Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Been there, shopped that.....

We got back from Vegas late Sunday nite. Soooo tired (and hung-ovah still from Saturday nite!)
Because huband was working the entire time and was there on business, (at the huge CES Technology Show) I saw almost nothing of him during the days, but we had plenty to do in the evenings.

We saw La Reve, the water themed/Cirque Du Soleil "inspired" show at the Wynn

(Photos by Tomasz Rossa & Jean-Marie Perier)

And we ate at "Bartolotta", the fantastic pasta/seafood Italian restaurant at the Wynn.

So $$$$$ but soooo tasty. (What, you want $89.00 for a bottle of Pinot Grigio!?!? *cough*)


And on Saturday nite we traded favours managed to get into XS, the club at Encore. Needless to say a little bit of smooth talking was required to skip the line and get through their army of bouncers.

(AND they free-pour drinks in Vegas. See opening comment re: hang-over)

Yes, Steve Wynn, you did impress me.  The Wynn is a gorgeous hotel, as is it's sister hotel Encore. Gorgeous but expen$ive.... I suppose that was to be expected!  I thought my hard earned money was intended for shopping and shopping alone in Vegas!!  Guess I was mistaken in that assumption.
Speaking of shopping, lets review the purchases. I actually managed to pick up most of what was on my "list"...though the sales were seriously lacking. I suppose the post-Christmas-sales-galore aren't really the same in the U.S. as they are here in Canada.  At least Macy's came through for me....

 Let's go from low to high end....

At Target I found a few things...not quite the bonanza of deals I was hoping for... a Sonia Kashuk eye shadow quad and the Sonia Kashuk Cosmetic Junkie make-up case. We don't have SK in Canada, but I've heard it's great stuff?!!! 

 A Remington Tourmaline Hair-dryer (since my old one finally died last week)

At Target I also picked up this cardigan- Mossimo Grey Heather long sleeve cocoon sweater

At Victoria's Secret I grabbed some of their hair-products (mouse, shampoo, conditioner). LURVE THEM!
We have La Senza here in Canada, which is owned by VS and carries most of the same stuff, except the glorious VS styling products. Don't know why, but they work miracles for my hair!

From White House, Black Market- this black dress. So cute!

At Macy's I found these brown Steve Madden boots, on for $67.00, reg. $169.00!


True Religion Jeans, the wash is actually darker then they look.

At Neiman Marcus I stole found this Badgely Mischka dress (in Red). Regularly $540.00 on for $154.00. Yes, it was theft!

Totally hot, but I think I could also wear it with leggings or skinnies and heels.....

 I really do lurve the large U.S. department stores.  Macy's is a great store (good deals too) and Nordstroms could spell trouble for me while we're in Hawaii (have my eye on a Marc Jacobs bag). Neiman Marcus was amazing as was Saks and Bloomingdales. Hell even Dillards was decent! But the sales were serrrr-i-ously lacking. Boo.
Fortunately the Canadian dollar is almost at par with the U.S. dollar so I could totally justify the shopping I did. (Really, I think I'd be able to justify it in my own mind no matter what the deal was!) Shopping is essential. Period.

As for my last post which was almost entirely devoted to talk of buffet-consumption-food-moderation...well, we did enjoy the buffet at the Wynn. Of course it was super fantastic!
And total fodder for my food fantasy's during the next 6 months of dieting!!



Blair @ Reasonably Swanky said...

Wow, looks like you had a fab time! I really want to go to Vegas...bad!

Alicia said...

it sounds like you had a blast!! my husband and i go to vegas every year to get away and its an absolute blast!!!

Suburban Princess said...

Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog! I am near Toronto :O)

Looks like you had a great time in LV!

Savvy Gal said...

We are thinking about going to see La Reve. Did you like it?

Anonymous said...

adore your blog!

so great you were at the encore/wynn! i am staying at encore next month and am counting down the days :-)

def following you! look forward to reading more!


Blogger said...

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