Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Operation pre-Vacation Starvation!

Husband left for Vegas today (he's there on business) and I'm leaving tomorrow. We're staying at the Wynn....hope it will be fabulous!  (quite the move-on-up from the first time we went years ago and stayed at the Imperial Palace- totally ghetto).  Steve Wynn, you better impress!

Operation pre-vacation starvation has been well under-way in attempt to recover from the total diet-depravity that was New Years Eve. So far, so good!... Mama's kept it surprisingly under control and in hand.
Becaaaause ima gonna eat a whole lot in Vegas. Food fantasies about the buffets in Vegas keep me going during Massive Weight Loss 2008-2009-2010 etc. etc.
Krazy? yes. (What the hell, who day-dreams about buffets?)   I do....

I'm a food quantity person, it's my dieting down-fall really. And no, it's not like I'll eat just any old slop...I'm looking for quality food, in addition to large quantities.

( Nothing says "dig in" like purple neon?.. is this the Imperial Palace?)

Obviously buffets can be a problem and Vegas has plenty. Husband is a huge foodie too,  and our combined ability to eat is embarassing. However we both also posess huge amounts of will-power and can seriously control our appetites and reign it in when necessary. I believe Vegas is a time when it will be necessary.

Like any good woman I'll distract myself from the fabulous food with shopping. Whatever works.  Gotta feed the need somehow!!
We'll be back late Sunday nite... until then, send me positive food-moderation vibes/energy/voodoo chants. ~ ~ ~
I will not come back weighing 5lbs more then now.  It shall become my mantra!

I will not come back weighing 5lbs more
I will not come back weighing 5lbs more
I will not come back weighing 5lbs more .....

It's a damn good thing Old Country Buffet doesn't exist in Canada. Damn good thing....



Jennifer Fabulous said...

Awww have fun in Vegas! I'm totally jealous. And yes, eat as much as you want. It's vacation and to give up such delicious food would be a downright shame. Lol. I doubt you will come back five pounds heavier. I have faith you won't!

Kata Wagner Berg said...

AAAAAAAAAAAA! Vegas? Me too :) ....would like too!
Have a wonderful time and take a lots of pictures!


I am listening a great music...I am gonna live on you blog while I am feeding Sean...hehe

ColeAndJosephine said...

Vegas sounds great, but buffets gross me out! I guess you don't have that same problem! You won't come back 5 lbs heavier. Just do some walking... a 30 min walk down the strip totally burns off those 3 slices of cheesecake... Just a little girl math for ya!

Juliana said...

OMG I LOVE the Buffet at the Wynn. It was the best food I have ever eaten in my life. I could live there. I am so jealous. Have fun!

Oh, and come on over to my blog! I am doing my 2nd giveaway and it's a pretty big deal! I am giving away an INSTYLER!

Le Sigh of a Fashionista said...

Hope you have so much fun and eat just the right amount!!!


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