Wednesday, December 16, 2009


So while trying to avoid eating everything in sight today (approaching TOM), I decided to squash my pre-menstrual cravings for, what else, pasta, with a little shop-shop-shoppin'.  I needed another trip to the mall like I need a hole in the head but the mall that's closest to us is pretty fantastic and is almost like a second home. (Is that strange?)   There are some serious sales on right now, no need to wait till Boxing day to find a smokin' deal. 
I've realized that as I get older I lurve shopping more and more...and as I try to widdle away the size of my post-baby ass, my fashion horizons are ever expanding.  Here's to finding your size every time!!   BUT I've also realized that I'm seriously price-conscious!  I can't stand spending excessively on something tres trendy, but I still want the look of whatever is hot. I can tell you this, there are bar-gains to be found in this city....even at the mall!   Let's review today's purchases.....

Leopard pumps- get this $12.00.  You heard me, 12 bucks
(ok, so they were from Suzy before you go judging, let me say that I never normally shop at SS, but every once in a very while they have insane deals. Sort through the crap to find the GOLD...or in this case, the LEOPARD!

Black leggings- $18.00...slight sheen to the fabric...but hopefully they don't look like they were cut from a Glad Garbage bag...  SO cute with the leopard pumps, no?

Cowlneck Sweater Dress-$20.00 from... gah... Fairweather. I haven't stepped foot in Fairweather for years....who would?!  I only glanced as I was walking by (I swear!) and saw 50% off.  My price-consciousness attacked.

Black thin knit sweater- $20.00.  BOO-YA! (did I just write, boo-yah?)  Again, from crap-tastic Fairweather...but whateva!

Today's lesson shoppers, is that decent finds are out there! Just hunker down, avoid eye-contact, and rush that store.  Don't judge....find deals.  It's all about the look...who cares where it came from.  Is that sweater dress from BCBG? No.  But they don't know that.    See, I can't handle paying crazy ass prices for things that in all probablity (by next week) will be sooooo winter '09 . It's not even winter yet technically!   
Now obviously for many things there is no substitute for buckin' up and paying what's necessary- jeans, sunglasses, bags etc.  But for almost anything else there's the mall! 



Jennifer Fabulous said...

Those leopard heels are adorable! I can't believe they were only $12. Lucky girl! :)

Blair said...

WOW, you got some great deals! I love those leopard heels! Sexy!

NYCGAL said...

I am what you call a "shoe whore" lol!! Love these!


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