preventative" is another. the earlier you start, the less wrinkles are formed. if you wait til you're super wrinkled, then you're stuck filling your face up with tons and tons of botox and wah-LA! you're nicole kidman.

Jessica said...

Aren't kids refreshingly honest? ;-) Sigh.

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