Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pretty things...

 Here are a few pics I took of things that caught my eye in Vegas. How could they not...everything is over the top fab!

Floral arrangement in the Lobby of Wynn. Lurve them!!!

The lounge - "Down Parasol"  So colourful!

The lobby at the Wynn

Gardens outside

A gorgeous window display for Manolo B. This pic doesn't do justice for the glittery stunner on the top right!
(and yes that's a black patent pair of MaryJanes on the left!)

And of course my all time fave thing in Vegas, err... person - Husband!


Kata Wagner Berg said...

1 Beautiful
2 I wanna have like that too...
3 I would like to walk there now
4 I could take so many pictures there
5 Handsome

Jealous ;)

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Everything is fabulous in Vegas and done well! My favorite part is people watching - hehe!

NYCGAL said...

All the pics are gorgeous!!

kys said...

Love the Manolos.

Honey B. said...

Wow! I'll be there in 62 days....woo hoo!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Awww so glad you had a fabulous trip! All these photos are lovely. :) I'm dying over those Manalos...GORGEOUS!!

Kimberly said...

Vegas is great! I love it, and can't wait to get back there.


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