Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's Mardi Gras... time for the Hawaiian Shoppin' 411

As promised, I'm dedicating a post to my shopping adventures in Honolulu. I swear this will be the last time I talk about Hawaii because there's more to life then tropical islands- unfortunately!

Seriously there are some high-end stores in Honolulu...they've got the Japanese tourist covered head to toe -with Gucci and LV Speedy's of course.  I was shocked at how many designer shops there were in the Ala Moana Center (one of the main malls in Honolulu). Right beside ordinary stores like Ann Taylor and Vic's Secret there was Dior, Harry Winston, Jimmy Choo, Bvlgari, Hermes.... in a MALL!  
And was Mama shopping in any of those stores? Hellz no! But I did pick up some great finds... let's review.

{ From the Ugg Store, new for spring, Bailey Button Uggs in 'Dusty Wysteria'
and sooo much cheaper then they are in Canada. Why must we always be price gouged so badly?}

{From Kate Spade, the Fiona Ballet slippers in green, and a green corsage silk top in Peridot green. Top was regularly $275US, on for $90. I absolutely lurve peridot green, vibrant and bold!}
*Kate Spade isn't really my style, but her clean lines and classic look are sometimes so appealing.  And the Fiona slippers honestly do not look silly with the present-stylez-bow on them. Super cute I swear!

From my new fave store, Macy*s,  I picked up a swack-load of INC shirts, a dress and even shorts. All on sale, some items were as much as 75% off.  ...Yes Macy*s, we ARE speaking the same language.... the language of I LOVE shopping!

{ Joe's Jeans, Muse,dark Caitlin wash (with a 9" rise, that's right, no more muffin top for mama!),  and this INC dress in black}

{From Aeropostale- shirt and fleece pants, $9 each.  Whatevs, they were practically free.}
{Army hat, Pau vertical design from Crazy Shirt, great for the beach with my brown and pink bikini...if I ever get up the nerve to wear it!}

{From Sephora I picked up the much hyped- by Brooke at Oofa , Blu-Ray pressed powder and a bronzer by Cargo. I'm hoping this powder works face fixin' miracles, Mama's fingers are crossed!  I also grabbed the Lash stash mascara deluxe sampler- a great deal b/c you can sample so many brands without committing to a whole tube of product. All for $39.... holla!

This concludes our shopping highlight tour of Honolulu. 
Note to shoppers: buying fall/winter clothing in Hawaii is awesooome because so much is on sale and the selection is huge. Not a lot of Hawaiian's are walking around in black, grey and brown knits and sweaters (obviously). Just one more reason to head over to the middle of the pacific in the middle of the winter! 

P.S. A big shout out to my fave new Greek little lady, Irene at Lovely Violet  for the Premio Fashion Superficiales Award. My first European award. Lurve it!! I'll be passing it on in the future... 



Tina said...

OOoh those Kate spades are sooo cute!! Damn you!! lol thats crazy how high end the stores are there! lol


lovelyviolet5 said...

just love the boots!!!and all the items of course!!!

Connie K said...

Cute boots !! Some pretty cute stuff you got there !!

bananas. said...

"bitches be shoppin"?! bwahahahaha!!! sorry that was too funny not to mention.

i remember all the foo foo shops when i was in oahu. it reminded me of vegas shopping.

Kimberly said...

You have a fab, sense of style!

Tracie said...

Love the shoes! The green is a great color for this time of year. Perks me up.

Pop Champagne said...

you can find some rediculously cheap stuff at aeropostale! I always buy my sisters clothes from there as gifts lol she likes it so its all good!

Ela said...

Your feet are presents so cute! Love the green KS top too.
YES we are gouged in Canada. Thank goodness NYC is only 7.5 hours away and I can indulge every now and then.
Congrats on the award, missy!!!

Honey B. said...

Ooooooh, the Lash mascara sampler! Definitely keep us posted on what the best ones are....in fact I want a review of each, because I have NEVER found a mascara I really like, I need some recommendations! :-)

passport in my pocket said...

love those green flats!

PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

Oh, I adore those Kate Spade flats.. Adorbs!

Kristin said...

That top is sooooooo gorgeous!


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