Saturday, December 5, 2009

Mmmm getting sick perhaps?

Nope, not liking this at ALL, it feels like I'm getting, achy, sore throat, etc.
H1N1 you Mother Beeeeotch! I'm not going down without a fight!!!  Maybe this isn't H1N1...but it's the beginning of something. I'm a whiney moaner when I'm sick, so for the sake of my family I hope this isn't anything that a little Cold FX couldn't handle! Cold FX is the Canadian wunder drug for all flus/colds and whatevah ails you!  (and of course I don't have any of it right now...)

And even though I'm starting to feel crappy, amazingly enough I can't get the thought of ordering Chinese food out of my mind. Who does that? Is 'almost' sick and is still day-dreaming about the fattening, delicious Chinoise that  I have no business eating, EVER!!!? 

P.S.  I'm the worst speller in the world....

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