Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Birthday Par-tay....looking hawt!!

It's BFF's thirty second  birthday on Saturday nite and we're going to Bungalow/Mercury for cocktailssss.  Of course as I'm sipping my Candy Cane martini the most important thing is what I'll be wearing...ok, and I suppose celebrating her 32 years of life....

                                       Torn about what to wear..

                                       Slouchy shirt   (all black)

Sequin leggins plus patent heels  (I heart sequins!)


H&M tux jacket (this is not the exact pic, mine has cute puff sleeves and isn't so manly)

Cranberry red shirt

Black denim leggings (LOVE LEGGINGS)   * ignore fugly boots

Red Satin pumps

All in all, option #2 seems more festive, no?   Opinions pa-lease!

1 comment:

OceanDreams said...

I really like the red satin pumps! Very festive but choose what you like. :)


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