Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Blogging.... my Massive Weight Loss 2010 downfall?

So blogging itself only takes a few minutes a day, but since I've started re-hashing my every mindless  thought onto the interwebs I seem to be wasting wayyy too much time on the computer in the evenings. I don't even watch T.V. anymore (like that's such a valuable use of time)...if it weren't for our PVR, HBO, and the new seasons of Lost and the Biggest Loser, I'm pretty  sure I could toss the tube completely!

Currently I have two baskets of laundry glaring at me from the's like they're saying, "damn right we're giving you the stink eye, get krack-a-lackin' and fold us already"!!!
Yet I continue to ignore them...and their buddies,  the pile of dishes in the sink. 
Is child neglect next? No, my contingency plan is to only blog in the p.m. after Kids #1 and 2 are off to dreamland.
Is this my self-made solution to being a stay-at-home-mama? Since I don't have a computer to sit in front of at work anymore, I suppose this a substitue of sorts?! (old habbits die hard, after years of sitting on my @ss at work in front of a comp.)

Jillian Michaels called me earlier tonight (my personal trainer extraordinaire from Biggest Loser fame).
Convo was as follows:

Ring Ring...

Mama: Hello?
Jillian: Hi this JM calling, from the 30 Day Shred workout DVD you bought a few weeks back?
Mama: Oh, hi.
Jillian: Um yeah, you dropped $14.99 on me and there was talk of Massive Weight Loss 2010 and vows to starve and tone before you leave for Hawaii on Sunday. You are still going?
Mama: Um, yes.
Jillian: Well I'm not sure we can let you get on that plane.
Mama:  oh, why not?
Jillian: Cuz your vows meant nothing. You're "working out" with that blog. That time in the evenings was intended for beatings, beatings, beatings. You can't in good conscience put on a bathing suit and think you're ok with it all. Am I right?
Mama: Mmmm, you might be right Jill.
Jillian: Kindly return the DVD and get your ca$h back. Flights cancelled.  Kisses and kind regards to your blog.              

 {JM don't give me that all knowing, "I'm fit and you ain't" smirk, you're only my virtual trainer, maybe I'll pick up Bob's DVD next...}

So long story short, I'm feeling a little guilty. My new "hobby" is a major time sucker.  I lurve reading and following other blogs, but at what cost?
Folded laundry.
Clean dishes.
Swept floors.
Fed children.



lovelyviolet5 said...

Thanks for following my blog.I'm from Greece and I lived in Athens for years.Now I moved in a smaller town Kalamata.cheers!!

Anonymous said...

i say screw working out and doing housework...blogging is way more fun :-)~ and i love reading yours!

Pop Champagne said...

haha! blogging DOES take a lot of time! You have to write the post, and you have to read other's blogs to stay connected, I have to say I spend a good 2 hours per day on blogspot. shhh don't tell my boss ;)

.:*aMbAr*:. said...

LOL!!!! I completely understand you, I may or may not ignore the dishes/laundry/duster sometimes for a good ol' blog time.

PS: Thanks so much for following me, =)

lovelyviolet5 said...

Hope than seeing you in summer.Indeed this place is full of sun and sea.I like it here a lot.

Kata Wagner Berg said...

I know what u mean about the blogging! 24 hours it's not inaf for a day! I need much mooooorrreee!
To make your own blog and read others takes lot's of to a husband a baby really difficult,but it's so much fuuuunnnn! :)

Have a great weekend!

Tracie said...

Welcome to my world. It will only get worse as you find more blogs to follow. I have tried setting a timer. Read blogs for an hour and then fold a load of laundry. That type of thing. But I still don't get all the blogs read.

Honey B. said...

Oh come on....I was totally going to just ENJOY the weekend, and now you've managed to bring Jillian into the weekend equation. Totally ruined my plans for chicken tenders and ranch dressing. lol


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