Monday, January 25, 2010

Mama's got it all figured out...Posh is my mentor?

All dressed up and no place to go...
As a mama of two little guys, one 4 years and one 17 months, I feel like I'm finally re-gaining my pre-baby brain/body/lifestyle (kinda-sorta-kinda). No, life will never be like it was pre-kids, but I wouldn't want it to be. Being a mommy is where it's at...wouldn't trade it for anything. But, sometimes I do miss the freedom and independence I had pre-kids.  I'm a stay at home mom now...and honestly it's all good.  I always saw myself as career-girl foreverrrr, but we had kids at the 'right' time in our lives and I know that I'll likely have plenty of years to work ahead of me when the kids are older. For now I just want to enjoy my kidlets and the hectic lifestyle that comes with them. But back to my point of this post. 
Shopping, fab clothes, going out for drinks and dinner with BFF's or Husband.... lurve IT! But my offspring get in the way...(does that sound totally heinous?) That's right kid #1 and #2 are putting a crimp in things.
(And no, simply calling a babysitter so I can flee go out isn't always the answer.)

Where and when am I supposed to wear my new boots and black skinny jeans? To the mall?  Meh. Boring.
My wardrobe demands that I go out more (for a cocktail, or 3)....but my kids demand I stay home and make Mac and Cheese. Worlds are colliding.


(yes, it's the re-occuring fabulous cocktail party pic,, as if my life was EVER like that...?)

 I spend wayyyy too much time at home alone with the kids (Vegas excluded) because Husband works ALL-THE-TIME.

But look at these two sweet-peas (never mind that they drive me eff'n bat-sh*t craZy half the time) 
 I'd stay home and make them Mac 'n Cheese anyday!!

Gotta keep telling myself, it's all about priorities mama!  Maybe I should model myself after Mrs. Victoria Becks herself and find some "balance".  Why wouldn't you traipse through the airport in a LBD and heels while dragging kid #3.  Obviously I need to step it up and "blend" my worlds together better!



Suburban Princess said...

I know how you feel! If I had Posh's money, nannies and stylists I could look that fabulous too!

Anonymous said...

hahah i love this post! i def dont have kids yet and prob not for a while, but i worry about that kind of stuff for when i do!!! :-)

Meg said...

hooray for sexy mommas! im right there with ya! except mines only 6 months so my life is slowly but surely getting back to normal! But hey, we dont need to have an excuse to look smashing anywhere and everywhere we go. posh style!
yay for fashionista mommas and new followers!!

ColeAndJosephine said...

Girl, I feel you're pain. Being a stay at home mom and can be very isolating, especially with a husband at work all of the time. I call mine my imaginary husband.

Just because your kids are great doesn't mean that this isn't hard. I really think that it was easier for me to have a job than to stay at home with my daughter! I love it, I love it not, I love it, I love it not. But I always love her.

Rock on! Sometimes I wear my skinny jeans and red lipstick while I'm doing the dishes. Just to remind myself that I'm hot!

Connie K said...

Great post ! and your so right as a SAHM too i sometimes feel the sameway but yes indeed we should kick it up a notch at the playground :) And posh does has great style good choice !!

Juliana said...

I love that picture of POSH that is great ha ha. I put my make up on EVERY single damn day. Even when I am sitting her like today stuck in bed with blasted kidney stones I try....

Savvy Gal said...

It is important to be a posh mommy. My sis tells me she feels better when she dresses up.

Kimberly said...

I love looking great when I step out for the day, but sometimes sweats and a tee are alright with me. Never leave the house with out a little something going on, and a little bling.

Blair @ Reasonably Swanky said...

My sisters are stay at home moms and I hear them say this same stuff ALL THE TIME! So you are not the only one!
Have a great day Posh!


SogniSorrisi said...

Maybe I'm not that glam but I doubt I would be at any airport in black heels -- kids or no! lol

elledee said...

ha, cute post!

Jade "Purple" Brown said...

you should take some time by yourself even if it means doing your nails!everyone needs a break from their daily scheduels.

Megs said...

Love your blog :) You sure do look fabulous!! :) Isn't having kids just fabulous in and of itself. Sure wear your skinnies to the mall!! Other girls will just look at you wondering how you look so good while shopping!!


Meg @

Andrea said...

I love your attitude! Girl, my hubby works crazy hours too, so I can relate on the real.

Isn't transitioning from a social butterfly to a sole care taker of two kids the hardest transition? I mean, like you, I love it, but man, it's hard. But rewarding like no other job I've had.


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