Friday, January 22, 2010

Whoa, hold the phone.....

That's right, we interrupt our regularly scheduled fluff filled ramblings programming in order to accept some Fabulous awards!!!!
I knew I lurved Fridays, but this just makes 'em even better!!  Check out my new motha' load of awards posted to the right!!

A big shout out and massive thank u to Ocean Dreams  for sharing some LURVE!!! As a multiple award winner...I must of course accept these beauties...
To accept the award you need to post 10 things that make you happy and do at least one of them today. Remember to link to the person who tagged you and pass on to 10 others.

Ten Things that Make Me Happy:  (OMG, only 10? How about a swack-load!)
(see the bottom of my rediculousy LONG list for 10 others I've passed some awards onto....)

Things that make Mama happy- stay with me, this is a long list:

- Spicy salsa
- Freshly done nails at the nail salon
- Getting into bed with clean sheets after a hot shower
- My boys giggles when they laugh hysterically
- An fantastic house/dance music track
- Sun tanning on a smoking hot beach
- Babysitters
- Pizza
- Giving thoughtful and fun birthday/Christmas gifts
- A full tank of gas
- Trendy big sunglasses
- Warm feet and hands
- Quality eye shadows and brushes
- A clean kitchen and bathroom
- Europe
- Grip-y snow tires
- A soft duvet bed-cover
- Flip-flops in the summer
- Pedicured feet
- Sponge Bob and Patrick
- Trashy entertainment/lifestyle mags.
- White wine
- A great novel
- A fast computer
- Having a cleaning lady
- Talking on the phone
- Christmas and Easter
- Good customer service
- Satire
- Pumpkin pie
- Pesto sauce
- Having a tan
- Hummus and Tzaziki with pita bread
- Being healthy
- Cinnamon
- Holidays
- Great feel-good movie comedies
- Reality T.V.competitions with auditions,,, I wish I could be a judge!
- Gin and Tonics with lime
- Hair that stays straight when you straighten it
- Hot summer nights
- Family dinners
- Practicing self-control
- Nude/pink lip gloss
- Bear hugs
- People with a sense of humour
- Cold milk on my cereal
- Comfy yoga pants
- Hot Tim Horton’s coffee
- Pretty weddings
- A long walk outside
- My parents
-Good running shoes
- IPods
- Photogenic pictures of me and my friends
- Diet Root beer/Dr. Pepper
- Cheese
- Good parenting advice
- Lightening my hair in the summer with good highlights
- Honesty
- Garlic
- Going to movies
- Air conditioning
- Good interior design
- A tidy yard
- A good listener
- Self-confidence
- A great designer bag
- Answered prayers
- Respectfulness
- Baby sleepers (jammies)
- Skiing on a well-groomed run on a sunny day
- Freshly shaved legs (no stubble)
- A well tailored suit
- Finishing off a to-do list
- Self -acceptance
- Good black and white photography
- Tabasco sauce
- Being on a boat on the water
- Brown eyes
- Las Vegas
- Pretty gift bags/wrapping paper
- Good T.V.
- Cooking something that turns out tasting exactly the way you wanted it to
- Dino-sours candy
- Paris and Rome
- Diamond engagement rings (diamonds in general!)
- Shopping without having to rush
- Great shoes
- Being called mommy
- Getting recognized for a job well-done
- Cottage country in Canada
- Going out for lunch with friends
- A strong cocktail
- Being on time
- Grabbing your size off the rack and having it actually fit 'well'
- My husband
- Spelling words correctly
- Jeopardy/trivia
- A really great fitting bra
- A tight bunch of roses
- A beautiful chandelier
- Homemade mac and cheese (my mom’s)
- The sun shining
- Warm sweaters in the winter
- Cute summer clothes (capris, skirts, a great bathing suit)
- Apple crumble with vanilla maple ice-cream
- Lemon
- Good live theatre/concerts
- Having a large screen t.v.
- Cooking dinner for friends/family
- BBQ’s
- A good digital camera
- House parties
- My sons sleeping-in in the morning
- Eating great seafood
- Flying business class
- Huge fresh salads filled with nuts, cheese, veggies, avocados etc.
- Sushi (spicy tuna rolls)
- Huge portions in a restaurant (feel like I’m getting my money’s worth)
- Vietnamese pho (soup)
- Saturdays
- Fitting 'in'
- Sandy beaches (not rocky ones)
- All Italian food
- 80's pop/new wave
- Extra Virgin Olive Oil
- Candles (fragrant and slow burning)
- Shopping
- Real pine Christmas trees
- Halloween
- Facebook
- Living in Canada

Sorry, it really IS the LONGEST freakin' list ever!

Ok, time to pass on the LURVE. I'm awarding the 2 following top-dog prizes to:

Honey B. at The Honey B.
Jennifer at I know, right?
Pop Champagne at Pop Champagne

These ladies entertain Mama daily...keep up the good work!!!  


ColeAndJosephine said...

Oh, snap! I'm going to guess that the list of things that make you unhappy is much shorter.

Tracie said...

What a list! Thanks for the tag. My list will not be that long. :)

Have a great weekend!

Tracie said...

Oh! I'm a fool! I thought you were passing on the Makes Me Happy.

Congrats on your awards and thanks for passing them on to me!

Sylvia said...

Wow! Thanks so much! I appreciate it lots!

Anonymous said...

that just made my weekend :-) thanks so much for the tag mwahhh! :-)

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Congrats on your awards. :) Your blog is fabulous and you are such a sweetheart. You totally deserve every award you receive!

And I love your happy list! We have a lot in common. (I want to faint just thinking about hummus, lol).

Thank you for passing along the two awards to me. That totally made my day!

I'm sorry I haven't been around as much lately. Since I lost my job, I've literally been walking around the apartment in my pajamas crying and eating ice cream out of the bucket and watching Golden Girls. :( Too depressed to blog these days...but I'm hoping it will go away soon and I can find some cheerfulness in life again!

Take care and I hope you're having a great weekend! xoxo

Faith Imagined said...

Congratulations on the award! I really enjoyed reading your list. I can relate to a lot of it!

-Alisa Hope

OceanDreams said...

Yay for awards and thanks for posting them and I love your long list...I definitely caught the sushi and Facebook part in that list, I love them too!

MODG said...

you mentioned feet or feet related things like 48 times. JS.

Savvy Gal said...

Congrats on the award. And, what a list. : ) Have a great Sunday.

Alicia said...

holy crap woman that is quite the list!! and i'm SO with you on having a cleaning seriously is the best thing EVER! and thanks for the awards love!! whoop whoop!!

Pop Champagne said...

Thanks for the tag! I think I did this one a while back already though -_- but man you got a great list, omg great fitting bra, everytime I go bra shopping if I find a bra that actually fit me I buy it dispite the price cuz it's soo hard to find one! And mmm I love pasta and white wine too :D

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