Monday, January 4, 2010

I think I'm in Lurve....

Time for some serious discussion.
Count-down to shopping ~nirvana~ in Vegas.  T minus 3 days!

Just a few de-lights I'd like to share.... these beauties are on my radar.   *drool*

All from Aldo (I'm kinda in love with the colour grey right now)  Delicious!

Christian Loub's in Nude Patent-
(Kim Kardashian says they make your legs look longer and if it works for her...) 


BUT since Loubies aren't in my near future, I'll settle for these suede Fawson pumps from Aldo for $100

Still on the hunt for these...always sold out in my size at Aldo. Make more ALDO, come on!

One final note on this crucial shoe discussion. WHY the HELL are heels so high right now???  Yeah yeah, I know it's the look and if you can't handle it then too bad for you. But seriously, who can walk in these for more than 5 minutes without falling down, growing bunions, and snapping your achilles? 
My BFF's and I have a thoery, that unless you weigh 104 lbs and are no taller than a hobbit, you're outta luck.


 Am I right or am I right?  All super skinny-ass bitches who probably originated from Middle-Earth. 'nough said. Maybe super high heels and me are not meant to be....

NOTE: see how much taller Eva looks in her gorgeous Loubie nude pumps!?!?  Screw it, I'm not giving them up!



Blair said...

OH I love them all too! I love nude colored shoes they are so sexy!

Katalin said...

The gray high heels is perfect!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

I'm loving those brown Aldo boots. Too bad they are always sold out! :(

Tammy said...

Your blog is dope!!

Please check out and follow my blog

You wont be disappointed...its worth the time.

Thanks in advance

Ela said...

When I've gone into Aldo and their out of stock in my size, the sales people have offered to order them into the store...hope you find those boots!

HA, I think I qualify for those heels then. Hobbit height - check. Weight - check.

Nude pumps definitely do the trick!

OceanDreams said...

I think I am in love too. I've got an idea - buy the shoes and share, ok? J/K, I don't even know your size but these shoes are amazing!

kys said...

Love the gray heels. The boots aren't bad either.

NYCGAL said...

I love them all!! I went crazy in the fall buying boots and shoes! As I have posted to you before, I call myself a "shoe whore" lol!!

elledee said...

I love that first metallic pair with the cutouts! You are from Calgary? I used to live there!


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